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  1. Still buzzing today. Credit to the City fans, the atmosphere was superb in the second half. I have to admit the first half was so poor I was very concerned but what a turn around. Under LJ we have tactically flexibility and now with a cracking summer of recruitment (that still isn't over) we have options from the bench. Very early days but this has been a very solid start to the season and the signs are good going forward for a good season.
  2. Will you calm down on match day threads from now on?! You'd written us off already!
  3. Are we not one of 5 teams they can catch? Goal difference obviously playing a factor...
  4. Decent result against a team in form who've been picking up plenty of wins recently against much higher placed teams. LJ vs NW. A draw. Will take that, especially as you just can't see MK Dons improving enough to get the points needed to over turn anyone now.
  5. I agree with this, and I think one criticism you could level at LJ is he has been a little naive too at times. Yes confidence was high, but going gung-ho at Hull on Saturday was probably not the safest option and we certainly got exposed.
  6. Ah you do have some faith then? Maybe try keeping it a little longer than 3 minutes next week!
  7. I think to be fair you can say that about most of the team! It's our away form keeping us up at the moment
  8. I'm sure we will have a go second half, so we will either ending pulling something back or concede another couple!
  9. That would make the Williams the South stand then? It's either south or west, never North!
  10. Surely even the most staunch SC supporters must admit now it was the correct decision to fire him. The way he persisted with 3-5-2, amongst other things, baffling beyond belief
  11. Sounds like Wolves changed formation at half time to out '5-3-2' us, but we managed to out '5-3-2' them
  12. Hoping Charlton equalise against MK Dons, which will lift us a place too...should we win! COYR
  13. Have you not seen his little book he always holds at the games? Apparently someone wrote on here once that on first page is a list of tactics. 1. Don't drop Wilbraham 2. See above
  14. As long as his waging jihad against the Wolves front line tonight, I'm a convert!
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