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  1. Totally agree. In 50 years of supporting City definitely one of the finest. Cap doffed to GJ for getting the best out of mediocrity. Don't think any of those players went on to much so top management.
  2. And what is that exactly?
  3. Good post. Age plays tricks on the older mind!
  4. Been to both, hated Rangers loved Celtic, come on you Bhoys.
  5. 1team


    HNM is exceptional. Rather pay him and Scott top dollar than sign end of career journeymen like King.
  6. My M O M he did so much that was good and proved he nan do it for 90. Massengo was a game changer as well. Hunted, harried and created. Everything that James doesn't.
  7. No but thanks for asking, I was just trying to add something meaningful to the debate!
  8. We were undone by a terrible ref. Thought we played pretty well. No way we go down. Feeling optimistic.
  9. We are 10v12 you just know they will get a late one but it will be down to some terrible reffing.
  10. We have been undone by a poor ref. As far as fan reaction is concerned I honestly didn't know anyone cared anymore. I would suggest if you don't get the angry reaction then football isn't for you!
  11. At the moment I would suggest TB is a squad player who is getting more playing time than he would should others be fit. His faults are there for all to see but so are his attributes. He will improve, that is certain and playing will help, but to single him out is unfair. Plenty of others can be criticised for their commitment and performance but seem to get away with it. Maybe it's because he's 6ft3 he's more noticeable lets hope it's nothing else.
  12. Alex Scott. His discipline, control and skill set are exceptional for a teenager, particularly in an unfamiliar role. That and Massengos energy levels and Atkinsons composure were the things that stood out for me today. The future looks brighter.
  13. In fairness it was and they have been the better team this half. Much as it hurts to say it.
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