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  1. Down here in West Devon we get our general waste collected every three weeks and up to now have been averaging one black bag a week. Mrs LR works at the Co-Op and they have recently starting taking plastic wrapping and sending it for recycling (I believe Tesco also do this). Today was our waste collection day and incredibly we only had one black sack instead of three. It just goes to show how much of our waste which goes to landfill is plastic wrapping and it is frightening. Please, if anyone can find a place to take their plastic wrapping for recycling, do so - just think of the difference it would make if we all did it.
  2. Make the underlying tone of your post be either anti or pro LJ without actually saying it.
  3. Surrey will be royally pissed off. Oh well, never mind.
  4. Surrey just going to grind this out it looks like
  5. Happened to me a year or two back. No sign up until the day before the game so I buggered about and arranged for a replacement I had to collect. The original one turned up on the Saturday morning of the game.
  6. Get BCC to stop bloody dick waving with North Somerset and open the Long Ashton P&R on matchdays. It`s not rocket science FFS.
  7. Before you went to live at Her Majesty`s Pleasure for running around in a gimp suit?
  8. A bit disappointed if Conway is going on loan TBH. He has that `something` IMO and could have surprised a few this season. Hopefully it`s just till January and we can see how he gets on.
  9. He`ll go to Spurs. Pjanic on the streets of London.
  10. I have a distant memory of another game there where we walked out of the away end and had to walk across the pitch to get to the car park…..cue fans digging lumps out of the pitch with their heels. It was. Dwight Marshall scored in ET for a 1-0. We hit the post in the 90th minute - can`t remember who.
  11. One for the cricket buffs. Yorkshire had a lad called Jack Shutt playing for them - is he any relation to our erstwhile striker Carl?
  12. One away at Swindon springs to mind - ran the length of the pitch and buried it. I think we won 1-0 or maybe 2-1.
  13. We should have kept Jack Hunt IMO.
  14. Did Eliasson take them? I really can`t recall but do remember thinking that if Tammy was in the same team he would have filled his boots even more than he did - I just have this memory of him dropping them on a sixpence in the middle of the six yard box.
  15. James H bringing us home again it looks like.
  16. Huddersfield beat Sheffield Wednesday today on penalties after a 0-0 draw.
  17. So it`s a T20 game for all intents and purposes now. Yorkshire 26/1 off 3.1
  18. Massive thunderstorm about ten minutes before kick off? It was touch and whether the game would start or not IIRC.
  19. I feel we should spare a thought for you guys too - you have had a truly devastating eighteen months with the legends you have lost.
  20. Terrible, terrible news. A great man and a true legend to me - I will never forget what he did for our club in it`s darkest hour. I doubt we would have a City to support were it not for him and others like him. Rest easy Mr Cooper, you will always be a hero to me.
  21. What sort of side have Villa put out?
  22. He`d be posting using one account on a thread he`s not interested in telling us he`s not interested in it and then replying to himself agreeing with his post, saying he`s also not interested in the subject and giving himself likes.
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