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  1. Yep the players have got to take responsibility too. But look at that team today. You’ve got players out there waiting to be offered new contracts. You’ve got a player out there refusing to sign new contracts with a foot out the door. You’ve got young players playing in positions they shouldn’t - whilst experienced internationals sit on the bench. You've got experienced internationals sat on the bench watching young players out of position in their place. You’ve two players in there on short term contracts who don’t look bothered. You’ve got contracted players who play decently, put in a shift and get dropped for said short term players. You’ve got players who’ve signed, sold a promotion push, now probably on the phone to their agents. You've got players in the squad not playing and demoralised because of injury mismanagement. And add in they’re probably all completely ****** because many have played game after game given the injury debacle behind the scenes. Yes, the players need to take responsibility, but the squad has been allowed to get in a huge, demoralising mess thanks to mismanagement in both coaching and recruiting.
  2. Said in the match day thread, what can you expect them to do in 2 days training. You can kind of see what they tried, simply, go route one and hope for a goal. We’re just completely devoid of confidence. They should and will no doubt be collecting their P45’s soon enough too - also part of the problem this season.
  3. You could certainly argue now LJ over-achieved, but others will say he was part of the problem. In the past now. I agree with you, I don't think the players are bad, but the trend of quality coming in over the last 2 seasons has IMO become at least increasingly poor. This is relation to the aim of building a squad to challenge the top 6, as the owner has stated he aims for. Clearly this squad has lost all confidence.
  4. This for me what we are seeing is the result of our poor recruitment as much as shocking managerial choices.
  5. The same as goals in the last 5 games. A big fat 0 Jeff.
  6. So so bad. What a mess the club's got itself in - and SL talked about not 'destroying' what they've built. Mate you've built a sand castle on a tidal beach. Now currently bottom of the form table for the last 6. Forest now 3 points behind us.
  7. To be honest, expectations were low today, we're in awful form, Barnsley doing well and the same coaches in charge who were also culpable for the recent debacles - what can they realistically achieve in 2 days training. Well we seemingly have gone old school - long ball to the big man. Palmer is trying to get close to Fam, and has done on occasion. Unfortunately, there's only been a few notable moments (apart from a mix up at the back), on a break, Fam holding up, Palmer to Semenyo, Hunt into box but snuffed out and a routine save from a distance Fam shot. So...despite all the 'talk' (again) we watch another half of football with 1 shot. 1 shot on target and 39% possession. Interestingly Rene praised Downing for his defensive preparation...well, jesus, it's not showing on the pitch enough. Yes 0-0 but we gave up several very good chances and look shaky on every set piece. Kalas has to be fair had an excellent half, but Taylor Moore for me is the poster boy for what's wrong with our youth talent ID - nice human, works hard but consistently not good enough on the pitch, at one point gifting them an open goal which we were incredibly lucky to survive. Lansbury and Vyner ineffective. Fam in and out. Semenyo full of running. So again we go into half-time with that slightly sinking feeling that we've seen what we've got to give and the opposition, can probably, step up a gear second half. Maybe that's unfair, hoping i'm wrong!
  8. SL knows he needs to get in a better calibre manager this time and I hope he will pull the stops out to do so. As OP says, surely all in the pool we're fishing will work to our "conditions" to a large extent. The only question for me is over transfers. However, even if it's not admitted publicly - much like has happened over the last few years with people coming and going quietly - any manager worth their salt of the calibre he should get in will doubtless bring with them little changes behind the scenes, analysis, scouting, recruitment. It may not be shouted from the roof tops or acknowledged as a change, in order to save face of certain employees of the club - but it has to happen and i'm sure SL knows that.
  9. My overriding feeling is we can debate the hidden meanings of what SL has said - but for me - it all will boil down to one thing and that’s who he appoints next. We know DH and that process was a shocker. We know, despite all good intentions, some elements in the way the club is run need a shake up. So, does SL really see that? We will know when the next man or woman comes in.
  10. Sorry if already posted elsewhere
  11. Oh I'd take him for sure - but even if he leaves, it's from a bumper $$$$$$$$ pay packet, no chance IMO would he come here for 500k a year and modest transfer budget to blood academy players.
  12. I have one word for you: Qatar. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  13. It's not a categorical "no", is it? He had the chance to say, "I'm going nowhere at the moment, my commitment is to Lincoln" - but he skirted round it. Although he did talk about "finishing the job". Certainly not one of those interviews where you think, yeah he's off soon, but not one where you think, ah no way is he leaving.
