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  1. Listening to the qpr commentary was hilarious. They were apoplectic.
  2. 2007/8 was a great season, football wasn't sexy but lots of edge of seat stuff and won plenty of games albeit often by the odd goal, so entertainment doesn't have to be like watching Brazil!
  3. I agree. Nothing fancy.
  4. He invented the hole diving thing. He was the first footballer I ever saw "seeking an advantage" from situations. That aside probably the greatest finisher in my lifetime which includes Pele and Messi.
  5. First game on the downs as a 17 year old man twice my age told me he'd break my effin legs if I skinned him again, last game played in goal and opposition CF vomited his 5 pre match pints down my front. Happy days.
  6. We had a shape and style of play so that's at least 2 improvements on last season!
  7. 1team

    Celtic Out!

    Who cares! Don't understand the interest.
  8. Yes, you are missing something!
  9. I have read with real interest the comments, opinions and abuse and enjoyed most. I was genuinely interested in peoples views. Firstly I don't hate England, it's where I was born and lived up until last year. I am 60 years old so old enough to recognise the enthusiasm people have had for the National team in their younger days and recognise the comments of how that's now diminished. I used to follow England abroad and have been to 3 tournaments. The post was acknowledging my increased apathy towards international football, whereas previously I would have said **** the xenophobes and nationalists this is my England but I don't feel attached enough to the team to think that now, hence my thoughts.
  10. Am I the only one who is hoping Gerland don't win this. It will be the perfect excuse for chest pumping xenophobic brexiteers to tell us how fantastic Gerland is and how s**t Europe is. Depressing.
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