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  1. I thought he was the real deal just as I now think Pearson is. Think Pearson the more experienced and tough character, however, who will be forthright with SL. The problem is that SL could revert to type and foul everything up once again. Believe in Nige!
  2. With some replies my earlier post attracted, I feel ashamed to be a City fan. How unpleasant some so called football supporters are whether red or blue.
  3. Why? Because those of us Bristolians who are in our eighth decade remember a time when you could support both Bristol teams whilst favouring one of the two. I remember, as a City fan for over 70 years, I got an enormous thrill seeing Rovers come back from 3-0 down at half time to Leeds, in old Division 2, to draw 3-3 at Eastville. I remember going to cheer Rovers on, Divison 3, against Everton, in Division 1, in FA Cup at Goodison. show respect everyone for a great achievement for one of the city’s clubs. People who on here say they ‘hate’ Rovers, or worse, just take a moment to see how silly you look. I know what John Atyeo would have thought of you! I look to a time, or rather dream of a time, when Bristol provide both city clubs in a European Final
  4. How awful for manager and players at Rovers if the action of group of stupid people get match called off
  5. More like it. We want eight and we won’t wait
  6. The buck stops at the top
  7. Well played City I may be in a minority but I rated our defence today
  8. For those criticising NP’s training, I see our defence as well organised.
  9. Bentley is playing as badly as any City goalkeeper I can recall. Quite see why NP dropped him for Max. What a liability - and he’s captain! Wouldn’t want to be him at halftime
  10. We defended set pieces today - and a lot of them
  11. Well played City Pleased for Nige Yes, of course, Dasilva meant it!
  12. Bentley’s balls out need a bit of an improvement
  13. No. There are clear implications with all three that they thought the club was not what it should be.
  14. Yes, but I can’t remember - either because I was too young then or too old now!
  15. NO. Bob Anderson. Over 100 appearances in 1950s! How short are football fans’ memories compared to cricket fans
  16. So wonderfully mercurial yet worth the price of a ticket on his own. We need characters to cheer and, occasionally, boo.
  17. It was also said Gibson had one mistake per game in him. I don’t think that is a criticism though! For me Anderson is tops
  18. OR has it only been post old Harry Dolman, as I suspect. Too many recent managers seem to have agreed, if more quietly than NP, that this is so, eg Cotts, LJ, and Coppell.
  19. Let’s face it all those managers failed in the end, and most of them spectacularly. Not one poached by higher placed club. Our recruitment of managers has generally been dire, partly because we have no professional recruitment policy - same with playing staff.
  20. Ivorguy


    My second team, Worthing FC got promoted today to National League South. All done by a very committed local young man as owner and by the grandson of a great BCFC winger, Wally Hinshelwood. So much more fun to watch than City in recent seasons - as has been said all my life Bristol should be able to have a top flight club fighting for place in European tournaments. I have said until you are all bored with me saying it we need a full audit of the club to discover why we are so, good word, passive I am so depressed by the management of SL and son.
  21. That may not be the scenario. NP, as I have thought before, may simply walk. He doesn’t need the hassle or, for that matter, the money. Then who on earth would see us as a good job opportunity?
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