  14. Jeez Kid, I think that's the second time in a week we've basically posted the same thing at exactly the same time on a thread.
  15. It's Feb, there's a 1/4 of the season still to play, it's not 5/8 games (?) like last season. I'd be concerned about putting it off to the summer again. I think getting a new manager is like buying a new house - sometimes you can just sit wait for the perfect house to come available, but it make take years and you'll still have competition. So sometimes, you've got to move, so you've got to find the best that's currently on the market and make it your own. I said when Holden was appointed, it could set us back 2 seasons - it's done 1 already and if we wait to the summer, it's going to impact into the next in terms of the new managers preparation and squad building. There are surely some excellent candidates out there ready to go and start the re-build: I refuse to believe BCFC cannot attract a very good coach right now and if we can't, there is something very wrong behind the scenes. Yes it might cost a bit more now, but that's the price you pay when you take a gamble like they did on Holden.
  16. I agree with you on being open minded about him and this is a good point - just not sure it will happen, for the reasons I outlined earlier. But we will see!
  17. I think Appleton is a funny one, because on paper, results wise etc, you'd have to at least consider him. I just strongly feel though, with the links and the current situation/recent past, if they go for him, the stakes will be much higher than normal. It will be another manager starting on the back foot, like Holden but this time the fans could be in there soon. It's got to be right.
  18. Time will tell of course, but I think you underestimate the influence of the fans - after all, SL had to come out on radio Bristol this week because of all the "raging" on the internet. The board will know full well what appointing Appleton will mean and the links that come with him - if they think they can keep it under the radar until fans are back...well they could be back in the not too distant future and if any ill-feeling has brewed on the internet and results aren't going well under Appleton before then....well it's the club who could be in for a nasty shock!
  19. No. I really don’t now. From everything that was written and said, by both the board members and Holden himself, I genuinely believe they thought they’d unearthed a gem and he thought he had what it took. That rhetoric stayed the same with Holden the whole time: “Nothings come easy in my life” “I’ve worked for everything I’ve got” “I believe in my ability” etc etc. Those aren’t the words of a proud man who knows he’s in his job as a stop gap. The one year rolling contract is not so unusual these days and is more a reflection on protecting the club, especially during Covid and the simple fact that Holden would have signed anything to have the job - we held the cards when it came to negotiating. I also think, both in SL’s interview and the press release following his termination, there would have been more of a nod to that if it was true...something like “Dean stepped in at a difficult time” “worked tirelessly to help us through the Covid issues” etc etc. But I didn’t see any of that. Add in there hasn’t been even a whisper or suggestion from the club about getting to next summer and re-grouping or that we’re looking for a short term option now (ala McCarthy at Cardiff) - but still may come I suppose. For me, it’s Lansdown again making the same mistakes, Tinnion, Millen, Holden et al and he genuinely thought Holden was the man.
  20. I just can’t see it. Jumping ship now from Lincoln top of the league.... With the criticism of Ashton and his links to Appleton.... The club know that relations with the fans are tense (to say the least) - Appleton will be as good as a middle finger from the board because he’ll simply be seen as an Ashton man. Much like with Holden, he’d start on the back-foot as it were and simply the club know they have to get this appointment right. If Appleton comes in and things are dodgy on the pitch, as I’ve said already, toxic won’t describe it.
  21. I have some ‘sympathy’ for MA as I still think he is, to a large extent, SL’s puppet and he isn’t solely responsible for the issues we currently have. But: He is head of day to day football activities at the club. He’s said himself before “the head coach answers to me” Although he may not himself be picking all our players, as per that article from Gregor, he is sat head of the table with a team HE selected to identify talent. For that reason - the buck stops with him. I’ll say what I’ve said before - Brentford (one of, if not the best clubs in Europe for developing and selling players recently, oh and also doing bloody well on the pitch) seem to have 3 people between the CEO and the Head coach. 2 co-directors of football and a head of recruitment. All good experienced football people. Now too many cooks can spoil the broth and all that, but also many heads (in this case) can make light work too. In our case, MA is over watch, 1 person seemingly doing at least 3 jobs - but my niggling feeling is that how SL likes it. Until that structure changes, which granted may take a little while, I think we’ll continue to have problems.
  22. As much as I’d be interested in Cook - if the rumours from the summer about him and club are true, there’s little chance of coming back from that. Would take a serious “back down” from either side, which I can’t see happening. EDIT - unless SL has seen the light and is willing to shuffle behind the scenes now too.
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