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  1. For some reason I had £1m in my memory for him, but after a quick google it does seem to be recorded as £0.5m - maybe I’m getting confused with Thorpe and others from that some period.
  2. Wasn’t Søren Anderson £1m too back in 1998 IIRC? Almost 10 years before Trundle
  3. I honestly don’t know why some people continue to waste their energy worrying about our manager. In the run up to Jan, we were looking shaky, but he steadied the ship and was backed in the window. As soon as Jan 31st past, you just had to accept that LJ is here until the summer. End of. In the summer, either he won’t have achieved the top 6 and fine, he may well be gone and you can argue you are vindicated or he will have and he will deserve the job going forwards. All this chat about his position is just wasted energy that could be put into supporting the team. A team that, by the way, is sat 7th, with a chance of finishing in the top 6.
  4. Agree with that, I’m certainly not denying his potential or pedigree. What you described though was a tackling technique. It’s just, my opinion, that his technique in possession and when picking a pass, has been exposed in recent games - and in the context of the discussion on this thread of a certain type of midfielder - this season, for me, Massengo is not the answer right now. I think Massengo breaking up the play and being more developed on the ball, quickly feeding a fit and in form Nagy - would be a very exciting central midfield combo
  5. Amazing technique in what sense? His last few appearances have shown someone who certainly has great potential. Yes he is learning the game and can put himself about and make interceptions/blocks/challenges - but the ‘what to do next’ is missing too often. Where he used to use his body to shield the ball, he’s now getting robbed regularly and his ability to find a pass is not good enough yet. Point in case yesterday, I can think of at least a few examples of him picking up the ball around our penalty box and playing a soft nothing ball back to the opposition. Or getting the ball in space with options and not knowing which one to play. I actually think sometimes he is so full of energy and effort that he wants to do everything at 110% and 100 MPH, he ends up making the wrong, rushed decision. Anyway, this is not a bash at Massengo but highlighting the point that IMO we do lack that cool/composed head in the middle who’ll comfortably receive and recycle the ball, right now. Next season it could well be a fit Nagy or a developed Massengo. But that doesn’t help us now!
  6. Yes I’m hoping he will be that player - but as I said, we miss it because he’s not it right now, either because of fitness or form.
  7. I think we massively miss two things especially right now - 1) As @Harry says - technical midfielders that are genuinely happy, and good on the ball in tight spaces. 2) Enough players that can comfortably travel, with the ball, at pace and purpose up the field, especially under pressure.
  8. Bentley Williams Kalas Baker Weimann Henrikson Massengo Dasilva Eliasson Pato Wells or Kalas Williams Baker Dasilva Eliasson Henrikson Massengo Pato Weimann Wells ?
  9. 4-4-2 or 4-2-3-1 for me. Back four of Bentley, Hunt, Kalas(Williams) Benkovic Dasilva Then either: Eliasson Henrikson Smith (If fit) Pato Wells Fam or: Smith Massengo/Nagy Eliasson Henrikson Pato Fam Henrikson in that central role can break up the play and get forwards. Shame to drop Wells, but Fam more of a physical focal point with one up top. I think we can hurt them on the break and at set pieces with that 4-2-3-1.
  10. Hopefully that’s where Wells, Benkovic, Kalas, Henriksen and even Afobe come into it....
  11. The team I put up was more what I imagine they'll go with, without knowing who is/isn't fit. I can see Kalas back, personally be surprised if he changes both CB's though. Agree completely about Massengo and could imagine either Nagy or Henriksen coming in along side Korey. Also agree about Eliasson, I wouldn't drop him, but imagine LJ doesn't want to drop Weimann, so may use him out wide. I would also be surprised if Pato doesn't play, given his recent form and the fact he should be very fired up to make a point to Derby, hence dropping Eliasson originally. Also wouldn't be surprised to see a 5-3-2/5-2-3 to protect Hunt and Dasilva getting forwards - but then the question is Fam or Wells up top or both. Very tough to call this week, especially after that last defeat.
  12. Thought DH was coy about him in the presser - suggested if he did start he might only last an hour or so IIRC. I think: Bentley Hunt Williams Kalas Dasilva Weimann Smith Massengo Paterson Fam Wells
  13. I think we can add to that list the all important factor that expectations have been raised beyond levels I’ve seen in my lifetime. Frustration and impatience are manifesting as ‘dislike’ - whatever that vague term means. A lot of the criticism I read centres around the idea that some people fundamentally believe SL has been afforded the club this wonderful once in a lifetime opportunity of promotion and LJ is simply in the way - unqualified, unworthy to start with and incapable. Now LJ’s wasting the chance, missing the proverbial open goal of promotion, something he’ll never be able to achieve and the dream will be gone. Once you’ve made that decision in your head as a fan about your manager (whether justified or acknowledged by themselves) - and many made it very early on - all you’ll see is frustration, a sense of time wasted, you’ll over analyse personality traits, focus and enlarge the negatives and and ultimately your pent up emotions will turn to ‘dislike’ for the manager. I won’t add in the need for some to feel like they’re right too.
