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  1. I think you describe well what everyone thinks about Morris. That he can still sit on millions and not be pursued for his behaviour in the courts is a weakness of the system. The ire of fans is the tax money , and your comments are perfect. Quite honestly I do not agree with FFP and the parachute system. But, you got to be able to pay the bills, I have no issue with someone throwing 100m at it, but you got to pay the money, bnot defraud others and the tax man to fund it. How Morris is not heading for prison is the real issue here, he is a fraudster , yet can still sit on hundreds of millions looking on.
  2. I recall in Italy a number of games behind closed doors as a punishment . The recent invasions and violence cannot be ignored. It is not isolated, it is widespread. It is out of control.
  3. Billy BS got another job . Has anyone with zero achievements ever lasted so long .
  4. No , had no idea . I assumed we had something of that nature though
  5. There was also an issue at the L2 play offs too. Clough is quoted very clearly as saying that there is an increasing issue of pitch invasion, and it is out of control and requires sorting. Furious Stags gaffer Clough said: "This is very concerning. "It is very important that security is stepped up now at football matches. "This has got to be dealt with and sorted out now. It is becoming a problem. "Supporters are not allowed on to the pitch at any time. "Only the 22 players and the officials should be on the pitch. So stay off it. "Luckily none of my players have been injured, they are all fine. But this sort of incident has got to be nipped in the bud now."
  6. Fascinating work , and shows the detail the modern clubs now operate with.
  7. Fans on pitch like this , was always going to create issues. It needs to be stopped as it is becoming the done thing. we are no better. If there is something to celebrate, then let the players leave the pitch, and do it in a controlled manner. Football needs to get a grip again, we have been here before. It was fateful.
  8. Sorry are you watching the same team/club ? Why mention the past , when the current is so evidently, and blindingly obviously different, and you have Scott and Semenyo being talked about as £20m players. Wow just wow.
  9. We could have played with Semenyo, Scott, Beanrous, Idehen (if both fit) , Massengo, and Tanner . We will have to expect that not every player coming through will make it, but of the team last night, I would expect Bell, Conway , Towler Zac Bell , and Edwards to have league careers. I have not seen enough of the others to judge yet. But I also anticipate that in future years, half of our squad will have come through the academy, or signed at under 21 (not maybe starting 11 , you get the idea) . It is such a massive change , and the fact we know the names of so many youth players , represents how much progress Tins and Nige have made, by being integrated. You can see already a shift in the physical attributes of players we are bringing into the youth groups. IMHO this is a massive step forward for the future of our club, and we will become a hot bed for young talent if they know they have a pathway. It is a strategy, a different one, and one that you can get behind.
  10. I assume they will do a stadium deal with another midlands club if stadium is not resolved.
  11. I think so . But we are where we are . Tins seems a pretty good talent spotter though . I just like to see the main players on the same page . Less BS and self acclaim . Just good hard working professionals with a goal .
  12. The attack on Sharp reinforces why fans on the pitch is not acceptable . Our own did not understand this a few weeks ago . This is a move back to a previous era , and we know what happened when fences were used . So restraint is needed . It was disgusting Forest will be penalised and the idiot arrested for GBH. A great night of joy ruined by one idiot . The penalty needs to be notable so others understand.
  13. That was in essence my point, the penalties need to be rapid and draconian.
  14. It has to go further than deductions . Swindon , or Swindle as we still call them , we’re initially relegated 2 leagues for an offence that looks laughable in the Derby context . HMRC have been pathetic and so have the EFL. Hilarious Derby fans think EFL have it for them . You should not be able to start a season if you are behind with tax payments . The lack of filing accounts , one league relegation . The punishments are pathetic and encouraged risk taking . That Derby are in L1 whilst defaulting on 30 million of public money is a disgrace . They should be thrust out of the EFL and start from the bottom. The punishment is pathetic . They will be talking about promotion and an instant return in a few weeks . Sorry but it is all too easy . Lose a pile of debt , defraud the tax payer and probably use tax payers money to buy the ground . Slap on hand , start from one league lower . It’s the biggest bargain in football history . Dodgy Derby County , with the O removed .
  15. I think people are struggling to understand how Derby can get away with having an HMRC bill debt that is greater that that of all the other EFL clubs combined . The fault is with HMRC they should have wound the club up 3 years ago . The immoral aspect is that the perpetrator will sit on millions. EFL were also far too weak and should not have regulations that allow a club to start a season with such tax debt . There will be rule changes to cover this in future . so based on that, you will have a decade or more of cheat allegations and being fraudsters and tax dodgers . Not the fault of the fans , but you are going to be tarred with this for a very very long time thanks to Morris .
  16. All three seem to be working well together, on the same page, and with the same straight talking approach. Finally !!!! This is how we can build a better base for the club, I hope for years to come.
  17. I never knew that Harry. Talk about repeating the same crap. It is really extraordinary to think we have gone through the same cycle. As I say , thanks to Nige and the coaches, and the arrival of Gould , we are heading in the right direction without a relegation penalty. The other crazy thought, is that we are now following the same road SC and Burt did, by creating a squad that is hungry, with something to prove . Yep , the formula that got us success (I would add GJ, as he also did the same). We failed to follow the pattern of success, and reverted to patterns of failure. Bonkers stuff.
  18. Hmmm and that board, let's remind ourselves again who they were . Bit of Deja vu methinks, manager trying to sort another ones mess and having to deal with FFP , reducing the wage bill, and getting rid of over paid , quite average players. At least this time it looks like we are breaking the cycle, without getting relegated and getting set back on the right track. But the similarities are startling.
  19. He was quoting Craig Shakey , who wanted Miss Marple rather than sh..... Sky Sports
  20. Great interview , again, and at last a sensible, proper plan. It is football, so results count, but next season we should see progress. Though my impression is that we are expecting bids for Antoine, and that could derail us a bit on our journey to greater success. But that is the nature of football. Certainly at our level.
  21. Welcome . Good to start our moves early and great for him To get ready for the Championship in good time . It’s a big jump and he will have been through the physical tests and will know where he will have to get to
  22. I rather think this is filling a gap in the squad to try and get a better balance . Clubs in a bag are ok if you know how to use them . Will allow the likes of Bell and Scott to move towards their better positions . Combined with an additional right back , it will strengthen that side of the pitch . This summer will be hard to judge until the season starts as we are going to see a few twists and turns , so reviewing the squad will have to be done when all the moves are completed .
  23. Nige said some time ago that we have no natural wide players and that sometimes they are needed . I assume that is the prime objective , with potential flexibility in other roles as others have mentioned . Plenty of game time experience too . Nice and early so he gets a performance evaluation early doors so he knows where he will need to be come pre season . The majority now realise our reality and this is the type of signing we will make . For a few , this is what should always have been doing anyway .
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