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  1. It was only until Pack left I realised what he brought to the team. Though he was tidy enough yesterday and and at his age it’s a no brainier bringing him back . Part of a great Double winning side his contribution will not be forgotten
  2. He proved himself right for sure . Had a decent career .
  3. Same as Pullis , should never of been appointed what with the past associations . Good manager though .
  4. So inconsistent. Fair bit of talent . Work rate and dicky dart are debatable
  5. Didn’t make as many appearances for us as he should’ve . He was tidy enough . Fancied he could do better
  6. He's tidy and still learning . Little bit weak at times .
  7. Could be to do with money . Thought we might’ve had a couple in . Been in the game a long time . Plenty of talent in the lower leagues but always a gamble
  8. Yes but he's one of our own
  9. It surprises m too that we gift teams goals and the gaffa a decent stopper. Nigel can only work with what he’s got I suppose
  10. Yes I do . I think Atkinson is the answer and a better footballer than Flint who knew his limitations
  11. Thank you for the pics . Johnny Haynes one of my dads favourite players . John Charles being another and Jimmy Greaves .
  12. Nigel tbf has said at times his selections have been wrong . Poor old Vyner who had previously been playing well given the task of stopping the big man was a mistake . A left footer at right back smacks of desperation to me . We’ve been unfortunate with injuries and I think we’ve deliberately gone with a smaller squad as to save money and is now biting us on the arse, more of a club decision than the boss’s . We have limited options which has forced the kids into playing and as long as we stay up, major surprised If we don’t , these lads have talent and will be a year wiser next season
  13. We are a selling club as most are apart from the elite
  14. I’d love to see him get to double figures for the season . He’s capable . Prefer him to Martin as he has pace and power . He could save the club a few quid
  15. Thanks for this . I know the name but not the music. Listened to the latest album and had a chuckle !
  16. OP a good question . I can only presume for the match day experience .
  17. My lad was mascot when we lost at Bloomfield when we had a chance of playoffs and got hammered 4~0 , thinks Danny Wilson was manager . I thought Blackpool was a bit tacky and rundown but nice enough . Benidorm only has the weather going for it . Brean and Sand Bay was our holiday destination as a kid and last night was always into Wesson for fish n chip and the pier . Weston gets a bad name sometimes but not from me , lots of rehab and recovery . Houses seems quite cheap not sure this is due to the treatment centres in and around Weston.
  18. We seems to be improving but I’ve thought that before and we’ve then relapsed into old habits.
  19. Couldn’t speculate on that !
  20. Different breed to football supporters . I’ve heard they can drink pints while sat in their seats …. Can you imagine that
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