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  1. Well until we are able to play out from the back we are going to be chasing the ball all day . This has to be changed . Atkinson and James should be able to manage that .
  2. Totally, we are going nowhere fast with our low possession football. I assume, but do not know, the plan is to improve it when we have the players . (HNM/Williams/James on the same pitch will help, but our forwards are particularly poor at retaining possession ). Having such low possession at home is also a major factor in our results. Lots of work to be done.
  3. There is a video on bcfc with Rennie , it highlights the power, pace and intensity needs going forward.
  4. I think Atkinson and Tanner answer you there. That surely is the approach for a club like ours , plus using the academy. Nige has taken all of that on. Also listen to Rennie explaining the physical requirements of the Prem, we have a small number that meet that level. We had not been signing players that will meet the increased requirements of the Prem. If anything they are adapting to the changed landscape, that the previous recruitment did not take into account. I see that Nige is doing exactly what you say for the changing landscape. But we are late to the party.
  5. I have no doubt given time and support Nige will get the club into a much healthier state and one far better prepared to get into and stay in the Prem. We were making it up for years, and in between some very good bits were some catastrophic failures. That we lacked any cohesive strategy has resulted in a very mixed bag of where we have been for nearly 2 years. I took time to study what Nige did at Leicester, and we should all take note of that. It was not done in 5 minutes , but when it got moving, the style of play was also very high energy and with that obsolete term at AG ... wingers. He will be part of our history, and even in his mind he is probably setting the club up for the future, but lets give him the time as we don't look a prime catch right now. I love the Atkinson and Tanner signings, that gives me hope . More of the same. My huge worry and disappointment this season is that certain players have not taken gilt edged chances being offered them to stake a big claim. That has actually surprised me , because anyone who grabs their chance will have the shirt and can make their name. We have a small squad but the quality and application is not there. Players are not stepping up. It will be back to the youngsters very soon.
  6. Simpson, Cundy, Moore, King, COD, Martin, Palmer, Vyner, Bakinson , Wells - Will they be still in the squad come August 2022 ? Palmer and Wells might need some shifting. But that does show where we are as a club, and it is far from pretty.
  7. Everyone is frustrated, fed up and angry. It is a few years of awful football , and for the moment Nige has not yet changed that situation. Compounded by the dire home form. But the solutions are not quite as simple as some seem to think. Compounded by Covid and a loss of income, we are in a very delicate place, and it is vital we avoid relegation whilst navigating these choppy waters. Nige is not beyond criticism, far from it, but if you look at the quality of his senior players outside of the defender , it is a pretty thin group. IMHO , given free choice I do not believe Nige would sign Wells, COD, Palmer, Martin, King or Weimann . He does need the ability to sign a midfielder and forward with the same potential of Atkinson and Tanner.
  8. You seriously think you are telling Pearson something he could not see or does not know ! Where are the coaches that can “teach “ 30 year old players how to control a football ?
  9. King and Simpson are not on big wages and have 12 month contracts . They were needed as much off the field as on it . We have signed Simpsons replacement and at 300 k , so far it looks like it could work out . I think people are confusing a few years of a growing problem with how you solve it and the time taken to solve it . The frustration is it feels like years we have been this way , which we have , but if you sell your best players and replace , expensively , with average players you get what we have . Our squad has some glimpses of very good players , but we also have a number of pretty average championship players . That the game has moved on rapidly in terms of physical and athletic requirements has left us even worse off . It is not in the last 6 months we have been talking about how poor we are up front and the lack of midfield technique. The squad will evolve more rapidly over the next 12 months and there is still much change to come . But you also have to work with what we have right now . It’s not pretty and it is far from where anyone wants to be . But you won’t replicate Brentford with the players we have .
  10. Agree about Atkinson and Tanner . They look like they can grow and develop to a higher level . James does his job but around him we are struggling . HNM improves things and it looked briefly like Williams will too . Scott has huge potential . The others have such poor ball control , limited pace and no power . we have a lot of passengers still who are very limited . I find it hard to blame Pearson fir this , though some tactics could be done better . I like what he is trying to set out and we need to support him through this . We sold our better players and did not replace them well . We are now paying a big price
  11. The lack of technical ability in midfield and up front was most evident. The inability to control the ball and make passes seems out of our scope right now. The early season pressing is also somewhat diluted . There is clearly a lack of confidence in the side that is making matters worse. There are no quick solutions , no magic wand. The squad is not a great squad , it has too many compromises and is lacking in pace, abilty and power. It looks like we will need to move another 5/6 between Jan window and next summer. So this season is a huge compromise and will again be about survival. A home win will come, and it will give everyone the confidence on and off the field. But Pearson cannot turn around the mess we were. (are) in unless we give him (or anyone else for that matter) more time. The squad needs a striker and a genuine wide player asap.
