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  1. I suppose Phil you'd like a standing ovation for that suggestion? You'd be one of the chosen few if you understood this!
  2. I think Parson Street Station has missed out on 1000s of extra passengers, especially those who use Search Engines to find train times to New destinations. The Station should be renamed Parson Street (Bristol Airport). Whether Blackwell and Nailsea is nearer as the crow flies is neither here nor there. Both have Bristol in their title. Both are a nightmare for parking, pick-up etc.. A perfect marriage!
  3. Norn Iron


    I was there! I was right in line with the cross. I still have flashbacks and why he didn't score.
  4. Or that out of all the other occasions when playing 7 a side, this is the first time you've worn a new City shirt when fracturing a bone. Obviously a sign we're getting promoted! Get well soon.
  5. Rr, he wrote the music for The Lion King. The stage musical version is still very popular 25 years later.
  6. Of only Wycombe and Fleetwood could swap fixtures. They could then share the same coach with our opponents.
  7. Well done for using hyphens either side of on and for not making it a capital o. Stokies are very proud of their hyphens!
  8. Never mind about your butler, Where's the private toilet which is guarded so that the Manic Street Preachers and 72k others can't use?
  9. Meanwhile, back on the Fordy puns as I like them as well... Hobbies could include the way you prepare apples for eating. Do you use a knife for cutting or are you a peeler?* *term still very much used over here in Norn Iron.
  10. Phil, which team were you both playing for?
  11. Or the collars are mini wings to help players fly through the air quicker and further. More goals especially diving headers that commenced from the half way line!
  12. Why haven't the Marketing Dept done something similar? The Wurzels to unveil the new shirt at a gig tonight?
  13. Great spot Slarti! I think Dom is from Italy. Full name is Dominopizza
  14. No idea where that is! How did you get your Bilbao tickets?
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