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  1. It’s easy to forget after last season that for several years in a row now we’ve been solid top half material. Holden was a mistake. Andy Rolls was a mistake. Ashton also now history. This feels like a fresh start season - but a large core of the squad that had us up near the top is still here. If you say a team of: Bentley - Dasilva - Simpson - Kalas - Baker - Nagy - Williams - James - Weimann - Wells - Martin and then add in Palmer, King, Semenyo, COD, Vyner, Atkinson, Massengo, Bakinson… I think there is some quality there if they can stay fit, motivated. That is a top half team IMO under the right organisation and management. What remains to be seen is how the next line of players, the youngsters, step up. Clearly some exciting talent coming through but as we saw at the end of last season, we don’t want to be relying on them for too much of the season too soon.
  2. Andy King looking a very useful signing
  3. Feels like a game where the old cliche "who scores first" comes to mind. If we can nick one early, we could end up winning 2-0. If we concede one early...it will be very, very tough to get back in the game = 1-0 Italy. We could look to start quickly and try and do that, but in a way i'd rather we try not to concede as it feels like in most games we've got better as the game goes on and finished the stronger team, the subs may well be key again. Prediction then - 0-0 half time. 1-0 England full time.
  4. To be honest although I don’t necessarily disagree with you, you’ve kind of proved my point. You can make your point without the need for generalised labelling of the opposite as ‘idiotic’. That may well be the case in your opinion, but as long as you are calling them idiotic then you’re going to get the generalised reaction in return you talk about (leftie loonie) and so the circle goes on…
  5. This thread!! Sums up for me all that’s wrong with the dialogue in this country and, I guess the world in general, at the moment. Doesn’t matter if you’re left or right, or think you’re left or right or not left or right… It’s (often extreme) views on either-side of the spectrum, deep-rooted opinions and prejudices, usually deep dissatisfaction and all too often the complete inability to consider a view point other than you’re own. Wonder how much further the world will push the opposite ends of the spectrum till something happens for us to meet in the middle again.
  6. Chat is Maguire and Henderson start and Bellingham in for Mount?
  7. Got to go for the win for me. Get Kane a goal, get some momentum. Get some fear factor. Keep home advantage. Yeah you can say we avoid the group of death in the last 16 if we finish 2nd, but reality is you're simply putting off the inevitable, as we'd likely play that same team in the next game (quarters) anyway. Finish 3rd in the group and I believe it would likely be Italy in the quarters. If you want to do well, which for me is getting into the semi's, we'll have to beat a quality team. There's no "easy" route, so no point hiding from anyone. Lose tonight just to win the last 16 and then go out anyway in the quarters with a whimper? Not for me.
  8. The Yorkshire Pirlo has become the Yorkshire pudding
  9. Contract extension? Expecting to read we've given Lee Johnson another one...
  10. TBF IIRC - at the time Henrikson came to us in the effort to fill a role that was missing in the team. A quote from LJ: “He will be a strong and physical presence for us as we kick-on in this second half of the season” - I remember at the time people referring to his height from a defensive point of view too. Yes it didn’t work out with MH but to say LJ chose him over Morrell at the time is slightly misleading IMO as Morrell potentially didn’t have the physical attributes Henrikson offered and that the team was looking for at that point.
  11. A good interview, many a loaded comment! Obviously, 2 CB's, 2 CM's and a forward stick out. What does that mean for Taylor Moore and Vyner at the back? Vyner back to RB and Moore cover? If I was Moore, this is, what, his 5th season here, now 24, i'd be wanting first team football - so wouldn't be surprised to see him leave. And what does that mean for Nagy, Bakinson, Williams, HNM (and even Palmer?) in CM? Either 1 or 2 are off or not highly rated.
