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  1. True but with the beans you get the added light show from the metal.
  2. Certainly not as bad as it could have been - at least we`ve got something to defend. A couple of early wickets and who knows?
  3. I suppose the modern way would be to put the unopened tin in a microwave..................................................
  4. Glos win the toss and put us in. Is this the first time we haven`t chased this season?
  5. I reckon it will get to 10,000 no problem
  6. Something we ought to do is have some signage on the back of the Lansdown so that all the traffic coming down Rownham Hill can see it. `Ashton Gate - the home of Bristol City and Bristol Bears` would look awesome.
  7. Anyone know if the ODI v The Netherlands tomorrow is on TMS on 5live or is it Talkshite since it`s an away fixture? I can`t seem to find anything definitive one way or the other.
  8. I think Rob Bell did a bit on it in one of his Walking Britain`s Lost Railways programmes
  9. I`ve never been a huge fan of Hunky Dory if I`m being brutally honest - I found it a bit too `whimsical` if you get what I mean. The Man Who Sold The World however, sheer genius.
  10. I don`t know, I remember the Liverpool back four passing it around and back to Clemence for what seemed like hours when they were one up particularly in Europe.
  11. I think everything he did was like that TBH. I don`t think anyone really knew who he was.
  12. They`re ****** aren`t they?
  13. Oooh! On to threats now!
  14. All the evidence I need. Reveal yourself Gregor!
  15. I will say that I have had some pretty crepe pies at football over the years though.
  16. The odds will shorten significantly now though so he got in while the going was good!
  17. He`s visibly enjoying his cricket a lot more certainly. He was starting to look like a broken man towards the end and now looks about six inches taller.
  18. It was more about the rules surrounding youth players and the length of time between games I think. I believe it`s longer than the 48hrs that it is for senior pros.
  19. The catching in this match.................................................................
  20. He knew it too, the expression on his face told you all you needed to know.
  21. You sure their reply wasn`t intended to go to Derby?
  22. 180 all out. Better than it looked at 49/4 I suppose but not much. Will COve or Josh Davey be able to bowl?
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