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  1. Agree that this should have been done in the summer . There is a lot wrong at the club and the correcting of Ashtons mess is proving more painful than anticipated . It is a time to be brave. If the true story ever came out the fans might be more accommodating
  2. Like Bournemouth, look at the size and power of the WBA team, front to back. The game has moved on at the top over the last years.
  3. All long ball from us, it is a tough watch. We cannot keep the ball, we get pressed and .. bang. Shows the lack of technical ability .
  4. Downing not on the bench today
  5. 100 % agree. They should never have been at the club n the first place. Honest guys , but we want to get to the Prem, and we need all the staff to be as good as the players. How they arrived here was down to Ashton and his incompetent meddling. On Tuesday at one point Pearson spoke to Scott and Weimann , to tell them to position themselves forward of Baker (who was on the byline) for a knock on from the kick out. Bentley proceeded to kick the ball to the other side. Pearson most certainly gave it a FFS . Those small details mean that the players really were not working to a plan, or at least a co-ordinated one. I thought then that was bad preparation and coaching. We need to know what is needed, the standards, the players abilities to meet that challenge. Just listening to Rennie makes you realise we were primarily signing the wrong type of players for the last few years. Going to be a rough ride before we get playing some semblance of good football where we might actually keep the ball. Big appointment (s) for Pearson. Hope the recruitment gets sorted next and Walsh does the right thing.
  6. Downing off too. I had expected both to leave summer of next year anyway. Pleased it is being accelerated. Both were very strange moves in the first place. Let's see who is coming in, as this will define far better where we are going.
  7. I hope so , though you have to do it well or you get caught out. The constant long ball out is not working one bit and loses possession far too easily. Williams is not as bas as first thought, so maybe we get our best midfield in time for Barnsley
  8. Correct. Fleming has that role now anyway. But another coach is likely , less senior at least in age.
  9. I was wondering about the coaches and assistants during the last game. There seemed to be a lot of people on the bench talking. Too many chefs and all that. It was a bit crowded and maybe Simmo felt his role was changed after Fleming arrived. Main thing is his health , and wellbeing. He will end up at Ipswich tomorrow.
  10. I agree with all of that , though I think we will keep Bentley. Your outgoing list is pretty accurate and in line with what will happen IMHO. Which is why we all have to be patient, this is a huge transition and there will be a lot of new faces come next August. If they are as good as Atkinson and Tanner it bodes well for a very different BCFC. I know patience is hard when we have a few years of rubbish, but at least you can see the potential for creating a new squad.
  11. I don't think many teams will want to face Antoine. He is exactly what we miss, pace and power and the lad is technically gifted. Missing some game nous , but he is a handful . I personally rate him highly and he will improve us. So I am hoping, with the others I mention, that when we finally get them playing together , we will be a far better footballing side. Nige has mentioned playing Antoine as one of 3 forwards too.
  12. But the fresh legs , Palmer and COD what were they doing to help ? We are talking last minutes of a game we are trying to win. Stood around watching is not helping the effort is it.
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