  14. There is nothing, in my opinion, in my one post (quoted again above) that comes across as indignant or of a high level of annoyance. I even use the word "odd" to describe what I felt, is that either of those? Frankly this whole exchange from you has come across as very hypocritical. You've gone out of your way to reply to a conversation which I was having and you've put words in my mouth that I simply haven't said. You've accused me, incorrectly, of acting a certain way and then come across of acting very much that way yourself, you certainly seem rather annoyed and indignant with the fact that I may be dismissive of another posters opinion. Enough to go out of your way to join in the conversation and wade in. You've accused me of being sensitive and then you've completely over reacted/over read and in turn responded very sensitively to something you 'think' i've said to another poster. You've then accused me of finding the need to stick up for LJ but waded in on @One man went....'s behalf. And then the final cherry on the cake is to then accuse me of feeling the need to tell someone off, I could have simply ignored it, and yet you feel the need to come and tell me off, could have simply not ignored me? All rather hypocritical IMO. And you keep coming back to the comment LJ made in a press conference, which I made no reference to and gave no opinion of, until you brought it up. Finally, I don't believe the use of terms such as "mini me" or one of the many others used on here, to be trivial. If that's your opinion, I guess that says as much about you as it does about me. On this occasion, unlike you, I didn't go out of the way to reply to or to tell off a fellow poster, I responded directly to something I was tagged in.
  15. I've replied to one man's mini me comment once, and there was nothing in that one reply that showed indignation or infuriation. I would say that's quite a stretch by you to read that into my post, perhaps you're being a little sensitive, or are you just mildly offended on his behalf that I might dismiss his opinions? If the level of someone's debate is to name call, then i'm not bothering. Hence why, which also proves my complete lack of indignation or fury, i've not engaged him again. If you read the original post, what I actually say is he loses all credibility, so again you're putting words in my mouth by saying I dismiss all and any views he has. Back to the LJ comment - as i've said already, it is about context, one is banter in a press conference another is a pointless derogatory term not said in a banterous way. Either way, i'm not defending LJ. I'm sure he can do that himself. I'm simply defending a) who i'm going to bother debating with and b) what I believe is to be a civil human being. Be that calling LJ mini me on OTIB or some celeb being called a fat pig on twitter. And ultimately, all i've said is, in one post to one poster, if that's the level of your debate, i'm not bothering. You've picked it up and run with it. You're talking like i've just started a thread about how everyone should stop calling LJ names.
  16. Well I guess us poor sensitive souls from the snowflake generation better go have a reassess of our ‘humour’ levels.
  17. No, that was not me. But I remember the interview and the biggest takeaway for me was that LJ said he’d brought in two taller players and then proceeded not to play them against the team who score the most from set pieces in the division.... Regarding the comment - well it’s always context, one was used to illustrate a point, the other simply to be derogatory. Inconsequential? Maybe, but enough inconsequentials eventually make a consequential. IMO.
  18. I rest my case....you lose all credibility when you say stuff like that. It’s personal, it’s emotional and frankly irrational that someone would come on a football forum and call him that. It’s odd at best, IMO
  19. Well, absolutely - which is why I wrote “the vocal minority” in the last paragraph and also wrote in the post “Do people have doubts about his ability to get us promoted? Of course, yes“
  20. It is a hugely sweeping statement to say LJ is unpopular. Tell that to the 2000 away fans who sing his name after away wins. And despite some frustrating home performances the majority of fans are behind him. Do people have doubts about his ability to get us promoted? Of course, yes. But the vast majority are also able to see the positives and having doubts is very different to not ‘liking’ LJ. Yet still remain, on OTIB of course (always historically the vocal minority) that have the same things in common - they’re still bitter about SC, they didn’t want LJ from the very beginning, have been vitriolic in their criticism at any opportunity over the last 4 years, are so angry they can rarely even bring themselves to admit the positives so slink away when things are good, only to return with the same repeated ‘I told you so’s’ for the last 4 years - all backed up by comments on this thread and the regular others that frankly often border on the irrational.
  21. How offensive! I love eggs
  22. I thought things had got better recently but we’re back to the same people arguing again. Trolling, bullying, forum policing, call it what you want, they all fall in the same bracket and personal insults are flying around again from the usual suspects on several threads in the last few days, some people just can’t help themselves. Very dull.
  23. That style is long gone - LJ realising that a) it is too difficult to maintain over a whole season b) we don’t have the resources to do it. The fact is we’ve developed a style that works well away from home but not at Ashton Gate - hence we look devoid of ideas and disorganised at home too often because we are straying from what serves us well on the road. Teams know they can come here, sit back, frustrate the crowd, the players will start to take risks and they can simply catch us on the break.
  24. This is very much the way I’ve headed over recent months and I’ve been trying to understand why it is and I’ve sort of come to a conclusion about it. And that is that LJ is probably working under the greatest level of expectation of any manager at City for decades. We’ve had years of improvement, developed stadium, Bristol Sport, investment, etc etc and ultimately fans expectations are as high as they’ve been for years. We’re so close, we keep being told we’re so close, to the ‘promised land’. In turn, in my opinion, the raised expectation has pushed people into two camps, those whose expectations have been raised and feel he is underachieving to reach them and those who still have more, dare I say, patience or at least tolerance to the ups and downs, the mitigating circumstances and simply the difficulty of this league. I regularly find myself in both camps and I’m simply not yet convinced a new coach could, or would easily walk in and turn the squad into a promotion winning machine.
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