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  1. Sunderland. And on a Friday night for Sky..............................................
  2. Does it come with chef`s special Source?
  3. Is on Thursday. IMO, the greatest album ever made. Mark Radcliffe just had a great interview with Woody Woodmansey, the only surviving member of the band. RIP David, Mick and Trevor, we`ll never see your like again.
  4. What? England collapse to an innings defeat? Surely not!
  5. So, if she contracted it in his bed she`d presumably be claiming off his house insurance or if it was in the local park, the council?
  6. Derby County: Fans react to the collapse of club sale - BBC News
  7. I think it`s also known as a bitter old man holding a grudge for much longer than is good for him.
  8. Ben Green going in before RVDM or COve?
  9. Had a good engine...................................
  10. You had to say that didn`t you!
  11. 203 to win then. We know we can do it but will we?
  12. I saw that and really thought it was April 1st!
  13. Great gesture mate, taking one for the team like that. #selfless
  14. COve back with a bang! 2 wickets already.
  15. Decent bit of death bowling there - I reckon Ben Green`s haircut made them nervous.
  16. I know he just got a wicket but what`s with Lewis Goldsworthy at the moment? He seems to be going for a lot of runs lately.
  17. So, how does it work for the bowlers now? Can Siddle and Davey bowl again or is that them done?
  18. And, unless it has somehow been paid in full, I doubt we ever will.
  19. I spent a good hour reading up on it once. I still haven`t got a ******* clue!
  20. 8:45 restart. No idea how many overs though.
  21. How long`s this rain likely to last?
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