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  1. Shocker , L2 Exeter did not hire Sky Sports to cover a pre season training game at their training ground. What is wrong with you lot . Be better they turned it off so you have something else to moan about. Looks like it is free and if you can do better get off to Exeter for the second half.
  2. True, but look at the questions . He is again adding opinion in his first question, when NP has said they are training sessions. He could have asked about the pressing , that we all discussed on here. That was something that is new , and a reflection of the fitness regime. He could ask how the club assess fitness, what does "fit" mean . How much fitter are they compared to this time last year. There really is little to say anyway after such a game, you will not get him talking transfers, so is there really any need to talk to NP anyway ? Are other clubs much different ? Other managers pre season ?
  3. Agree, and also an element of them learning a new approach. That will only improve over time , and when the players can fully understand each other . Looks like we are going to be defensively quite compact and disciplined , and will press with the right triggers to create breakdowns in play. Hence the need for some fitness improvements. I have a feeling we will be an improving side this year , we just need to get points on the board to create some confidence. I am very impressed with the group today and their attitude and approach. All changes when points are a stake , but you can see the buds of our future approach.
  4. Gregor blows hot and cold . He would seem to irritate NP by asking , on occasions , questions where NP has already answered on the subject before or where Gregor is giving an opinion rather than asking a question . NP also dislikes questions about injuries even from the in house team . Also pre season. There really is little to say that has not been said many times . As a local news outlet Gregor needs click bait and has a tough job , as on one side he has to be club friendly on the other his bosses need customers . At the moment the team is training , there is nothing really to say. But he would be better asking NP questions like the in house team “ what did you want to get from today “ etc let NP guide the subject knowing he will not talk about individuals , future signings , injuries etc. Different before and after a competitive game . Gregor needs to build some form of rapport off record . He also needs to listen to the answers and stop repeating the same question . Maybe ask more about NP methods . Get NP talking , or not . But repeated injury progress questions drive NP nuts . not easy for Gregor but good training , he should not have aired his grievances in print either . He needs a coffee with NP to set some guidelines .
  5. Another good training session. You can start to see how we intend to play , and also why we have not been signing lots of young players, we have many already at the club. Going to be very interesting to watch them develop over the next few seasons. 2 weeks to go until we see the real deal.
  6. Good workout in very hot conditions. You cannot draw much from pre season training games but it was good to see AW fit again and Palmer put in a bit shift . Defence very rusty at the moment . They will be wiped out after that one .
  7. Agree, it is not anything like what we have ever seen before
  8. James has looked good, and great to have Weimann back. Palmer is working very hard too. Defence looks very poor though.
  9. Pompey look the Championship side from the ten mins I have just seen . Can we sign their trialist ?
  10. Have rather enjoyed the video updates. Not sure who decided to do them, but it has been an interesting insight. No benchmark to compare to , but they do all seem to be enjoying it . I am looking forward to seeing a fitter group of players too.
  11. Well last season we were animals too, but donkeys. I assume on this occasion our designated animal is more tigerish. Sounds like we had more energy in that training game than we did in the last 10 games of last season. It will be a joy to watch a City side compete again. Blackpool at home is 22 days away But the Celtic fans did quote this https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/10753001/watford-nigel-pearson-grey-wolves/
  12. Point of order . It is not first game of the season . It is a training exercise . First game of the season is Blackpool .
  13. I have not watched a pre season game in my life . Waste of time . Sorry everyone got streaming issues . Should be refunded
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