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  1. Talk of mbappe, haaland etc... you get Chris Wood
  2. In the video of him signing a new deal, it looks like Danny Coles in a suit? Is he back at the club?
  3. Ah personal insults It originated in South Africa and they are shocked at our extreme response… the lady who discovered it (Dr Angelique Coetzee) thinks we are over-reacting - is she thick?
  4. Various news articles stated there had been no deaths from the omicron variant and if there were any deaths, it would be plastered everywhere. Feel free to prove me wrong tho.
  5. Lots of conspiracies turn out to be true!
  6. I’m not moving any goal posts. Under 60’s without underlying health conditions. It’s been very low, the whole time.
  7. Just an average person, who does not trust the government Dont think i am better than anyone
  8. It has prevented deaths. But it’s nowhere near as effective has the trials said they would be. Certainly not enough to coerce or force people to have it. And i think is lots of information being surpressed about side effects and what it does to peoples immune systems
  9. Don’t claim to know more than the next person. Plenty of information online. A lot of what i have said has/was based on official figures
  10. Feel like a parrot here. But can you provide a link? As i said before, would he plastered everywhere. All we saw was one person died WITH… Indeed, sheep everywhere who can’t think for themselves or search for information
  11. I said from day one, i don’t know what the alterior motive is, but i said my suspicion was to effect fertility. That remains to be seen if i was right. I still think i will be proven correct. But we will see What’s the government agenda? To scare people, take their rights away and be able to control people
  12. It’s being reported elsewhere that it’s mild. Our government has an agenda. I replied and he didn’t ruin me at all. I stood by my comments. Problem is, people don’t understand what is actually going on. And how few healthy people under 60 are actually dying.
  13. Link? if this was the case, the media would be making the most of it and it would be plastered everywhere ps to clarify, I’m not saying there won’t be any. What i am saying, is that it will be extremely low and there is no justification for the hysteria or any restrictions
  14. I’m glad you agree, but you are disagreeing with my main point. Problem is, there are a lot of myths flying about at the moment and it causes unnecessary fear. The fact someone earlier in the thread is suggesting cancelling football until March, shows the level of fear.
  15. Can you find me a news article that explicitly says someone had died OF the variant… But not WITH like Boris announced. Should be easy enough to find. The media would be getting the maximum fear out of it.
  16. https://www.reuters.com/world/africa/no-omicron-deaths-jj-vaccine-study-south-africa-scientist-says-2021-12-14/
  17. Boris announced two days ago of the "first death" Turns out the person died WITH the variant, not of the variant. You can all check this out with a simple google search Jeez.
  18. It hasnt! - turn tour TV off! Dear oh dear. The fear is real.
  19. The new variant hasnt killed anyone. Anywhere. Let that sink in.
  20. 90% vaccinated This world has gone mad
  21. It orginated in south africa - been there a month or so and its not killed anyone.
  22. The new variant is mild and hasnt killed anyone yet. Not here or abroad. Get on with your life.
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