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  1. Congrats to LJ - first bit of silverware. I'm sure the Sunderland fans are loving that. Seems to have galvanised Sunderland - got them on the kind of roll that ends up with promotion. I for one would be happy to see him and Sunderland in the championship and on merit too.
  2. Each to their own. Think that's an over reaction, but whatever. To be honest, I don't tend to watch much of the pre-game or half time stuff - but it's RobinsTV, my expectations aren't high. I imagine it's a tough gig for the presenter, not like a BBC or Sky job where you've got 2 or 3 other people to bounce off and lots of high level production highlights, stats, interviews etc to go off to. It's not unusual to see or hear even top level presenters on live TV or radio have 'moments' when it goes off script - and I expect Robins TV doesn't pay big bucks and that's reflected in the production value. It's much better now though than when it started.
  3. I've got no problem with them all TBH - It's got to be a difficult gig, being a pundit employed by the club - they're so limited what they can say and have to be positive. Think the new guy Peter is good too. I like Rene a lot, he probably talks a little too much, but he's getting better and some of his insight's are great. He reads the game well. I think the criticism of him came about when he had to tow the company line through Deano's dark days and to be fair to him he tried to stay positive, but he was frankly pissing into the wind. He seemed to do quite a few games too and I think it's better when it's mixed up between him, Tin's, players etc. Helps we won, but I had no problem with it yesterday.
  4. I think Lansbury won't be good value for money longer term (Wages/contract length wise) and will go. Mapps has done a good job - especially since he moved into the middle. He is however 'limited' on the ball, as is Kalas to a certain extent, in comparison to say a Webster or Mawson. I'd personally like one of the two CB's to be more comfortable on the ball. (Could that be Vyner longer term, or is centre mid is position going forward?) So for that reason i'd be looking elsewhere at CB to partner Kalas - however...if it was a choice of renewing one of Mapp's or Baker's contract for another year, I think i'd take Mapps.
  5. What I enjoyed too was seeing them working on shape in the Failand uncut video, pressing and moving as a team - and then seeing it on the pitch in a game. Yep Brum hit the woodwork twice, but for 2 or 3 better placed passes we could also have been 1 or 2 up during that same period. The move that led to their first post chance came from a poor ball that should have put Wells clean through, for example. Yes still things to work on as always, but what an improvement already. I like the look of his 4-2-3-1 and hope he can get 2 or 3 big additions in the summer for it.
  6. One swallow does not a summer bring. But....more of the same please COD.
  7. Lansbury and Massengo (best half for both for a while) looking good in the midfield 2 - Wells, Palmer and Semenyo very lively in the forward 3 and Fam has had a decent half with some good hold up. Scuffed at his best chance. Great finish from Palmer, deserved his goal for all his pressing. Ironically their first early chance came when we gave the ball away in the final third attacking with a loose pass, Brum ball over the top and a scuffed Bela shot fell to Hogan who hits the post. Bela and Hogan combined again for Hogan to head against the post on 34 for their best moment. Defensively generally solid - pressing well as a team. Only thing you can ask for is more quality in the final third and we could be more than 1 up, feel we’ll have more chances second half. Amazing how in a few games we’ve gone from a team that literally couldn’t tackle or keep possession to look like an organised unit, aggressive and winning turnovers and 50/50’s and attacking in numbers.
  8. Looks like a 4-2-3-1. Had a feeling Bakinson would get dropped. Shame Nagy and Vyner aren't back, but suspected that might happen too. Hopefully we'll see a bit of Walsh. COYR
  9. I think you can add to this that it's pretty clear in some of the public comments (MA and) SL know we need to do better with our recruitment - it would be pretty crazy of them financially to carry on as they were before. It's clear it needs a shake up, hopefully this is happening and NP's experience is leading that.
  10. I think Walsh has had the most minutes for U23's (?) so guessing it will be him involved - if either Nagy or Vyner are not back/have had a week off we could even see him start. COD too maybe but suspect he'll stick with Sess. Baker and Watkins bench at best.
  11. Wasn't it Kasey Palmer's partner who was expecting a baby recently? Thought there was a chance he could have missed a game, so maybe he has been given some personal time off and he'll be back before the weekend.
  12. Walsh playing quite deep in a lot of those highlights. Some nice moments too.
  13. Well that was just one of those all round bad halves. Started brightly, with some good territory - but it was first blood QPR - Sess looked to stand off his winger who had plenty of time to pick out a cracking cross to be fair. Goal. Then several just looked more and more off the pace, QPR pressing us well up the pitch - the second a scrappy set piece goal. Nagy and Vyner off with concussion injuries, Bakinson off for tactical reasons. So our midfield is now completely different to who started and a 4-4-2. We've had a bit of a go since, but they look dangerous on the break. Our best chance was blocked by Fam lying on the floor - summed up the half for us.
  14. Predict a tight game, think we can nick it by a goal. Key for me is being competitive again - I’d cope with a similar result to Bournemouth if we’re in the game again creating chances.
  15. As you say that drill looked as much about the quick explosive movement, change of direction and an instinctive finish. Also good for the keepers to test their reactions too.
  16. I can’t remember exactly, but yes, I’ll absolutely give COD that - he is one of the players who can generally travel with the ball well.
  17. I'm very keen to see Walsh finally in a City shirt again - especially with his contract up in the summer. People say we've missed O'Dowda - i'm not so sure - I think we've missed the idea of O'Dowda - especially in our new set up - but I was surprised by the stats put up by @Davefevs about our midfield, where COD seemed to come out, on paper, the least effective of all our midfield? Baker for cover, great, but I wouldn't rush him back in and don't fancy Mapps anywhere but CB again. Watkins again, good to have as a physical option and on the bench, but harsh as it may sound, is he an option going forwards? OOC in summer, i'd rather see U23's given the time, if and when we're 'safe'.
  18. I'm not so sure about that - he made 84 appearances for us over 3 seasons. For me he had plenty of chances and despite his ability to win games for us, he was still developing his all round game, especially his defensive duties - which is probably why he remained a bit of a luxury player, hence in and out the starting 11.
  19. Yeah absolutely - but as always we don’t know what offer we gave Eliasson - if Holden thought he wouldn’t be playing him, we probably didn’t push the boat out with the offer. The club have stated publicly Fam has had pretty much the best the club can offer, so if he goes, so be it. Hands are tied there.
  20. It looked like DH recruited last summer for 5-3-2 and when he needed to switch it up the personnel was limited. Eliasson being the obvious miss, but I wonder if he wanted gone as much as we may have decided he was surplus to requirements.
  21. Young player of the season for me so far. I'd love to see more of him in the defensive midfield role - he can read the game and tackle and has the skill to think quickly and find a pass, he's been good on the ball. Him at the base of a 3 or 4 midfield, with combination of Bakinson, Nagy, Williams or Walsh. I like.
  22. I think at the time, you could kind of see the logic of signing a midfielder, T was struggling for form, several were still out injured - some experience in the centre was a good idea - but it was the wrong signing IMO. Expecting someone whose played so few games and not been in any sort of form for so long to come in, in Jan, and make a difference in the cut and thrust of the champ was a misjudgment. To be fair to him, last night when he came on had 2 or 3 good moments - but would proceed to massively over hit the next pass. Perhaps if the right manager can get his arm round him there’s a player still in there, but I suspect at his age he has more eyes on the exit plan.
  23. Yes that’s a fair comment. Did take a deflection....but you’ve got to hope he wins his first battle
  24. Yep agreed. I just picture that team with Dasilva, Williams back in it, probably a new RB and a few strong additions up front...could be good. Think had we had a stronger bench, we might not have lost that game.
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