  12. Is there only one hotel open in the Algarve?!?
  13. Fun game to play but it shows the state of the squad and how much work needs to be done this summer doesn’t it.
  14. I think i'd take Watkins over Greenwood.
  15. When you talk the talk, eventually you have to walk the walk. For me, despite the no doubt many things he's put in place behind the scenes on the corporate side of things, he's been found out big style on the football side. Yes, he'll have had his orders at times, but it is under his watch that a physio/fitness team have presided over countless serious injuries this season and most importantly his reputation initially profited from selling the existing quality in the squad and under his recruitment team, we've seen the quality of the squad depleted, bit by bit to the position we find ourselves in (don't even mention the overhaul needed this summer now) and a failure to identify anywhere near enough talent to develop. In what, 8, 10 transfer windows (?) he has made 50 plus signings, of which, what 2 or 3 (?) have been sold for a major profit and we've been left with a worse squad than when he arrived. He way too much control and I welcome the shake up.
  16. Undoubtably money has been wasted, talent ID needs to improve and I agree the squad needs a "re-build" of sorts - but we're still not relegation fodder IMO - we're talking a re-build in terms of a sustained top 6 push, aren't we. The situation isn't dire. For me, successive years of selling to buy has stripped our squad down to a group of 'useful' players. The Williams (Ashley), Hunts, Rowes, Marriappas, Martins etc. Solid players, with a shelf life. On reflection, (apart from lots of other factors) it feels a little bit of a perfect storm this season where the next generation coming through, Bakinson, Semenyo, HNM etc are not consistent enough yet and the solid pro's have started hitting the end of their shelf life and dropping off - hence inconsistent performances. I still believe the manager has a very good core of a squad. 4 or 5 signings of the right quality could, if they're all kept fit, transform it, IMO. Over to you Ashton.
  17. I think we need less quantity and more quality generally. For the central mid roles, we have plenty of options and potential. Walsh, Williams, Palmer, Massengo, Vyner, Bakinson, Nagy - so Paterson can, slightly reluctantly, go IMO. If NP continues with 4-2-3-1: I want more physicality and mobility in the wide roles - COD and Semenyo are a decent start, but i'd be looking to recruit in that area. Weimann could be good cover, so i'd keep him. Fam? Likely gone. Baker? Just not available enough. Hunt? Passed his peak, not helping us progress. Those 3 I think will go. Summer shopping list: 5 or 6 in's (dependant on 'in contract' out's) At least 1 forward and a wide forward - both with strength and mobility. Perhaps a holding midfielder, but i'd like to see Vyner grow into that role. 1 RB 2 CB's, one a prem loan, perhaps the other Mapps. All dependant on injury returns and who is coming through from U23's/loans etc.
  18. Code for “I’m hoping Nigel plays COD!”?!
  19. Interesting that they were, what, 5th(?) a couple of weeks ago, a very little 'stutter' as their winning running ended and suddenly they're 9th and a win tonight for us and we are 4 points behind them. Finishing above them would be a very nice target.
  20. Not had a draw for, what, 26 games? Must be some sort of record.
  21. Very little if any credit for anything positive and a large proportion of blame for anything negative.
  22. Congrats to LJ - first bit of silverware. I'm sure the Sunderland fans are loving that. Seems to have galvanised Sunderland - got them on the kind of roll that ends up with promotion. I for one would be happy to see him and Sunderland in the championship and on merit too.
  23. Each to their own. Think that's an over reaction, but whatever. To be honest, I don't tend to watch much of the pre-game or half time stuff - but it's RobinsTV, my expectations aren't high. I imagine it's a tough gig for the presenter, not like a BBC or Sky job where you've got 2 or 3 other people to bounce off and lots of high level production highlights, stats, interviews etc to go off to. It's not unusual to see or hear even top level presenters on live TV or radio have 'moments' when it goes off script - and I expect Robins TV doesn't pay big bucks and that's reflected in the production value. It's much better now though than when it started.
  24. I've got no problem with them all TBH - It's got to be a difficult gig, being a pundit employed by the club - they're so limited what they can say and have to be positive. Think the new guy Peter is good too. I like Rene a lot, he probably talks a little too much, but he's getting better and some of his insight's are great. He reads the game well. I think the criticism of him came about when he had to tow the company line through Deano's dark days and to be fair to him he tried to stay positive, but he was frankly pissing into the wind. He seemed to do quite a few games too and I think it's better when it's mixed up between him, Tin's, players etc. Helps we won, but I had no problem with it yesterday.
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