  12. I wonder why Kalas has not had his chance in the Prem . I've seen a lot worse in the bottom 6/8 clubs. He would surely improve Norwich for example
  13. Great post as ever @Jerseybean We will win tonight. A deflected shot off of Martins butt in the 95 th minute.
  14. These are the players we always should have been targeting. Paying a big fee and wages for a Chelsea reserve like Palmer was bonkers stuff. Wells even more ridiculous. We really went off the plan . Kalas too was a huge investment (at least he does contribute a lot)
  15. Some good comment here about how narrow we are and the space we leave on the flanks. Everyone hits is on the diagonals . It’s clear and everyone does it . To win at home we need to have options going forward . We are limited sadly . So this season is going to be painful . We need skill , pace and power . We don’t have that .
  16. I think it is worth looking at how Leicester got promoted with Nige. It was a mix of experienced players and rising stars. Vardy was one, Kasper S another (Mahrez in the Jan window), but then he had Dave Nugent he got on a free up front, Taylor Fletcher , Konchelsky and a younger Matty James , Wes Morgan , Drinkwater, King , Knoeckhart (sp) , De Laet , Dyer , Moore , Schlupp. Anyway , the point being , it was formed with a strong centre back pairing and great keeper. Busy central midfielders. The big difference to us today, is the lack of the midfield attacking force , the outlets, the players to alter the pace and direction of a game. Of course a Vardy up front helps a lot , and we don't have that forward. I can see with the signings made so far, that we are trying to build something similar, but evidently we are missing the dynamic pieces of the jigsaw. Nige has already said we need a forward, and in one interview early season said we had no wide players at the club. so it is premature to really judge where we currently are as it is pretty clear we are nowhere near where we all want to be. I suspect that by the start of next season, we will see another group of departures 5/6 as we enter the second phase of rebuilding a side in the mould Nige wants. Based on the 2 youthful signings so far, and their relative cost (Atkinson and Tanner) and the one key experienced signing (James) I remain hopeful and excited. Simpson and King were stop gaps in a time when the club were with limited options. Both King and Simpson are probably valuable members of the squad as they looked to change mentality and approach. Both James and King were made to look poor on Saturday , along with many others as they were almost always outnumbered and we were without passing options. Too slow yes, slow of thought and mind, so Bournemouth played the ideal game by rushing us, and as we have sen, we are quite laboured in possession . It looks like the plan this year was to stop the rot as first step. I see little attacking intent or the ability to retain possession, that has to come , and it will. But we are very much a flawed group in. front of the defence and are making do. It is not the time to throw Scott in , and we miss Antoine (and Williams now) and the dynamo of HNM. All of those players will make a difference . I'm not a huge fan of our forward options , maybe Weimann in the right role and with the correct players around him, but we cannot afford replacements and right now are making do. That may extend into next season depending on who we can identify and sign and who we can get rid of. But we do not look a complete unit at the moment , and are looking to contain rather than be brave and expansive. The Villa friendly had glimpses of great potential, that has all but evaporated. So for now , we have to get back that fighting spirit and maximise what we have , and try and consolidate our midtable position. The team is clearly still lacking confidence, and no matter what anyone says, the home record is bound to have an impact. Tuesday is a game where we are more even in terms of squad , so a scrappy, deflected goal for us to win the game is perfect please. But someone has to grab hold of the game .
  17. Correctly IMHO, as it is pointless discussing until there has been a full medical evaluation. It would be just conjecture on the managers or players part before that.
