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  1. I didn't say it was news to them - but it might be news to others and it's January approaching soon - a strong test of our resolve with potential bids on certain players couldn't have been planned for 18 months ago....
  2. Interesting Martin has been 'rested'. Concerning about Bents, but perhaps not surprising given the news with the accounts. Looks like he could be off as he is one of our best assets.
  3. Well it's in clear numbers why City fans are so bitter about Ashton: These charts rocket the year after he joins us, 2016. Now to be fair, i'm not laying all the blame on Ashton (LJ and JL/SL hugely culpable) but....he was in charge of the budgets. He was in charge of the recruitment. He pushed us to the financial limit with no contingency plan. As i've said already, traded quality for quantity. (Why???!!!) Then he left us with a squad with probably our highest wage bill ever, over 100% of any commercial revenue he may have generated. And most frustratingly nothing to show from it with arguably our weakest, least valuable, least competitive squad footballing wise since we returned to the championship. (Only the academy giving real value player/transfer profit wise) Beware Ipswich, nothing against you, and I don't wish you any ill, but beware.
  4. Agreed. That list shows several clubs that will be in very similar positions to us. Good sensible post Dave, but I wouldn't worry about the ban - you're fighting a losing battle there, understandably most of the Derby fans are so desperate for a crumb of comfort many can't look at other clubs objectively. To those of them trying to compare situations - the reality is the similarities end with = wages % vs turnover %. Well lads, welcome to the championship where over half the teams are at over 100% of turnover on wages. And the idea that we're in the shit if our owner pulls the plug. Well lads, welcome to the championship where 100% of the teams would be in the shit if the owner pulls the plug.
  5. It's not just the huge list of poor MA signings that has frustratingly regressed us from a playing point of view - but worse: The list of mismanaged player contracts that cost us revenue and the poor, vastly over paid signings that are now hamstringing us financially too.
  6. We're seeing the result in numbers of what we already knew - under MA and LJ the club sailed too close to wind, trading quality for quantity that simply bloated our wage bill to the limit of what we could afford. Covid pushed us over the limit. Even before covid we all sensed we'd have rein in the spending, Lansdown "went for it" financially with LJ didn't he - but the huge 40%+ revenue drop from the lockdowns have hit us hard. MA oversaw this, could see the storm clouds ahead, so his jumping ship makes all the more sense. Tough few seasons ahead to say the least and frankly more than ever I'm happy to have the experienced heads we have attempting to navigate us out these waters.
  7. What will be interesting over the coming days is the fact that publicly - we've only heard from Red Bull about all this, as they were the only ones willing to talk to the press after. Mercedes were silent. We haven't heard from the other teams. They and their sponsors add up to a lot more than Red Bull and Honda. We were talking billions in sponsorship and many of those sponsors will be concerned, to put it politely. I suspect the FIA will today be under immense pressure from everyone except Red Bull/Honda about the absolute farce of yesterday. Money talks and integrity, at least on the face of it, is important too. We'll see, but big sponsors or manufacturers pulling out, which is possible, is not a good look for the F1 - so they're facing a political, financial and legal fight right now. Masi and the stewards may make choices on the day, but more powerful people call the shots behind the scenes so I don't think this is going away anytime soon.
  8. Well I'd say that was a little harsh - think we competed well in the game for decent periods of both halves. I watched the highlights this morning and they seemed to miss a couple of good moments from us in the first half, notably Semenyo's 'not shooting' chance. Agree both teams lacked quality - but that was a hard fought draw away from home against a team unbeaten in 6 - including the energy and drive to keep pushing to the end and nick a late equaliser. I said it in the match day thread, if we had a bit more quality up top (i.e an inform finisher!) I feel like we'd have put 4 past Derby, won at Hull and we'd being looking up the table for once.
  9. We deserved something from that game today and a draw is probably fair. Simple to say, but it’s simple to see - more quality needed at both ends of the pitch and we would have won that. Still going in the right direction and improving all the time for me - with that bit more quality I think this team could be half useful.
  10. Well that half ebbed and flowed a lot, both teams having their good spells, Hull, the better of the two, took advantage of a flying start. Need to see the goal again, not sure if it was an excellent finish or if Bentley could have done better but it looked like he wasn’t expecting him to shoot. Despite some good build up play at times, James influential and back pulling the strings and Messango having a solid game too for me, City, again (recurring theme), guilty of being wasteful. Left wanting technically in good positions, COD, Semenyo, Weimann and Martin all should and could have done better when well placed. Been a decent half to watch, pretty open game lacking quality for both sides most of the time - hopefully the chances will keep coming and we’ll take one.
  11. That 'churchman' - wow. Classic stuff. Ill informed and very sure of his own opinion, a dangerous combination.
  12. I believe from an Ipswich buddy the message from Ashton was very clear that they don't 'need' to go up this season. You've got to question that now Cook has gone. Either way I suspect the owners have the cash for 2 seasons at league one, but any longer and surely FFP will come into play very quickly too. If they're anything but top 6 early next season, the unrest and pressure will increase and you can see things unraveling very quickly for them and by extension MA, who I also suspect won't have the same leeway there that he got here. Sounds already like his penchant for spending other people's money is getting him in trouble again.
