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  1. Kane 100+ million and Grealish 100m. FFP working well I see. I despise the PL.
  2. It’s amazing how a lot of posters have gone for the 4 so called best teams in positions 1-4 but it never seems to work out like that. Not a criticism as mine wouldn’t look much different but that’s what makes the championship one of the best leagues.
  3. DC is a decent lower league manager to be fair and wouldn’t be surprised if they were there or there abouts.
  4. She’s kept with him through worse, or maybe she doesn’t want to lose the lifestyle, who knows!
  5. Would it be a shock if they got 3 points? . No, no, must stay positive. Score draw
  6. Looks good but think Blackpool will surprise a few.
  7. I’d rather a defender or keeper take the band, players who can see the game. It’s a tough call this season but feel Kalas would perform better not as captain.
  8. The only small consolation for me is that they deserved it on the night. We didn’t batter them for 90 mins and they got lucky. the lads did well and will be back.
  9. Definitely need a 2nd. The more they commit the more gaps for us
  10. People were praising Portugal for winning last euros but they finished 3rd in a group of Iceland, Hungary and Austria. Before being Switzerland, Poland and Wales on the way to the final!
  11. Tough game, I think we need pace in the game to run at the ageing defence and I think our subs may win the game for us. Italy looked tired last game.
  12. Last few times I saw him play for us I thought he did pretty well to be fair.
  13. I hope this is wrong but a few sources are saying this was a prearranged PR Stunt. The young girl is a Burberry model and her dad is in PR and represents footballers (assuming mount is one his clients). Again hope this is false.
  14. Can’t remember the last time I liked a home kit more than an away one! oh I can….
  15. I saw that also, they had the cheek to insinuate we were cheaters. This from an Italian side, hypocrisy is astonishing. They sound nervous, and they should be. They are a good side but think they are tiring and we have a better bench. We just need to take our chances.
  16. Indeed. penalty? No. Previous penalty appeal, it was blatant pen. Denmark FK for their goal, incredibly soft. We were the only team wanting to win, so when someone asks if I fee guilty. Not at all. If someone can convince me that we can beat Italy that would make me less nervous.
  17. Wondering if the dogs took a steaming great on the pitch, but after last season nobody would notice. re O’Dowda, I’m going to stick my neck out and say he will be much more influential on the pitch this season. Nige must see something and I trust him. (Hope this ages well )
  18. Funny how opinions differ, I thought struggled tonight, played higher than he’s used to and let runners go. Anyway, it’s irrelevant as we won.
  19. Where’s our Welsh friend on here? Gone missing
  20. Done. Have to be so much better Sunday though. Well done boys
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