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  1. I keep reading we have a bloated squad? It’s a favourite line for some. Bloated compared to what? According to transfermarkt (not sure of accuracy for every team) we have a squad size of 27, which is right if you don’t include loans in. Lowest - Millwall with 21 Highest - Preston, Hull and Forest with 31. Average - 27 Bristol City have the average squad size according to this.
  2. I enjoyed this: Replace Barnsley with Bristol City or any other team....seems all fans all think the same thing! Problem usually with this scenario is that Barnsley usually turn up and let the other team off. Been a 28 game losing streak. Play Barnsley. 3 points. Striker that’s not scored for 25 games. Play Barnsley hat trick.
  3. Read my previous posts. I'm not just talking about playing identity, which clearly has shifted around as is not clear to many fans. I am saying it goes beyond just that, it's about character. I disagree the signings are "random". Have they all worked? No. Have they all fitted the playing style? Not necessarily. But they pretty much all have certain attributes in common. Profit and loss on the squad over recent years suggests something is working. As for the "ever changing game plans" - I can only imagine a manager has to be flexible in his approach when his best players are sold every season and you're managing injuries etc throughout. I've said it before and I'll say it again, some people tout text book stuff about footballing identity like it's an exact science. Reality proves it clearly is not, or else everyone would be doing it, right? What's Preston's playing identity? What's Swansea's?
  4. I think you need to actually read and react to my post rather than just continuing to just simply put your opinion across. I’ve agreed the ‘identity’ on the pitch is not there. But there is arguably an identity, a character being put in place off and slowly on the pitch. Attributes, attitudes, qualities. Recruitment is improving all the time, yet will always be hit and miss. The progress off the pitch and in league position under Mr Johnson’s tenure backs that up. The Wigan game in particular was a team that was arguably weaker than one we put out last season. The selling nature of the club will have to be balanced out with progress on the pitch.
  5. For me the word 'identity' is greater than just simply "we press high as team" or " we're a passing out from the back team". I think footballing identity and identity as a club are blurred when people talk about identity as a whole. This is my opinion, but another word for me is 'character'. Yes clearly our 'identity' on the pitch is not the finished product, but it goes beyond that, identity goes into the character and ethic of the club. From that respect, JL, MA and LJ have instilled this at the club. The type of players we are looking for, the type of people we employ to work off the pitch. The plans in place for the future in terms of training facility and Bristol Sport. Allowing time to develop from within, the technology, the recruitment etc etc. Yes it doesn't always go 100% right, yes it still needs to develop, but the process is there and it is working off the pitch. The challenge is getting it to work on the pitch, but as @spudski rightly points out, we are one of 100's of teams searching for that too and it is not easily achieved. Final thought, as i've said so many times over the years, I will again - there is a big difference between the club saying "the aim is the premier league" and "we're going to get in the premier league at any cost".
  6. The question for me about Hunt is defensively. It's easier to ignore that when we're winning and he's whipping in this vicious goal creating crosses. For me he is one of the question marks over our defence, one that conceded the joint highest number of goals in the top half of the table. 1) Two players have been unable to secure the RB birth. 2) A last minute free transfer of an OOC Williams has been the main stalwart and has the most appearances of any of our defence this season. 3) A 'rookie' in Moore and Baker, who was very much back up last season, are now key players. Obviously the injuries to Kalas and Dasilva have played a major part, but 40 goals conceded is not good enough. For all the talk of forwards, if I were MA and LJ i'd be looking very hard at that defence too.
  7. As a slightly related aside, I know there is always a lot of talk about us being streaky, 2 wins (and six points) in last 6, it's worth noting we are far from alone in that: WBA have 1 win in six. 7 points from last six games. Leeds 1 win in six. 6 points from last six games. Preston 1 win in six. 6 points from last six games. All 3 teams that were flying - can't imagine trying to predict this league with the inevitable fluctuations in form. Preston were "Brentford" 10 games ago, I can imagine Brentford who some are tipping for top 2 even now, could easily drop off.
  8. Still questions to be asked. But we've done 'a job' on Wigan there. A much better second half, pressed higher and a better shape. Fam, must be the best 45 minutes in a City shirt i've seen from him. Certainly raised an eye-brow when Paterson was favoured over COD and Palmer - but he scored one and made one. All important 3 points and clean sheet...something to build on. One of those 3 points that will only feel satisfying if we back it up against Barnsley at home next week though.
  9. Well positives from the half - we haven't conceded, but given they're the lowest scoring team in the division, not much to celebrate. Defensively narrow, compact and organised, but we sat off and let them play around to their hearts content in possession with little pressing. To be fair, we didn't concede any major chances so that is working, Dan having little to do. But we look lacklustre and slow to get out of that defensive block of 8, the front men stretched so we regularly just play long and early and ending just giving the ball back as no one is there for the scraps. Wigan doing well to give us no time on the ball, crowding us when we get possession. That said we had the best chances of the half, Famara scored the best non goal i've ever seen, and had another decent chance from a cross. Dasilva and Niclas linking well going forwards, we need more of that. Still they are way too slow in transition, dare I say badly missing a 'Brownhill' and lacking invention again - but given defence has been a recent problem, there is some improvement there at least.
  10. Gregor is a sensible journalist, I'm sure his source is credible. My question would be the motive of his source. An agent, certainly someone from within the KP 'camp'. Well it's going to be from their side of the story and we all know there are always two sides to every story. As always, choose how your bread is buttered - KP = mismanaged talent, again another LJ failing? Or..... KP = talented enigma who has an attitude and arrogance that has held him back at numerous clubs under numerous managers? Either way, a few interesting takes from the article - 1) GmcG, who has always seemed to have a good relationship with LJ is burning bridges with this....why? 2) Discourse, again, between MA/board and LJ on signings....I thought we were passed that? LJ aside, which top manager will be happy about 'having' to play players at the request of the board? Not many. 3) Unrest in the camp, however small - dangerous times for LJ - I think you could add the actions of Ash Williams against Brentford as well as a sign of another frustrated player, perhaps. Or did he just lose his temper. 4) January window is a key time for the squad - what are the clubs true ambitions and how does that effect their ruthlessness, or not, regarding the manager? We will see.
