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  1. Looks like only 2 players in that squad of 23 are from clubs outside the Premier league and the vast majority are contracted to top 4-6 clubs.

    I’m sure 10/15 years ago U21/19/18’s etc used to have a much wider spread of clubs and leagues - They’ve really got a strangle hold on the best youth now in the premier league. 

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  2. 11 minutes ago, Leveller said:

    There was a large group who loathed LJ as a player and he was never going to get any objective assessment from lots of those from day one. People may have forgotten how divisive his reputation was even when we got to the play off final.

    I would add to that the fact that he replaced SC who was/is rightly a well respected manager for many City fans, and virtually God like for a handful. A few of SC’s biggest fans were LJ’s biggest critics.

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  3. 42 minutes ago, Phileas Fogg said:

    I'm looking out for Sunderlands results for this reason. He seems to have recruited well this summer and they're currently top, albeit after a handful of games.

    Promotion will be expected in a competitive league so he needs to deliver this season. I think LJ, like his dad, might actually make better transfers when he doesn't have a big budget. 

    Looking at what both LJ and MA are now up to at their new clubs, it certainly looks like it's MA who, with 18 odd new signings this summer, is the bigger "spender" of the two when there's money available.

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  4. Hard to see for so many football fans and easy to say, but right now, it’s all about the bigger picture.

    Success in football has to be built these days. That building takes time. 

    For me, for the first time in while, we have a proper football person, with a track record, in place, who is willing to get stuck into all areas of the club.

    If we had a day to day hands on chairman or experienced DOF steering our development, chopping and changing managers might have less impact.

    At the moment, that’s not the case at BCFC so it’s about trusting someone to captain the whole ship. For me, we, as a club, have to put faith in someone to do that, unless the whole structure is changed and Nigel Pearson is as good and realistic a candidate right now as anyone.

    I’m expecting plenty of bumps in the road and frustrated with some of the results - but i’m also already positive about some of the progress.

    I won’t be considering him leaving until well into next season. 

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  5. Strange half. Preston started and ended well, looking most dangerous throughout.

    We had a decent spell in the middle of the half but couldn’t turn the pressure to chances. Getting the ball into some decent positions but lacking the quality to create.

    Preston breaking and finding width well, some great runs into the channels and Johnson has way too much time and space to pick his dangerous passes.

    Need more pace and we can cause them some trouble. 

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  6. 18 minutes ago, ChippenhamRed said:

    My view is that we are at the beginning of a very promising new era, finally with a manager with proven success at the higher end of the English game, and we are now starting to see some very promising signs after an almost inevitably difficult start.

    This is far from Pearson’s team at this point, but we should start to see some of the positive impacts of his coaching coming through, and I think that’s what we’re seeing now.

    Managers need time, especially managers that inherit a disjointed and bang-average squad in a notoriously competitive division with very fine lines between success and failure. We can probably expect to lose a few more than we win this season, but I’m willing to be patient and give a good manager time to build something special. There are countless examples of managers who struggled at first but went on to achieve great success - from our own Gary Johnson all the way to Sir Alex Ferguson. Only teams with huge cash advantages tend to get away with succeeding while constantly chopping and changing their manager.

    Anyone incapable of taking a long term view on our position as a club right now probably isn’t worth listening to. And as we enter a 7th successive season in the second tier, those same people probably need reminding that things have been an awful lot worse. This is a time for optimism, but also realism and patience.

    Spot on for me.

    Trust the plan.

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  7. 2 minutes ago, JonDolman said:

    No both in a 2 again. James advances slightly more, but definitely a partnership with Scott, Weimann and Pring from right to left in front of them.

    Ah yeah that makes sense. Glad it worked better this evening! 

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  8. Just now, B1ackbird said:

    Him and King were proper....

    Missed tonight's game: Did King play more advanced today?

    I didn't love them both in the 2 of the 4-2-3-1 vs Boro...Looked like NP may have tweaked that and played King higher or wider with Cam in?

  9. I remember saying when Holden was appointed it would set us back two seasons. 

    Frustrating as it is, that assessment seems right now, this season is another transitional one. 

    I take heart in the fact there were some nice glimpses of quality today, but ultimately the hangover of the Ashton/LJ/Holden era still looms long over the squad.

    You can sense there is tension in some areas of the squad as NP starts to assert his authority and his way - ultimately he’ll win and soon enough we’ll have a team fully playing for him. 

    I’m willing to give it time.

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  10. 1 minute ago, glos old boy said:


    he said that about Nagy then started him next game.......NP now has 3 out of the 5 on subs bench he should have started with....just 2 more to go

    That was the cup though with Nagy?

    Also the bringing Kalas back in slowly, fitness wise, argument went out the window when he played 90 mins in the cup - seems a waste of minutes if he had a view to starting him today.

  11. 1 minute ago, the1stknowle said:

    He is a very good defender but I just don't think - for us - he is the answer. He wasn't last season, was he.

    Might be best for everyone to move on. 

    I'm not saying he is the answer, whatever the question is.

    What I do believe however, he is currently our best CB and with a team struggling to keep the goals out, seems less than ideal to be sat on the bench.

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  12. It's all a little bit shit, isn't it? 

    Classic Warnock goal, Scott muscled out in midfield, a break out wide, Vyner poor defending the cross, Dasilva also outmuscled at the far post. 1-0.

    Nothing is sticking to Martin - despite having 5 in midfield, it all feels very disjointed, King and James both wanting to drop deep and play quarter back (do we need both doing that, especially as Atkinson likes to step forward?) would like to see more from both of them. The higher 3 struggling to get into the game and all to often easily double marked or physically pushed off the ball too easily.

    No pace, no threat, weak all over the park and far far too easy for a hardly exciting Boro team...worrying 45 minute performance.


  13. 5 minutes ago, Redrascal2 said:

    Make do and mend In spite of our billionaire owner. How he could not give funds for a striker I still find hard to believe. Pearson wanted two defenders , two midfielders and a striker. Of the four who joined a fee was paid for one only. Yet still SL will not fund a striker.

    I mean, it’s been, how many years now and you still think it’s a matter of big sugar Daddy being a cheap skate or not when it comes to transfers?

    Where have you been the last 5 + years? Have you heard of FFP? Costs and revenue? Sustainability? 

    Genuinely astonished when I still read people making comments like this.

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  14. A performance that probably sums up where we are right now.

    Decent and well organised, we’ll create chances, but will need to create a lot given we look pretty toothless up front.

    Defence is a concern. We will have games where we’ll hang on for a win and times when we won’t, like this afternoon.

    Mid-table stuff, better if we can fix either the conversion rate or chances conceded. Worse if we don’t. 

    Work to be done.

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  15. Pretty decent first half!

    Took a little while to grow into the game, but we did as the half went on and look good value for the lead - Weimann, Atkinson and King all missing decent half chances before the latter whips in a great cross for an unmarked Martin to head in.

    Enjoying the calming experience of James and King in that CM area.

    Some real classy touches from Scott too.

    Decent debut for Atkinson so far.

    Solid start…



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  16. Happy with that line up, apart from Scott it's an experienced midfield/forward 6, average age well up in the high 20's I guess.

    Interesting that for all the pre-season minutes for the academy youngsters, only 2 make the match-day squad. Scott and Bell.

    Every season is a squad game as we've seen, so Nagy, Massengo, Semenyo, Bakinson, Moore etc on the edges still to come in. Main concern is we still look light up top though and will want to see the CB pairing more, still wonder if Kalas will slot back in soon though.


    But there we go, clean slate, fresh start, no baggage, cliche cliche.

    Come on you REDS

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