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  1. Without wishing to trawl over old ground, I have to agree with this: LJ tried to and did blood some youngsters and the reality is with time/hindsight, only Kelly has gone on to prove capable at this level or above. Under Pearson we have a manager willing to and capable of blooding and developing youngsters, but it's important to say it has also coincided with a) the need to use youth to bulk the squad and b) some real talent being produced from the system put in place by the club several years ago. Was it @Cowshed who was particularly vocal against the club with regards to the academy in recent seasons? (They seemed to have some personal experience through an acquaintance?) - What's your opinion currently? Genuine question.
  2. Were the 2 assists not enough? The constant threat? The pace to beat all the defence to the first chance that hit the post? The strength to create the chance for the second that hit the post? Still quite surprised people can’t see the player Semenyo is turning into.
  3. Nervy end but great win. Great determination and effort. Don’t think we were at our best today, a few under par in terms of consistent quality, but in the end 2 moments of quality get the job done as Cardiff over committed men forwards and we grew and grew into the game. Fantastic double over the Welsh rivals too. But please, please can we start defending crosses better?!
  4. It was a mess all round. It was 3 vs 2 in our favour. HNM pressed by two players in the corner. Pring sort of watching on, COD in no-mans land. Poor HNM clearance, but neither of our extra men watching/anticipating the crosser behind. Vyner beaten so easily again in the air.
  5. Classic Cardiff game. Low quality all round. They've done what they set out to do, disrupt us, 'injure'/deplete us, force mistakes. Game there for the winning if we play to our strengths. Tough second half awaits, but we'll have chances. I worry slightly about the lack of experience in the centre of midfield with neither King nor James. Williams may get on but that's our last sub and Wells could be needed.
  6. If that’s still some sort of 3-5-2: Scott RWB Weimann in Scott’s hole? Bit of a shame not to have those two in the positions they’ve been effective recently, but we’ll see how things unfold. COYR’s!!!!
  7. Without going into the debate about whether NP thought ZV vs AM was the best match up or not. I've felt for a while NP is doing exactly what you've said above - this is a manager who knows his job is pretty damn safe, knows his remit is to work with and develop what we have, with little to no expectations on league position, baring, don't go down. We've seen how he isn't afraid to throw players into matches, sink or swim scenarios. Several are responding to that, Semenyo, Scott etc. Perhaps matching him up against the division's best could well have been part of his thinking with Vyner's development last weekend. Let's see what you've got.
  8. Given our current financial position, we've really got to start justifying every wage on our wage bill. Unless there are some major changes behind the scenes (big transfer fees, investment etc) we're potentially looking at treading water in this division for the next few seasons at best. If that is the case, we have two priorities, don't get relegated and develop/blood as much talent as possible. I think in the short/medium term, even some of the lower/mid earning players in our squad like COD are going to come under scrutiny, as I think he is a player who, to be fair, will help keep us in this division in the short term, but ultimately will he be a key part of a hypothetical future pushing promotion team in the longer term? So if he get's in the way of pathway or we could look to bring in someone with a higher potential ceiling, I can see him being moved on.
  9. I don't like to go in on players individually too often or make sweeping statements/judgements - but O'Dowda: How long have we been waiting for him to find some consistency and finally step up and deliver? His 'highlights' are surely outweighing by his 'poorer' showings now. My only defence of him is perhaps wing-back isn't his preferred position - he's working harder at his defending but it doesn't come naturally does it, you can pin point a few too many goals this season where he is beaten for pace/muscle/speed of thought that leads to us conceding.
  10. Not seen the game today or any highlights, but looking at the line-up, for me that team is probably defensively the weakest we’ve put out in the league this season on paper. This is where we need to strengthen if we can. Fulham are flying aren’t they. So not overly surprised. Glad Scott was played where he is best and Semenyo got 2 goals.
  11. Probably the better of the two chances.
  12. Thought Wells had a good game yesterday. IIRC he was subbed just as extra time started - slightly odd because we’d just had the break and he was still kitted up and on the pitch just to be subbed before ET started, so perhaps it was cramp. As for Conway, 2 decent chances for him, but credit for the run and I do think the keeper got out well (and may even have got a hand to it). The second was more of a snap shot and again IIRC he was being pulled about by the defender. Good to see him getting in good positions and getting chances, so it’s a shame but I won’t be getting overly worked up about him not scoring.
  13. Shame. Afraid the depth in their bench and our poor finishing today proving the difference. Although it was a very soft winning goal. Should have been 1 or 2 - 0 to us after 90 though and Tommy C had 2 good chances in the first extra 15 minutes. But…..that’s a hugely encouraging performance regardless. Looking so much better in possession, out of possession and in creating chances. I hope that gives them confidence we can go to Craven Cottage and cause them some problems next week too.
  14. All in all a decent first half. We look the much more positive and lively of the two teams, working harder to press in the middle and it’s paid off with a half that I felt like that we dominated possession for a first time in a long time. Changes from QPR were promised and came, not loads though. Scott out wide is a shame after he was so effective centrally vs QPR but HNM having another good half. I think we’re also finally seeing a fit and more effective Andy King. One benefit of Scott wide though is the good link ups with Wells whose looking lively and hungry. Martin decent, shame the excellent run and chance at the end of the half was him as had it been the pace and finishing of Wells that’s 1-0 for me. Benarous improved. Defence look good. Fulham trying to hit those channels between wide CB and full backs so we need to watch that. Good referee worth a mention, not many silly fouls given and game has flowed well. Fulham have been niggly though. Thought Bryan should have seen yellow.
