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  1. Agreed. Although I don’t think he did a bad job at Sunderland, results wise.
  2. Think Port Vale will win play offs, decent team and for the level, a very good manager .
  3. Some of those Leeds fans are arseholes. Hope they get relegated.
  4. Are they two “Giant” clubs? Sky haven’t mentioned it
  5. Leeds are to big for the Championship
  6. Wouldn’t wish any club go bust. Weird
  7. Well that’s your opinion! I don’t hate them as much, as a lot of family are Gas and prefer they support local as opposed to Premiership glory hunting tourists. I say fair play, was a freak result and deserved to go up. I’m still City.
  8. They won’t win play offs in my opinion. This will hurt them
  9. True buts it’s still an achievement. Only play what’s in front of you. Northampton should be fuming, I would be.
  10. To be fair, that’s a hell of a result.
  11. Yeah fair play. Really can’t argue with it. There going to do it, score 7 then Northampton score :laugh:
  12. Fair shout there having a go. Gits
  13. Looks good. It’s normally in crayon 🖍
  14. Absolutely. A push to mid table or top half will be steady progress. Depends who leaves, may get a few offers
  15. Unlikely I grant you, but look at Luton, no stars, one of lowest budgets and in play offs.
  16. Scunny we’re 25/1 to win at 2:55. Crazy odds
  17. It has been poor but if offered 21 points clear of relegation I would have taken it. I know there’s more to it than that but last 5 or so games have been encouraging so room for a little optimism - just a little mind, this is a OTIB forum
  18. Bollocks we’re getting relegated twice are we?
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