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  1. Yep. Found a style that worked and the fans loved and stuck with it. As soon as you heard the first guitar notes you knew it was them. RIP Dusty
  2. Caught a bit of commentary on 5Live earlier and they were banging on about `power sweeps` whatever the **** they are but seem to be a hundred `shot`. Presumably a normal sweep with an electric motor in the bat or something. Load of bollocks.
  3. Absolutely! I bet they weren`t expecting Bristol-related abuse in deepest Cornwall!
  4. True but they always seem to find these lower league/non-league gems and turn them into half decent players. I think they`ll do OK this season.
  5. If you`re looking for a club that has got through Covid better than a lot down there and are always there or thereabouts go for Exeter. The Watkins sell-on millions couldn`t have come at a better time for them and they are in a much better position than most of the dead men in that league.
  6. Driving across Bodmin Moor this morning I got stuck behind a load of hobby cyclists swerving all over the road and not giving way. Imagine my surprise when I saw that two of them were bedecked in Da Famuzzzz Quarters. I was ******* tempted to put them in the ditch it has to be said but just stuck to shouting `gashead *******` out of my window as I passed them. Brightened up a dull working day if nothing else.
  7. Anthony Gibson who was commentating for 5Live today was extolling how wonderful our Academy system is. He went through the whole team and gave chapter and verse on where they cam from. There are an awful lot of Devon lads there (and a couple of Cornish) so we must be doing some pretty good scouting down here. I guess being the westernmost first class county doesn`t hurt either.
  8. At least now they`re out of the main leagues it will stop those FFS moments when you look at the Sky vidiprinter without your glasses on.
  9. I`m guessing the Roverzzzz players` hearts weren`t in it as they`re all so angry about the persecution the sainted Joey is having to endure. Bloke`s a ******* martyr.
  10. I think QPR could surprise a few this season, they look to have bought sensibly.
  11. As did Devon Highways. They did all the work renewing the sewers on the Roborough link into Plymouth during lockdown which saved hours of chaos and tailbacks. Well done to them.
  12. My mate ordered mine and it got sent direct to me.
  13. It all looks pretty biblical on the news - any of our capital-based OTIBrs affected? Stay safe if you are.
  14. Mine arrived today down in deepest, darkest Devon. The stagecoach must have been on time for once.
  15. Anyone else spotted that Sky Cricket has now been renamed Sky Hundred?
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