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  1. Yeah, got rid of a few of the big guns fairly cheaply. Now watch us let Kyle Abbot or Keith Barker get a ton.
  2. So if it stays like that Burnley will only need to avoid defeat in the last game because of their GD but Everton would need to win in case Leeds do.
  3. Just seen on Sky that the Kent v Somerset T20 is live next Wednesday at 6:30.
  4. He did the score for Blade Runner too. Some of the Aphrodite`s Child stuff is worth a listen too if you can get hold of it - very dark and very strange but somehow pleasing at the same time.
  5. What? Back from league 2 after they get relegated next season?
  6. I remember Walsall were one until we played them in the JPT final.
  7. Doherty, Burnell, Matt Hill, Scot Golbourne. Hardly any then..................................................
  8. I wonder about Coventry, nice little earner for the stadium owners but I think they have rugby there too don`t they whereas Stoke & Leicester don`t.
  9. He needs to mark Sheff. Utd`s card though. They are kicking Johnson every chance they get and not being punished for it.
  10. Nice to see Joe Root and Stuart Broad there. At least they`re still on speaking terms!
  11. 1-0 Forest. Brennan Johnson is some player.
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