  11. Beat Brentford and we could be as high as 4th. Crazy to think reading this place over the last few weeks. Results today showing we’re not the only ones to lose games - West Brom, Preston and Wednesday all losing winnable home games.
  12. HT - we look a little more organised defensively at least. Virtually devoid of ideas going forwards. Famara losing his battle with the CB. Weimann non-existant. Rowe increasingly becoming a ghost with every game, desperate for JD to freshen that up. Brownhill having a very poor one, Hunt too. Indecision going forwards and careless at the back. CB's are the only positive. Moore with some good work stepping out from the back. We need a "foot on it" in the middle second half. And you can talk all about the manger and selection as much as you want, but there is no legislating for moments like COD not even managing to hit the target with that early chance. Very very poor effort.
  13. He’ll probably be available in Jan...could do worse TBH
  14. As bad as I’ve seen us for a while. Men against boys - WBA fans will be delighted at halftime, they’ve done nothing and are two up. Two team mistakes punished. Palmer gamble not worked. Korey, love you, but why play your first game back against WBA? Poor poor poor, LJ, you have got this one wrong tonight.
  15. I disagree wholeheartedly that we have plateaued. Far from it. If we are between 10th and 7th in the league for the next 5 years, never looking like troubling the top 6, having not sold out best players every summer and having invested serious cash on new players, then fine, I’d agree with you and have no problem considering other options.
  16. Plateaued?! I honestly find that view pretty fascinating and IMO anyone who thinks that underestimates what it would have taken to get us to the excellent position we’re currently in and quite how tough it is to get out of this division. I think people look at the likes of Sheffield Utd and think, well if they can....but for every Sheff Utd is a Leeds, Forest, Birmingham, Derby, Middlesbrough, Hull, QPR, Sheffield Wednesday....I could go on. I think it’s far too over simplistic of some to say a new manager with a proven track record would just waltz in and get the job done.
  17. Undoubtably LJ has done an excellent job here. We are without doubt in a better position than when he arrived, the progress overseen has been pretty remarkable. I guess the question marks are there for some for a number of reasons, fair enough. Firstly, he has had unprecedented financial backing. But it’s fair to say he has recently “earned” a fair chunk of that wedge himself. Secondly, he has had unprecedented backing from the chairman through some tough times. But clearly the chairman rightly saw, behind the scenes, that he warranted sticking by. Thirdly, something I think is underestimated, we have witnessed, and still are, the development of LJ. Just as with a young player, undoubtably mistakes were made. Some still hold those against him, others can accept it as part of the journey. The question is, has LJ over or under achieved with the resources available to him? Would a ‘realistic option’ manager come in and, consistently, achieve more from this squad? I can see the football has at times been frustrating, but frankly from watching the championship week in week out, I think our football is fairly reflective of the league as a whole. Ultimately you don’t go out into one the toughest leagues in the world and only lose 2 in 17 if you don’t know what you’re doing. I for one enjoy the fact that LJ has made us tough to beat, even if that has sacrificed the sexy football at times. I think it’s very common for fans to feel there is something more available, that someone better is out there to ‘take us to the next level’. Arsenal fans thought that for years. There is also the old be careful what you wish for. The question I’d be asking if we don’t finish top 6 this year is, have Bristol City taken LJ as far as he can go, or has LJ taken Bristol City as far as they can currently go? The answer will no doubt be somewhere in the middle ground but I for one am enjoying the continuity of this period in our clubs history and advocated for that all through the tough times. I wouldn’t cry if he left but I’d know that he would have left a hell of a foundation for an incoming manager who’d have no excuses not to get us promoted, anything else would be an underachievement.
  18. A frustrating draw - I felt like the period up to the red card we were getting a good foot hold in the game. Ironically, had the red not come, yes we probably would have conceded a few more chances, but I feel we probably would have had a better chance of creating a clear cut one or two ourselves. After the red, Forest did what you hate seeing from opposition teams but love seeing your team do. A near text book display of gamesmanship and backs to the wall defending to see out the time. Season over? No. Frustration, yes, because it’s hard not to look at a few more moments over the last 10 games and see we...could....be sitting so much prettier. But that for me shows we ARE going in the right direction, we are progressing, but just still missing what much of the championship also misses, which is that consistent game winning magic.
  19. Not sure if it’s been said yet - but what I like about Nagy being back is that for me, he is probably the best “quarter back” we have in the squad and him playing releases Brownhill to play higher up the pitch and have a greater influence. We saw glimpses of that yesterday, Josh I hope will settle into this role and start getting more goals and assists. Nagy at times worked the deep midfield to create space exceptionally well, the shame was the good work he did wasn’t capitalised on by the rest of the team enough to create chances.
  20. In that case it should have been a free kick to us for the foul by Flint on Baker before the Flint was held back.
  21. Absolutely - got it right today and the substitution played a major part in the winner.
  22. Baker did a job on Flint. Williams - epic. COD back to his best IMO - carried the ball well and looked dangerous. What a strike from Josh. Palmer with a decent cameo. A team performance, had to soak up some pressure, was ugly at times, but got the job done again. Kalas back, Nagy back, Smith nearly back. Good times. Back into the playoffs and time to kick on now.
  23. LJ said in the presser Rodri only has the fitness levels for around 45 minutes of football at the moment. Watkins did well last game and will suit this game.
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