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  1. They could certainly be the next `big` club to financially implode.
  2. Mick McCarthy says he should be there in time for port and cigars.
  3. More surprisingly they seem to have managed to keep the Leeds fans off the pitch at Brentford.
  4. A goal for Burnley or Brentford needed now.
  5. You had a sneak preview of our fixtures next season or something?
  6. Liverpool 2-1 up Edit. VAR knocks it off
  7. Absolutely. When you hear two blokes in a pub with broad Devon accents arguing about the relative merits of their `clubs` it`s nauseating.
  8. Palace 1 -0 Man Utd Brighton 0 -1 West Ham
  9. Leeds score but VAR disallows it. Burnley 1 down.
  10. That Chelsea goal - did any of the Watford defenders actually move? Statues! Spurs 1 up
  11. So these games that Antoine has been called up for are qualifiers presumably?
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