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  1. I have just messaged Jerry with this thread and a copy of my email. I'll keep this thread informed. Thanks for the responses so far on this thread.
  2. I have not had a reply from my 11th September email which was sent during the game. Has anyone heard anything from the club regarding the lack of a full broadcast?
  3. as he was a very naughty boy.....
  4. Just as well this thread isn't in the Transfer section. There would be many responding with Rumour or Suggestion.
  5. If you were listening on Saturday, we lost the last couple of minutes audio commentary in the first half and most of the second half. I wrote an email during the match asking for a refund/response. I still haven't heard anything from BCFC. If you had emailed the club, what has been your response?
  6. Sounds as if playing for Grimsby is right up his alley but next stop BCFC. OK, subtle fish pun.
  7. I had to check after I posted to see if I was correct. For those that want to know.... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1888–89_Football_League
  8. From their FAQ....so yes! scription allow access to live audio commentary when a match cannot be broadcast? Yes, your live video subscription includes all audio streams. So, if a game is not available to watch live (e.g. because it has been picked for Sky TV broadcast), you can always listen to it.
  9. Great question. I only have the radio version as an annual subscription. When I do pay for any Robins live tv, I let my laptop cast the match to the screen and let my android phone give me the radio commentary via a plug in speaker. You can still synchronise the video and audio feed by the pause button on either version.
  10. I can't crash it today. Only a default is available in themes (excluding dark). Grey is the colour....we're all together and posting is our aim.
  11. Great article. Many thanks. Couldn't open the second link however. I think our issue is where you wrote "the website is independent but the match pictures are still provided by the EFL via their media partner IMG." I think in BCFC's case the by should be replaced with to. The article mentions very briefly about those clubs that broke away from i-follow. City were one of those clubs as you know. We then made an agreement with UWE to provide students for camera work experience etc.. This was certainly the case in the first season as there was a City press release about it. The live video feed also goes to IMG for them to use for Quest, Sky etc.. Maybe it has all changed now and EFL provide the camera crew as well? In which case, why go it alone and not be part of i-follow?
  12. BCFC left the EFL version (Premium TV) to go it alone with the help from U.W.E. a few years ago.
  13. And it's not that difficult to run an XLR/Cat 5 cable from the computer to the main stand. Why the commentator has to rely on the video feed we get is daft. I now sync Radio Briz commentary to the City feed. The Cardiff game had Gary Owers describing what was going on around the ground and off the ball incidents that the video feed didn't show. Consequently, the commentator missed out. No matter what their reasons are, it's amateurish at best. I used to have to plan and then produce Outside Broadcasts from football stadiums to festivals on farmland. It's not difficult to get a commentator to broadcast whilst watching the game from a grandstand instead from inside a broom cupboard.
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