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  1. There were some spanish lads behind me and on exit I tapped him on the shoulder and said I hope he enjoyed it. Don't know why he was in Bristol but I have been warmly welcomed at Sparta Prague and nou camp so no complaints from me.
  2. Ashame Tommy Doc wasn't on the pitch. Would have gone in two footed!
  3. I think every kid should feel the pain we do. Character building!
  4. Just needed that first one... hopefully like the bristol bus... one comes along...
  5. I hope your kids are OK. My daughter has just got back to city after the Swansea nonsense 2 years ago. She has always had anxiety but these things can scar young people
  6. Qote. You use statistics like a drunk uses a lamp post. For support rather than illumination.
  7. Sounds about right. Can remember the ball just stopping in puddles/lakes and some horrendous 'old school' tackles!
  8. Wycombe away. Like water polo. Can't believe it wasn't cancelled.
  9. We all ha e idiots behind us don't we! I told some to shut up at the start of the season for booing tbe taking of the knee...
  10. People will drink enough to be arseholes anyway. Went to the rugby with my daughter last night. Her first visit since the Swansea nonsense caused her panic attack.
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