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  1. Sat through soo many awful games over the recent seasons that I’ve really started to appreciate how good the opposition are .
  2. It’s just my opinion . What he had over Kelly was experience and I know who I’d prefer to have in my side !
  3. We got a bit carried away with everything Chelsea . He can play for sure but Is physically too small and not a great defender , teams have picked up on this as has Nige .
  4. Every manager will get sacked at some stage of his career. Chris hasn’t become a bad manager overnight sometimes it just doesn’t work . I wish him luck finding a new job . After LJ I admit to wanting him to b our gaffa.
  5. This is a massive project and as supporters I think we don’t know half of it . I like Pearson and he’s the man to sort out the club and put things in right .we are going to have games like last night, we’ve just got to stay patient .
  6. shelts


    I don’t think he’s good enough . Good point as in it’s irrelevant he’s a youth product . Slightly better than Taylor Moore .
  7. shelts


    I like him and want him to do well cus he’s one of our own . He’s not naturally a footballer and no way on gods green earth is he a full back . Hope the new young lad starts the next game and maybe Vyner ends up being centre half in the future .
  8. I’m listening and the natives not too happy with him !!
  9. That’s a great number and fair play to em . I’ve always liked PNE as a club and they’ve had some decent players and managers over the years
  10. Not at the game today as I’m on me hols . Hope we win today and the lads put on a decent showing . Im in France and was gonna try and buy the game .
  11. Hard to watch wasn’t it . Seen awful sides in my time watching us but they all tried . Seems different this season
  12. We had plenty who threw in the towel and couldn’t care less if we stayed up or not last season . That’s bad apples as far as I’m concerned
  13. I agree if Nigel gets him going he’s some player on his day , needs more of them . As you z he’s unique in what he brings to the team as no one does what he does .
  14. The fittest player I’ve ever seen wear our shirt. Comeback from an horrendous injury and boy we missed him last season , his energy and goals. can he get 20 league goals … I think so . In that clip it was lovely to see the boss clapping the away support and fist punching !!
  15. I so want him to be a regular and to succeed and I think he’s making massive strides in achieving this . so much energy and endeavour
  16. Changed the game for us yesterday and a tactical master stroke by our gaffer!! The lad lacks a little bit of quality especially in the last third . If he had a more of that he wouldn’t be with us . Consistency is the key word .
  17. I thought the big man looked ok today up against a well drilled City front two. He's had a decent career since he was in non league football and is still playing championship football after it looked like he might start to drop down the leagues . Good luck to him making as much money out of the game as possible as your a long time retired .
  18. shelts


    I like the lad but for me he’s too small for championship and a weak link . If he was bigger he wouldn’t be playing for us !!
  19. shelts


    Excellent crowd yesterday and great to see .
  20. I’m all for free speech so support the taking of the knee and booing .
  21. I like him and think his type of player could be an asset to our side , NP sees it differently . We would hopefully get over a million so a chance to get him off the wage bill and invest in a striker . We have far too many midfielders . If he doesn’t want to be here then ASAP
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