  13. Sensible Ipswich fans will know this season the club have stated it’s a re-building one. So why on earth sack your manager after a few months?! Mixed messages to say the least. Clearly after years of disappointment, looks like a quite few have forgotten this and are getting impatient. That’s what money does - a sniff of it and all perspective goes out the window, they just want success now. Interesting parallels with Ashton here already showing there…..
  14. I’m not into writing players on or off ever - thought Bakinson was decent first half, but as I said on match day thread, he was wasteful at times and loose with possession early on IMO before he found his range a bit. What I’m increasingly thinking is that the fans, have got Bakinson wrong, as a player. Perhaps it was the comparisons to Viera when he first came or perhaps it’s his stature. But I just don’t think he is the defensive Viera/Fernandinho player some think he is. The defensive side of his game isn’t great, but it also shows a lack of experience. By comparison, I don’t think James (don’t hear many complaints about him defensively) is necessarily miles better physically than Bakinson but just has the streetwise experience to place himself better positional/read the game etc. I think recently we the squad we have, whilst also missing James and Williams, the likes of Bakinson and HNM are sometimes having to play a role in the team that just doesn’t suit their natural game, as I write that, I remember NP saying something similar about Bakinson. If we’re on the front foot, he can look very good, if he’s forced to defend when we don’t have one of our holding midfielders alongside him, he will be exposed despite his best efforts. So for me, it’s as much about how we use him or how he fits into a NP style team rather than simply is he good enough at this level.
  15. 3 points is 3 points. It was good at times today, poor at others. Just tired in the second half and lost discipline at times, but we had the goal and defended it. Home form slowly turning around, another step to getting through this season and we're moving, slowly, in the right direction, now closer to the top 6 than the bottom 3 in terms of points, with only 3 points separating 8 teams between 10th and us in 17th.
  16. We’re set up well today, pressing high and pressing well. Semenyo spearheading that is having a good game. Nice finish from Scott on his left peg, confidently taken first time from the age of the box. We’re good value for the lead but it should have been more - again, guilty of a lack of quality in the 3rd. Martin, Weimann and Semenyo should have done better when well placed but we’re creating chances at least. They may have had more possession (?) but 90% of their possession has been in areas where they’ve not threatened us. Not sure Bentley has had to make a save. But the old classic cliche, will we regret those missed chances in the second half? Early on Bakinson and Vyner most guilty of being wasteful - Vyner seemed nervous perhaps and Bakinson’s technical quality doesn’t match his speed of thought consistently enough. Improved as half went on though to be fair. Massengo better today, a bit tighter. COD has made some excellent runs in between the lines. I think we look a better team with Atkinson, who has their most tricky player to deal with and has done well so far.
  17. A sobering analysis there Dave. I'd add, that purely from a non-statistical, fans emotional view point, every transfer window I also think about the players i'd be worried about losing - I genuinely wouldn't be concerned about losing any player this Jan from the first team squad, bar perhaps Kalas. You might have said Williams but now he's out till Jan I can't see him going. (I'd be sad to see Scott or Benerous go but I don't think we'd be pushed into selling them anytime soon)
  18. For me, the top level structure of the club absolutely needs looking at. Under MA he was seemingly board member, chief exec, head of operations, DOF, head of recruitment etc etc all rolled into one. Little seems to have changed, we have a small board of directors (5?) and two of them JL and SL do so remotely and in JL's case, what does he do? Every other comparable club to us, Brentford, Brighton, Burnley, Norwich etc, that we aspire to be like, have larger boards with a broader ranges of commercial skills in addition to people in important day to day positions such as head of operations, DOF's and head of recruitment etc. I feel we are at least 3 appointments light in senior managerial positions at the club and it only adds fuel to the fire that SL likes to run a 'dictatorship' and with MA, he very much got hoodwinked, before he took advantage to his own "personal gain" before jumping ship before the realities of his performance set in.
  19. Think it’s pretty harsh, and lazy to be honest, to use the poor standard of the Latvian goalkeeper to have a dig at the woman’s game as a whole, without acknowledging in this game in particular that quite a few of those England goals were well taken - certainly finishes you’d be impressed with at Sunday league level, given that was mentioned earlier.
  20. I admire your ongoing passion on this subject @Harry - feels like you’ve been saying this same thing repeatedly for many many years, as long as I can remember in fact!
  21. Who fits in that category? Preston City Millwall Blackpool or Luton? Middlesborough? Of that list i’d think Preston as £100m I would imagine is a little low for us. But it could well be.
  22. Tough half. Very much second best. Conceded way too many chances that half and not surprising with our midfield today being sliced through or bypassed at will. Think the defence did well generally to keep the ball out the net but the marking went missing for their goal and Brewster didn’t waste the extra space. We just can’t keep the ball and when we do have it we’ve been very sloppy. We had a short 5/10 min spell of territory, with a couple of corners, one which give Martin our best/only chance of the half which was well saved. Too many players off their game today, Massengo, Bakinson and Martin wasteful, Benerous, Scott and Weimann very quiet. Subs/tweeks needed for me - Semenyo and Wells running would give them something to think about.
  23. Williams unavailable for Sunday according to NP.
  24. No doubting Dasilva is superb on the ball, probably one of our most skilful players in that respect. The problem with Jay is he seems to have been 'found out' - perhaps the writing was on the wall when in those games earlier in the season teams just targeted the back post on the left and IIRC outmuscled him on several occasions for goals. It was almost too easy. It doesn't matter how hard you train, that will always be the weakness for him.
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