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  1. Being in a constant state of worry is the default position of a City fan in my experience.
  2. I know, it`s worrying....................................
  3. We wish but that ship sailed a long time ago.
  4. Imagine the grief he`d get from opposition fans if he signed for an English club.
  5. Nice that Jack got MOM too. TMS were convinced it would be Bairstow (and I don`t think anyone could have complained if it was) but it`s nice to see a bowler getting recognised in a high scoring match.
  6. Well, Moeen was the last one to get a tenfer at home and that was five years ago so it can`t be too many.
  7. That`s what tonight was all about really - getting the score required right down in case it does rain.
  8. It`s like the scene in Naked Gun where Frank gets off the plane and thinks the cheering crowd are there to see him when it`s actually Weird Al Yankovic they`re waiting for.
  9. Cracking along here. What`s the weather forecast for Leeds tomorrow?
  10. I must admit when he got his foot in the door at the EFL I thought he would end up blagging his way to running it - maybe they saw through him in time?
  11. They`ll learn in time and I hope they still have a club to support at the end of it. Mind you, he`ll be long gone before it all collapses as it inevitably will.
  12. it`s like the changing of the seasons or the tides of the sea. Seems rather appropriate really.
  13. David Clowes has bid accepted for Derby County as Liam Rosenior is put in interim charge - BBC Sport Amazing how quickly this has happened. Why did Quantuma waste so much time on pointless bids up to now? They really don`t deserve to get paid.
  14. Finally! Ten for Jack in the match, well done that man. We managed to keep the target below 300 too which I always think is a slight psychological advantage.
  15. They were wolves in sheep`s clothing. Cunning buggers wolves.
  16. Oldham Athletic: How the Latics stumbled their way to relegation to the National League - BBC Sport A couple of interesting bits in here about LJ`s time at Oldham and the financial pressures he was under.
  17. Thanks. I don`t really follow the young England set up that much (apart from when Tammy was involved) but I`m really just trying to get a handle on his progress compared to other good players that have been produced over the years.
  18. How does Alex compare with players in the past few years in terms of age group appearances/minutes played etc.? Compared to someone like Phil Foden say?
  19. What you need is some who says `I wanna get off`. Otherwise you`ll be still standing.
  20. Was Alex saying to someone he got an elbow as they walked off at HT?
  21. Decent run forward to win a free kick on the edge from Alex. Not sure about the Kick though.
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