  18. I don't think many agreed with letting Korey go, and the same could be said for Pack. JP will always flatter to deceive, and we saw the good the bad and the ugly with him. On his day he is a game winner. We do miss that spark for sure, but it was also a point where we had to make financial decisions too. As for James and King, well James looks a great signing, and King looks like a support player, as HNM and Williams would surely be the prime choice. Neither were helped on Saturday by our tactics and application. We were playing very compact leaving acres of space for a side with strong wingers and full backs to pile into. They were launching diagonals (everyone against us does this now) into the space, where the full back and winger raided into. We were over run , particularly in the first half. King was no worse than the rest of them, everyone went missing , there were no options for a player receiving the ball, and it made it easy for Bournemouth to break us down. It was a pretty inept performance , made worse by some great tactics and squad quality of the opposition. We are missing pace and power outside of the back 4 and that is where we struggle. It is a shame we have not seen James/HNM and Williams , and also Antoine outside of them or working with the front 2 as a 4-3-3 . This is a season of transition , as will next year in reality , as we try to find some bargains and develop further the better academy players. The side we will have in 2 seasons time will bear only a passing resemblance to this one. The target this year was to reduce the wage bill by a third and not get relegated. We will meet that target.
  19. I am sure we all agree about the home form sentiment. But out of interest , what did you expect from NP arriving (or any manager) with the squad from last/this season ? Mid table seems reasonable for me after the mess of the last 18 months. Avoiding relegation will be a huge success after last season. We are clearly nowhere close to where we want to be , and with the big constraints for non parachute payment clubs , it's going to need patience.
  20. There are a few very detailed threads on this. We have minimal scope to spend , our losses for last season are said to be vast and will be a big financial black hole when announced. We could take a big risk but we need promotion this year for it to work. That is not happening, so we have some time yet for financial prudence to create flexibility . (outgoing player sales could change that). Apart from parachute payment clubs, the ability for a team to spend is almost zero in the Championship at the moment. Which is why you have Fulham, WBA and Bournemouth having an even bigger (£40million ) advantage than in previous seasons. It is nonsense but does not look like changing anytime soon. The Championship has competitors given a bonus and advantage for previous failure. So we have to be inventive with finding free transfers, low cost transfers ,developing our own, and getting the most out of players that we have .
  21. I rather think he will be joining Moore and COD on the " list ".
  22. There are a number of players that are running out of chances to impress. Nige wants to build a promotion side, Callum has some of the pace attributes but his application and delivery (general) are not there. He is not a young player developing. These have been his big chances to be part of the future and he has blown the audition. (there are others too). We are in a rebuild phase , and are nowhere near the level required or desired and it will take us a couple of seasons to get closer. We are going to get that in these early phases ,hit and miss, but as we saw last year, players get their chances, and they have to take them. COD, Moore, Vyner , Wells , Bakinson, Palmer, DaSilva etc are having their chances this season to show what they can do , and if they are to be part of the new BCFC. It is very clear that the standards from the Prem down have changed since we got promoted and have risen dramatically (Just look at how the very best now play) and that has filtered down. As fans we are going to have to give some time to the club, as we are constrained financially, wasted our windfall payments from sales, and need to rebuild a first team and squad whilst developing and introducing a group of Academy players. IMHO COD is getting closer to the Moore type decision for Nige . If we want promotion, we need better, that is the bottom line. You can feel differently if you just want to survive, but we (the club) have said they want to get promoted. As an example Tanner had a tough afternoon, but improved as the game went on, just a few games into jumping up 2 leagues. You can see him learning and improving. COD has had 5 years and got some basics badly wrong yesterday. Much as he made some decent forward runs, he did not track his player , and at the level we are aiming for, that is simply not going to pass. It is what happened last season. Not suggesting COD is the only player at risk or that he was alone to blame for the lack of performance yesterday, there were others not at the races . But he did show why he will not be part of our squad in the future.
  23. Agree with this, the lack of pace in our side is a major issue . Dave Rennie said that the Prem is all about explosive strength and power , with electrifying pace (that BCFC have to replicate) . We have only 7 players that can vertical jump 50cm (no arm movement) and he explained that this translates into horizontal speed. That Rob Atkinson is one of our quickest players. So you are right , this aspect is clearly an area they will be changing with future signings.
  24. In any case (despite us making it far too easy), it shows the gulf in Premier league pace and power . We are miles off . Look at how Watford were also blown away today, as another example of how the top teams now play. We will have (are ?) to make a substantial change in our recruitment requirements going forward. Look at how many Bournemouth players that had pace and explosive power. Who do we have ?
  25. You seem to have omitted his lack of tracking back. It is a basic requirement in his position . It is certainly why he was taken off . He had a shocker. (some others did too )
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