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  1. Not the players, but Pearson’s tactics and leadership is what I am looking forward to most
  2. If it was good enough for Churchill during the war, it is good enough for City today
  3. To answer the original question : a winning one, with a slice of good fortune
  4. Let’s back NP to go forward, not backwards. Young hungry players, or experienced leaders with 3 decent seasons left in them is what we should be aiming for. Believe in Nige!
  5. Don’t be so negative. Believe those three could secure one point at the very least
  6. We need two Championship fullbacks. For me Dasilva is too small. Hunt and Rowe are finished, Sessegnon’s loan ends. Towler isn’t yet ready. Vyner is better in central defence or midfield than fullback. Simpson, can he do a full season at this level? Don’t think so.
  7. These young players, given three years inChampionship, dare one hope, may be the first real deal since the Alan Dicks team. Here’s trusting Nige.
  8. Thank god we shall be spared the lap of dishonour next week in the last game of the season
  9. Sadly on present evidence we can
  10. Just seen on Sky the third and fourth goals. I have no words of opprobrium left to describe the shambles we are
  11. This is going to be a long afternoon and leading on to a long season in August. We are so off the Championship standard
  12. Personally would be very surprised if either Hunt or Rowe are here in August. Their time at this level is over
  13. When were we last excited by one of our own young strikers? That was Chris Garland style. Well done Conway
  14. No Bakinson. Fammy still injured or on his way? Hunt staying?!
  15. Be patient, folks, Pearson is our new manager, just the media boycott preventing official announcement, and that is why leaked to local journo on The Guardian; and other appointments and structures will follow. Glad he is in post before a CEO or HOF is appointed. Means he holds the reins, and am glad of that
  16. Looks as though we have a manager so expect your post to be implemented in practice. Agree with all the above.
  17. Functional sounds good after the recent shambles
  18. If this is NP’s doing, and I can’t see that it isn’t, maybe many of the problems around the club will now be tackled head on. NP spoke truth to power would be my interpretation. Also is clear sign he will stay, and happy with that.
  19. Three years minimum to sort this mess out and that assumes 1 We can remain in this division 2 We take the right road at the crossing Too many ifs and buts for my liking
  20. The old old story of if only there was a Bristol United. Rubbish. When both clubs were in the old Second Division with an England centre forward at both clubs people never thought that. The dream was of both clubs being promoted. Both clubs have just been badly run, with the exception of City for that brief moment in top flight. I find it difficult now to believe we even made it there, only to crash in spectacular flames of course, but even then I thought we would rise again from 4th to 1st division. Still waiting a lifetime on.
  21. It is a very difficult league to rebuild in when season opens, due to number of games and high levels of performance. Awful thing to say but relegation might well have been better. Easier to rebuild in league 1 and come back stronger next time with a good squad. As it is we may be facing a slow Championship death over a number of seasons. Oh, what a mess you’ve created SL.
  22. Just hope if Pearson is paid off he isn’t gagged. He clearly has identified the problems, and I for one would like him to share, but suspect nothing will be said, as with Coppell all those years ago. Please Nige live up to your reputation and if a gagging order is talked about tell them where they can stick their money. Your story, incidentally, would by itself earn you a considerable sum, but I guess the money is secondary to professional integrity
  23. Well there we have it from the horse‘s mouth. There is something seriously wrong at this club. Some have been saying this for awhile. It isn’t just the players and coaches. Pearson from that interview is saying, I believe, that a parachuted in manager cannot solve those sorts of problems alone. This is probably now the worst side in our entire history, certainly in my 70+ years as a fan. if SL still after all these years of failure wishes to continue then he must listen to seasoned voices, starting with Pearson’s. If not then in the phrase of Cromwell, ‘For all the good you are doing, in the name of God, go’. I was hopeful a week or so ago that maybe it was Pearson who was failing to hack it. His interview today dispels such thoughts. Y apologies to Pearson, and my applause for having the guts to say what many of us are saying. Where we go from here is truly baffling as it is to Pearson as well
  24. Oh dear you really don’t understand where I am coming from and I can’t help you further. I find your posts very personal and that is not how most of us wish this forums to be You are welcome to believe in SL, BS, or whatever in regards to the club we all support. I respect your right to do so, but you must learn to respect the views of those who do not share your views, otherwise the forum becomes a place where only certain views are allowed. That is called fascism.
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