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  1. Yes Kane signed a long term deal , but that gave Spurs a huge chance of a big transfer fee. It works both ways. Not sure how or why a gentleman's agreement has escaped out in the open , or why Kane is not going to work. But something has broken, as that is not his style, and if the thoughts were (both Kane and Levy) that if Spurs were not competing for trophies there would be a chance to leave. Why is that not in a contract ? Who knows. . Anyway , Spurs are just looking for the biggest fee possible, they know he is going, pointless having a player at the club who has a desire for being somewhere else. This is not quite the one sided story it seems IMHO. Big money deal for all concerned. Though cannot see how MC can afford both Kane and Grealish , unless they have the sale of Sterling sorted. Who has space within financial rules for Kane ?
  2. I agree, most bizarre the interpretation being given here. If Kalas left he would need replacing anyway. I am sure NP would be happy to have Baker, Kalas, Atkinson, and I am also certain very few sides would like to come up against any combination of those 3 in our league. Would NP prefer to sell Kalas and get a forward ? I would not think that is certain, as we need to build a solid defence first, and maybe the forward can be something for next summer.
  3. Wonderful interview. Some strange interpretations being noted on here. It's a very clear, straightforward and refreshing chat with GT. We should be excited.
  4. Part of the problems last year . Well rid .
  5. I would like to add to others comments. Many of you will never have met or seen Terry Cooper. You will have heard of him , but maybe are puzzled by why so many older fans are so distraught and saying so many heartfelt things. Well it stems back to our famous fall from grace and near extinction. Can you imagine today , let's say someone who has won England caps, the league title, working day and night to save a club. I mean save it, get a team on the pitch. Still trying to play when you should have long retired. Fielding players who were just YTS kids. But that was easy , when it also meant selling tickets, scouting, training, cleaning, organising , well just everything really. Yet he took time for everyone, would speak to all , always replied to letters, and put his heart into everything. He was very hurt when he left the club, and so he should have been. From the total disaster we were in, he got us a trip to Wembley for a day no-one will ever forget. Bear in mind most of those fans had probably seen us in the top flight. I have never seen so many fans crying with emotion that day, it was the release of sadness, stress, despair of the previous 4 years or so . One man had hauled a derelict club back, and that was Terry Cooper. I wrote to him to thank him, and he just replied it was a team effort and that he was just doing his job. Just one small aside. Mark was at my school, and years later I got to know some of the teachers quite well. We used to have a thing called parents evening where parents would come and talk to the teachers. The idea was to give feedback. TC sat down in front of one of the teachers and said " Right, what do you want to know about my son then ?" That was Terry . Strong willed, determined and tough as heck. Without that drive , he could never have dragged our club out of the black hole it was in. So, it is not just some old fans reminiscing about the good old days. It is far far more important than that. Terry was so special, and I am absolutely sure there will be few that have shed a tear out of respect and admiration. Thank you Terry . Read this from last year . It explains in his words what he did. https://www.bcfc.co.uk/news/my-club-terry-cooper/ PS. Why the club did not use a photo of Terry at Wembley with their comment. It was the highlight for him and us all. That is the image we all recall. I
  6. WBA Sheff United Fulham Bristol City Stoke Bournemouth Middlesbrough Nottm Forest QPR Cardiff Preston Barnsley Blackburn Swansea Milwall Reading Hull Birmingham Peterborough Coventry Derby Luton Huddersfield Blackpool Always go into a season with hope .... Mid table at Christmas and we will come on strong for a final push. Huge advantage for parachute payment clubs this season.
  7. I loved Terry . I was at school with Mark , and played against TC at some parents games . Exchanged many letters when he was manager at City . I’m very very sad at this news , very . Lovely guy , and a genuine star . Rip TC and love to his family .
  8. 17 is no age and he will need careful management over the next years . But clearly has something . I like that he does not hang onto the ball too long and when he passes it is into space the player can run into rather than needing to control it first . So pace of attack increased . I think NP knows there are some great talents and it will take 3 years to fully understand what we have and develop them. So let’s try to keep those players , won’t be easy , so we will need to be knocking on the door in that time frame . Still , a great testimony to how our academy has improved .
