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  1. A job WITH Cotts!
  2. Winner. Actually laughed so hard a bit of snot came out. Not proud but thought I'd share!
  3. Shithead. Red and white cap. Hates the rovers. Likes hitting gasheads with bricks....
  4. Didn't we sing walking along singing a song walking in a .......... wonderland?
  5. Didn't we sing walking along singing a song walking in a .......... wonderland?
  6. True, but a lot of fans still like watching it! I as someone who wakes up early enjoy sitting with dog and watching crap city media videos!
  7. Can't be arsed to read the whole thread and expect it's out there already but Tomlin?
  8. I'm not sure if they're trying to be down with the kids or just want to make the keepers look like c#%&$
  9. Haha. Thought I would! Haven't been on for a while in my defence...
  10. So last 4 games we've managed about 4 shots on target in total... maybe 5? With 5 games left to go... how do we fix it?
  11. Watched last night. The saddest thing I took from it was that much more lads are likely to take it to the grave rather than speak out. How many we will never know
  12. Don't think he throttled anyone.... And surely you understand some people like to joke about things?
  13. It's what we had in the 60s and 70s. 15 blokes happy to play with a broken leg!
  14. He could try the M32.... Oh no. 40 mph limit. M5?
  15. Hope he does well and Ashton doesn't have to say f*#k off big nose!
  16. What I'd give to be spat at at the face Hopefully he's a lucky bastard
  17. I hear the Ashton Girls U13 manager is pretty good!
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