  15. This video slightly makes a mockery of @spudski's argument that 9 times out 10 Weimann's first goal vs. Millwall is scored at Sunday league level.....
  16. I can't disagree with this post and you watch more City football live than the average City fan, so of course your opinion is rightfully effected by what you see on the pitch. For me, i'm focussing less on that right now and more on the 'bigger' picture, the context, as I see it. (Rest of post isn't aimed at you specifically, more my thoughts) That is, long story short, we now know the 'heights' under LJ were unsustainable, we know the wage bill was probably pushed beyond our limits and we know the squad recruitment/management over the last 3-4 years wasn't good enough for the SL/LJ/MA strategy - the result simply has slowly left us weaker on the pitch and poorer off it. I believe we were seeing the reality of that under Holden, who had he stayed, may well have taken us down. So, for me, Pearson has come into a near relegation threatened club and steadied the ship, whilst working with a smaller budget than the previous 2 managers and still the core of their squad, their players. He's been afforded, what 5 signings(?), 2 of which you could argue were lower league one's for the future. So it's not 'his' team by any sense of the imagination. Another result of all this is he's had to blood more academy players than any manager we've had in our recent history and suffer the on-pitch consequences of that (see first half vs Millwall for first example to come to mind). All this combined means, frankly for me, how we get to safety, I don't mind, as long as we do. Pearson is doing that. He can only work with the tools he has and he was handed a pretty incomplete toolbox. Yes we can discuss how we're in this position again, but ultimately it's not Pearson's fault we're in a bit of a reset as a club - but the way in which he is approaching the difficult task deserves credit, and patience, IMO.
  17. As soon as Towler was picked over him it was inevitable the eyebrows would be raised and the questions asked. It’s equally plausible there is a fitness/form issue (which could be covid related) with Atkinson rather than an anti-vaccination conspiracy. Sensible squad management and recurring injury prevention? - N.B: Personally, I feel like if NP is taking a hardline on anti-Vax, surely he’d freeze the said players out of the first team completely, keeping them out the dressing or squad? What’s the logical point in taking a stance against anti-vax and then having said player(s) in the dressing room and sat 1 yard from you on the bench?
  18. I’ll say again what the majority were saying in the summer: “I’d be happy to stay up this year” I’ve said it over and over - it’s a massively transitional, re-building season. We wanted mid-table, we wanted signs of improvement, we wanted player development and we wanted less injuries = for me, we’re seeing all of these things. I do try and see other people’s view points, but I honestly find it hard to grasp those who want Pearson out given all the circumstances we’re in as a club. For me he’s done very little wrong since he’s come into this club. On and off the pitch.
  19. Are you talking the first goal? Think you do him a bit of disservice - easy IMO to either a) slash at that and sky it or b) go for a loopy lob that gives the defence chance to get back and cover/clear (it was what, 20 yards plus out?). He was actually being closed down by 2 players, one of which would have blocked if he’d taken another touch. It was a good first touch and a slightly ‘sliced’ finish that put the right amount of spin and pace on it to lob the keeper but keep it under the cross bar. Good finish for me. Yes expected, but not totally routine IMO.
  20. Well there we go. Backbone and commitment. A result to back up some of the improvements we’re all seeing and that will be a big confidence booster. Wasn’t always pretty but after the half time changes, that’s exactly what you want to see - a response from the bench and we had that today. HNM (and Martin) changing the game for us. Well done Weimann, gets more stick than I think he deserves, what a key player this season he’s been. Weimann will get the match ball, he is MOTM contender along with Pring and HNM second half for me.
  21. Some decent and too much bad, again. Different game to the QPR in that we’re having to work very hard to create chances, COD for example nowhere near the space to operate in and this is when he looks 1 dimensional as he can’t work his way into the game. Pring, good game so far. Thought we were pressing well, resulting in our goal (very well taken by Andi) but we went from looking in control to having our inexperience badly exposed: Unfortunately Benarous a liability today, losing possession too easily costing us momentum that helped Millwall get a foothold in the game. Towler I’m afraid, after a decent start has had an absolutely shocking 10 minutes. Lost his man for the first goal and then an absolute school boy challenge for the penalty. Dire. That’s putting it politely. Will he get hooked at halftime? Vyner seemingly bypassed at will on our right wing too often. Scott and James looking decent in possession. Semenyo buzzing around as ever and looks a thorn. Need more balls like Kalas’ into the channels for him and Weimann as we look like we can hurt them there. Will be tough to get back in it to it though as no doubt a well organised Millwall will make it very difficult. Wouldn’t be surprised to see HT changes.
  22. Every game at the moment is fun trying to read Pearson's mind with these starting 11's! You can ask why a few aren't playing - could be illness, injury, transfer interest, disciplinary, form. Who knows. But it does seem clear with NP, if you train hard and well and earn it, any player, young or old or experienced or not, can and will be selected. I guess this is what they mean when they talk about Pearson and his 'culture' - maintain the standards, you play. Don't, you get dropped whoever you are. I like that a lot. COYR'S!!!!!
  23. 2 words for you = Shaun Goater! Joking aside, if Newcastle double or even triple his wages with a long deal, you’d risk a season in the champ for what is a potentially exciting project. You’ve always got to remember for the majority players you can’t always perfectly plan your career; injuries, loss of form etc, so that’s why most jump at the big moves when they come knocking because it might be the one chance you have for a really big pay day.
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