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  1. Doesn`t he have to drive a van to away games so he`s there before the team to get everything laid out and presumably then has to wait until the team have left after the game before he can collect the kits and drive back? Not too bad if it`s Reading on a Saturday but Boro on a Tuesday night not so much!
  2. Massive fanbase, the envy of most other clubs mind.....................
  3. How many loyal and true could be arsed to turn up does anyone know? Didn`t the bloke who scored two for Newport used to play for them?
  4. Hope he/she is OK. One of ours or a Baggies fan do we know?
  5. They could be second bottom tomorrow if Hull win today and Barnsley were to win on Sunday.
  6. England v West Indies. That`ll be the excuse for today.
  7. He used to suffer terribly with cramp on the team bus.
  8. It`s been going for a week but only the qualifying for the final stages (Scotland, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka & Namibia got through). The first `big` games are Saturday - Australia v South Africa at 11, England v West indies at 3.
  9. Surely the EFL case will be based on the question of why did Covid allegedly push Derby over the edge when it didn`t for 71 other clubs - a lot of whom on the face of it were in worse financial shape than them?
  10. Half the trouble with windows and doors was that back in the 90s/early 2000s planners generally turned against uPVC as not being environmentally friendly and refused to allow developments unless they had timber windows. The reasoning behind this was the waste products from the manufacturing process but in truth it was a decision that made the planners look like they were doing something without knowing the science. The problem then was that the builders went for the cheapest, crappiest option which pretty much all had to be replaced within about ten years . Nowadays uPVC is back in fashion as it has been proven that they are more `green` than timber - mainly because the waste products are crushed and used for things like the base for new roads,
  11. Yeah, I`ve seen that before - it`s very good. I`d have loved to have lived down this way pre-Beeching. When you look at the old railway maps it`s unbelievable how many tiny villages and hamlets were connected to the rail network and, while not perhaps having a station, had at least a halt. If you want a good read, seek out The Train Now Departed which has a big section on the North Cornwall railway which went from Launceston to Padstow via places like Egloskerry (which was recorded as having the lowest passenger numbers in the whole of the country!) Also, if you (or anyone else for that matter) is interested Channel 5 have got Walking Cornwall`s Lost Railways with Rob Bell on tonight at 9pm. As far as the inland alternative route is concerned though I doubt it will ever be reinstated fully - it`s more likely IMO that an inland loop avoiding Dawlish will be the solution in the end.
  12. I don`t know. The line`s already there as far as Meldon and from Plymouth you can get to Bere Alston so there`s `only` about twelve miles missing. It won`t follow the old route I know as it would cost an absolute fortune just to buy back the land - and quite a few owners have already said they will not sell under any circumstances - but there are options. Via Launceston for instance, most of the old track route is still there and used as a bridleway (a bit of it is only a mile or so from my house) so potentially Okehampton - Launceston - Callington - Gunnislake (where there is a line to Plymouth) is a possibility. I doubt it will happen in my lifetime though.
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