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  1. What was it about those who challenged you that made you think they were cancel culture/snowflake brigade? Or is it just that the Daily Mail/Telegraph has told you that anyone who disagrees with you about anything is ‘cancel culture/snowflake’? Just trying to understand your apparent view that anyone who may have ‘supported’ LJ is a snowflake/cancel culture and how on earth it’s related.
  2. https://twitter.com/skyfootball/status/1526645918019330052?s=21 He is clearly limping in this video
  3. Heckingbottom shoves the ball into Johnson and most of the benches (including McBurnie limping on) get involved. Doesn’t mean he stamped on a fan later though, does it.
  4. I’ve no reason to defend him - but trial by Twitter/guilty until proven innocent by the peoples court etc… I’ve watched the video a few times and what I see is a melee and McBurnie ‘hopping’ around. Now he could be stamping on him. Or perhaps - this little detail that hasn’t been mentioned yet - he was off balance because of the melee and the fact that he’s hobbling around in a brace with a foot injury….
  5. It’s a poor half. Very poor. Not blaming Bell, but he’s been exposed. Suspect he’ll be hooked at HT - it’s all coming down our right hand side. Odd decision to play him RB to be honest. But we see again how hard it is to blood youngsters in defensive positions. Two very soft goals and it’s shut up shop time from Brum who can sit back and nullify what we’re good at which is exploiting space with running and pace. If we can somehow sneak an early goal second half, well it’s game on. But we need to sure up at the back because 3-0 looks more likely than 2-1 at moment for next goal.
  6. Yes you can look at HNM and you can look at Williams. But as the pics showed we were basically 3 on 2 as they were breaking. HNM always behind the player with the ball. Klose had to stand his ground and face the player with the ball, despite having a runner on his left. Kalas caught standing ground, covering Klose, half-shifting to his left in case the pass went left and half keeping an eye on his right for that runner. For me Kalas was damned either way. Reality is with both Pring and Dasilva pushing for the winner, and lagging cover from HNM, the two CB were left high and dry pretty much 3 on 2. Classic break goal.
  7. Simpson was an odd one, but I think he filled a gap we needed at the time, which has since become redundant with a switch to wing backs. He's a bit of a victim of the tactical change IMO. If we played more 4-4-2, I think we'd see more of him. James and King i'm happy with overall. Yes the niggly injuries have been frustrating, but they've both played their parts on the pitch and more importantly by all accounts, what we don't see, off it. In training. In the changing room. Socially with in the squad. These two are top guys and committed, experienced pros, surely vital to have in any squad and something we lacked. Injuries have been much better this season, but it's the usual suspects and recurring issues, but on the whole I think we've managed them better e.g Williams. There hasn't been as many random exploding ligaments etc this season thank god.
  8. Don't really agree with this. The only one you could say he's been "lucky" with, as in come out of nowhere really, been given a debut and been immediately influential on the pitch, is Scott. Semenyo and Pring are both progressing as they should IMO. They've had their lower league loans, been in and around the squad and they've now been developed and integrated by NP into quality champ players, so I don't see that as 'lucky'. Even then we're talking 3 young players. To balance that you can take Weimann, Martin and (to an extent) Massengo who were more established squad members that have gone on to step up a level under NP.
  9. If we're only complaining about 1 "bad" signing under NP - well given we'd lost count under Ashton, Johnson and Holden, i'd say that was very much progress in the right direction.
  10. Is there a better tactical manager out there who could get more out of this squad? Maybe. Would that be papering over the cracks. Probably, yes. Is there a better manager out there with the pedigree, experience and personality to develop players and make the changes that need to be made at the club? Not just a bit of poly filler here and there but knocking down the wall and re-building if that's what it takes? I'd say no, not in our price range. What the last 6 or so years has shown us, for us to even compete in this league and have the odd flirt with the top 6, we needed to spend beyond our FFP limits. SL, you gave it a go, but the current system hasn't worked, NP can see that and is our best hope of getting through to the owners that message too, tweaking what needs to be tweaked and burning down what needs to be burned. Hit for me.
  11. For me Bentley has much better command of his box. Shot stopping, not much in it? But I feel Max has had at least one or two moments where he ‘could have done better’ with goals conceded. Clear difference though is in possession - Max just has another level when it comes to distribution IMO, always offers himself which helps us get out and has much more confidence on the ball. Would you sacrifice that for less goals conceded at the moment? Probably.
  12. Not vintage, but a tenacious, gritty win. Liked to see us getting nice and physical with Boro too. COYR
  13. It’s not vintage stuff, but it’s a tenacious, committed first half performance with solid resolute defending. Our goal coming from Semenyo’s strength again, laying off brilliantly for Weimann’s powerful finish. Boro neat and tidy, especially around the box. Despite a series of corners at end of half, their best chance coming from a loose Massengo back pass, leaving Connelly 1 on 1 with Bentley but he couldn’t round him. Has the feeling of a game where a little Wilder half time team talk and tactical tweak will see them causing us more problems in the second half… Williams a terrier (please don’t get a second booking) and Klose clearing many a high ball well. Scott having another quiet game for me - Bell with one or two runs but loose in possession too often, but doing OK. Jay fairly quiet, Martin winning a few headers that weren’t anticipated by those around him. Hopefully Semenyo will have a few chances on the break in the second half.
  14. You've hit the nail on the head here for me. I've always been supporters of the Lansdown's, still am, I appreciate what they've done and their continued investment in the club. For me up until now you can't really question their commitment and I thank them for that. But you can question their actions. The list of 'mistakes' is getting longer and I feel they have, for whatever reason, become increasingly distanced from the fans, seemingly incapable of admitting fault or mistakes - and worst of all in danger of stubbornly peddling a 'narrative' that just doesn't meet with reality.
  15. Astonishing interview. Pearson talking more like a CEO than I've heard from anyone else at this club for some time now. For me, Pearson nailing in one sentence what we've probably all known for a while now: "I think the club - and I’m not talking about the team now, I’m talking about the club - is still struggling to find the identity that it really wants" Very concerning to read, really felt behind the scenes NP, SL and JL were on the same page. This article suggests perhaps not. EDIT - Honestly, given all the hard work NP is clearly putting in day to day, JL, what are you doing? Where have you been?? Frankly, **** off.
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