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  1. I think this is a very shrewd appointment, a Charlton fan mate of mine has nothing but praise for him as a coach and could see the difference in the development of their players.
  2. I agree with that. Our issue was defending. If we tighten up, and our signing’s look to suggest we may do that, we will be comfortably mid table.
  3. It’s just guesswork and lazy predictions, most pundits and journalists do it these days.
  4. Not bad start, can’t say I’m looking forward to Sunderland much, then again they didn’t look great in the play off final but I’m sure they will strengthen.
  5. Scott will play for England (first team) in next 3 years in my opinion
  6. Well, I had no idea! Probably should have looked closer, don’t know why I assumed he was younger
  7. Do we get any compo for him being so young? Not sure on the rules these days.
  8. My opinion is, if we have a solid defence next season we will finish top half for sure.
  9. Good interview, sounds positive and more importantly it’s nice to see Nigel looking so well after some health issues last year/season.
  10. Just reverting back to the Championship, in terms of the most expensive season tickets prices for each club, we are the highest at £655 *Source - Bristol World & The Mirror
  11. And me!! Seeing players getting old only reminds me of how old I’m getting.
  12. Yes agreed. Even a 0% purchase for 12 months is all you need. If you head over to Martin Lewis you can do a soft search to see if you are likely to get one, leaves no footprints on your file. Then again if you don’t trust yourself to have a credit card you shouldn’t have one.
  13. I read 31 as Santa for a minute, maybe he should be number 277!
  14. This is now official, SSN confirmed he has withdrawn his offer.
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