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  1. Ah well that’s a bit disappointing. Couple of mistakes costing us tonight. Pretty unimpressed with Bournemouth given their quality - I’ll say again I don’t see them going back up this year. Missed Vyner in midfield (great game again if not MOTM) when he went to RB - Lansbury disappointing, made the odd the challenge or clearance but distribution was poor on the whole. Bakinson looking super in that advanced role again, lost his marker for the winner though. Nagy busy if less productive. Wells and Palmer revitalised. Palmer in particular had a very good game. Kalas and Mapps good again. Fam - frustrating. Did a good job as the focal point again but wasteful in the box when we needed a bit more composure. Thought a draw would have been a fair result, but despite the loss, for me, it’s one of those games where the performance, or progress being made, makes up for it a bit. Really get a feeling that this squad, fully fit, playing like this under NP is an exciting prospect.
  2. Well it’s a disappointing feeling going into half time, but that’s not really fair. Bournemouth with the best of the early exchanges, but we really grew into the game and were more than worth the lead. A big shame with the equaliser, but Bentley is still in more than enough credit for me, despite that mistake. Great to see us really competing in the game - some lovely moments in that first half, we can take every confidence of getting another in the second.
  3. I won’t say anything because I’ve had my moments on here! Fair enough though and thanks for all your efforts....as always...
  4. Was OTIB on the naughty step for the morning?!
  5. Add Sess to that “rushed back not fully fit” list too. Luckily he’s been managed since that Reading game.
  6. In which case.......Kalas get out my club
  7. Agreed. If avoiding relegation is first the clause/obligation - once that’s achieved surely Pearson and the club will have had 2/3 weeks at least to “get to know each other” and have any meetings to discuss the path forwards. The hope then it can be tied up by March, at least unofficially. I guess one stumbling block will be over who Pearson works with going forwards in terms of back room staff etc but I’d imagine the club will grant his requests on that.
  8. As I said on the match day thread - the way he ran over and spoke to Towler when he was subbed - superb leadership.
  9. It’s a remarkable change isn’t it - but it’s not just as simple as 2 wins, or 6 points. Those 2 wins were also our first wins this season against top 6/8 teams. Under Holden we’d only beaten Stoke before that. And it’s the change on and off the pitch in attitude and mentality. So nice to be looking up instead of down!
  10. Thought it was quite a narrow 'wide left' though, would you agree? More running the left channels rather than wings, didn't see him having to put in crosses or attack from the sidelines. Nice and close to Fam for several knock downs and able to drift in late to meet the cross for our first. 4-2-3-1 but, a compact one. EDIT - Sorry just saw your post above as I was writing this one!
  11. Do you ever write a post that’s not a criticism of another poster? We just won, who cares, chill out!
  12. We know he’s favoured formation is 4-2-3-1 and he’s got us firing on that already. Bakinson in the advanced central role looking inspired.
  13. I wore my new Hummel City training trackies with my purple away kit combo for the first time on Tuesday night - kept it same for today. Wash or not the wash, that’s the question?
  14. Oh boys - we rode our luck first half - but wow, what a second half. Just ground Swansea down and demoralised them. Brilliant performance second half. Get in!
  15. What a second half. NP take a bow. Palmer!!!!! Right lads, let’s finish the job now!
  16. Much better second half going forwards with this 4-3-3 : 4-2-3-1
  17. That is a bit of a soft pen, Palmer’s hands weren’t in a natural position, but if he actually touched it is debatable.
  18. So you're saying we should be laying into the new manager in his first game in charge?
  19. That's true - but let's also acknowledge this is NP first full 45 minutes of football in charge - you'd be a fool to expect some miracle transformation in 2 days training.
  20. Not sure how it's 0-0 but i've said i'll take a draw today...so, so far so good. Unfortunately, we can't get Fam in the game today and Wells and Palmer both more wasteful and effective in possession respectively. Attacking highlight was a corner. Great leadership from Kalas going over to Towler when he was subbed - seemed the sensible choice as he was on the yellow and under pressure. Let's see what second half brings - Swansea looking very dangerous and pressed us well when we were in possession.
  21. Mine's just come back online
  22. You're not the only one looking at the predictions - new manager, 1 win and all is forgotten I'd take a draw today. COYR
  23. Forest now currently above us in the league table.
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