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  1. My first thought was something different! I was thinking that he was a cow and subsequent puns!
  2. Slarti, because of your recommendation, my wife and I watched the first 2 episodes on Thursday. We've just watched the other 4 courtesy of BBC i-player. It was, as you say, an Australian Spaghetti Western with Pulp Fiction plus Patrick McGoohan's The Prisoner minus the Guardian balloons! Because it was filmed in the outback maybe it should be retitled 50 Shades Of Dust. Roll on series 2.
  3. And the best game I ever saw Joe play for us was as a makeshift centre-half at Notts Forest. His heading was exemplary. Never mind his 4 goal debut (I was there) but Joe should've been converted into a full time centre back.
  4. Dave, I'm sure that when we signed Joe Royle, Alan Dicks said that a striker hits his prime when 29. That means he only had 12 months before the yard!
  5. Downsy has just very kindly replied to my email I sent him on Saturday just after ko. Here's his reply.... I can’t remember why, but we weren’t providing Radio Bristol on the audio feed for the Fulham game, so you guys got the Robins TV output instead. Hope it didn’t spoil it too much for you.
  6. And so many great puns. London School of Econgnomics being the best!
  7. Yep. I did say that! Your memory is great apart from somehow thinking I was there.....if only! They sang Ouch! amongst other songs.
  8. Phil, I know Wikipedia isn't 100% accurate but both Rutle entries (album and film) state that Neil and Ollie sang the lead vocals. Not Eric who mimed. Very interested to have a link to prove otherwise!
  9. Phew! I'm so glad I put 'allegedly' in my original post. I was in a rush me lud! The song in question is Heroes. The lovers were Tony Visconti and his girlfriend at the time who was definitely not Julie Christie. However, Julie was mentioned in Waterloo Sunset by The Kinks....allegedly (!)
  10. Superb Phil! I knew most but not all of the above. Never knew about the Russian folk song links! And of course Mary married Tony Visconti who gets mentioned having a kiss with Julie Christie allegedly in a famous David Bowie song!
  11. Knock, Knock. Who's There? Sorry, couldn't resist. And just to be even more pedantic it was Mary Hopkin. She was singular!
  12. As above. Remember that it's a 12.30 ko.
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