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  1. Last night reminded me of why I love football. A cracking atmosphere from the faithful who knew how important a game it was as we hadn’t won in the league yet. Fast flowing possession based football. Luton looked decent without really hurting us . Was a little worried when I saw the team sheet and when we went down to ten I was quietly confident we wouldn’t concede. Ive moaned on here about the product not being entertaining enough and this season I can see what our Nige is up too and the changes he’s made are massive . I know it’s early days. More please
  2. When a poster refers to a player by his first name like they know him, they could but not every poster !
  3. Hardly put a foot wrong yesterday. He does love the attention and we saw a very safe pair of hands at Championship level .
  4. Lots of humble pie and myself included . He’s proved to be a very good signing and what a comeback after a serious injury . Fingers crossed he stays with us for a few more seasons .
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    Naysmith . It’s up the top of the page
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    Criminal that !
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    Yes most what’s been posted has been spot on . We didn’t have the right shape today at times , not sure what works best or what would suit Naismith.
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    I think we’ve got a very good player . Not his best day today but enough to show me plenty more is to come .
  9. Glad u mentioned golf, greens are immaculate at the home of golf LAGC
  10. Not massively surprised at my clubs stance . Nice gesture from the Royals throwing it out there hoping the football family will look after each other.
  11. What a shame it’s come to this , training with the kids , I thought he had a bit and would improve in time . It didn’t happen .
  12. He gives us that edge , pace n power and he beats players , sets up and scores goals! Massive blow if he misses the start
  13. I get why he might want to tip us for the drop . It’s his opinion and he’s welcome to it even though I don’t agree with it . Things will be different this season I’m expecting a feast of football !
  14. Love this fair play to them !
  15. Makes sense what you’ve z . Still paying for it
  16. A strange buy nonetheless .
  17. Think we couldn’t get our original targets and LJ as u z thought he’d get a different tune out of Palmer if he signed permanently. Someone should’ve reigned in LJ and made him sit on his hands ! Was Palmer not a late signing ?
  18. He was a panic buy . Nothing in his loan spell showed he would be a consistent performer . Shame as he’s a real talent
  19. Mrs z he was lovely. A talent that showed only glimpses of what he had to offer. Good luck to him.
  20. Fair to play to them what a Saturday yesterday must’ve been . It brings them a season closer to a derby . They’ve had a terrible time the supporters so pleased for them .
  21. The more buzz around the players the better if your going to sell them on . We are a selling club with massive debts so I expect at least one of our most saleable assets to be sold . I wouldn’t be surprised to see Wieman go as he’s a goal scorer at this level
  22. Just goes to show that Sky like our fan base know we are dire !!!
  23. A lot of admiration for this guy . Very switched on . Would’ve liked to see him get our job but unfortunately he’s too much of a character for Steve and his mates. Fantastic CV . Love all the gamesmanship his teams had .
  24. I really enjoyed Danny Wilsons teams for the way we played total football. The experience was a joyous one unlike what we’ve experienced since the latter end of LJ
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