  9. Lots to work on , no doubt . But you can see what we are trying to do , and sometimes that was very impressive. We do need a forward but might not get one, that worries, as we don't look that great on the goals scoring front. The centre backs need to sort themselves out , and Bents to stop giving soft goals away. But, finally seeing a side try to pass and move. We were creating space and moving into good attacking positions. I rather like Scott and Bell, both look wonderful talents . Much there to be pleased with , but we will need to start the season well as the team is going to need confidence. Do that , and we will only get better. I would think NP saw the same as everyone, the good the bad and the ugly . They will need to have full on intensity against Blackpool, not the lacklustre first half. Cannot wait.
  10. Well what can I say about Scott, not see a 17 year old in a City shirt that impressive since.. well I really don't know. He looks on another level. Sam Bell got great movement too. Unfair on the 2 penalties, has made score look too easy for Villa. 2 nd half we have had some fantastic moments. Much better , and great signs for the season if we can start to play like that.
  11. 3 nil ouch , second half we have been better . But dear oh dear the marking for that goal .
  12. Much better start , big step up in energy .
  13. Scott in 2 minutes has you off your seat . What a player he is going to be
  14. Atkinson looks like he could be quite a player too
  15. Mixed feelings. Not the strongest Villa side, but some great quality all the same . We are passing well in phases, but we look devoid of attacking threat, which is something that will worry us all . It is not just Martin/Weimann , but the approach play. We are also too open at the back and they are finding big gaps . King and James look ok , but there is no great energy , its like having 2 Marlon Packs. Very very early days in our new challenges, but worries about goals both for and against are there.
  16. We have been doing some good work. Huge work in progress, but you can see what we are trying to do. We look rubbish up front though, Martin looks very laboured. Need some genuine pace and power.
  17. Of course we don't have John McGinn...
  18. Struggling in midfield , you can see what we would like to do but it's not happening
  19. I thought that JD . It means , at this stage , that is the recognised first team group. But NP did say that there are going to be players moving back and forth from the under 23's to the first team. I have the impression, but no fact for saying this, that he wants the under 23's close to the first team, and training with them . But he will also want to have a smaller group to work with now. Injuries or lack of form and there will be under 23's moving in to keep the others on their toes. I rather think he can see the talent in the under 23's and they will form a good part of the squad over the next few years. Will be interesting to see the loans out , and a few may need that. NP certainly seems to like the younger players but as he has said, they need to come into the side where it is not a crisis and they know and understand the system and standards. I mean finally... we might have the age groups preparing like the first team. The pre season using the youth was also very important, so they got to see directly what is needed. I might be deluded ... but it is a long time since I have thought we might actually be doing what we kept saying we were doing but did not put into practice. I personally find it exciting , and am looking forward to watching some of these clearly talented players develop. Alex Scott looks like a mega talent for example.
  20. He is not in the photos on the official site, so I am taking the first team squad from that. Cundy not shown anywhere. The under 23's with a squad number are in the under 23 list not first team squad. https://www.bcfc.co.uk/teams/first-team-squad/ https://www.bcfc.co.uk/teams/under-23s-squad/ https://www.bcfc.co.uk/teams/under-18s-squad/ Now... we have the best named player I think I have seen in many years in our Under 18's ..... Joe Big House Josey Brian Casa-Grande
  21. I rather think we will , maybe not today, but against Blackpool be looking at a very experienced line up , Bentley , Simpson, Baker, Kalas, JD, King, James , Weimann, Wells, Nagy , Palmer ( or Martin for Nagy if 2 upfront) . Youngsters to integrate through the game (s)to maintain energy and drive . Big changes for cup games, much like pre season. Atkinson, Moore, Massengo, Vyner , Pring, Williams (ease back in ) , Martin , O'Leary, Bakinson, Semenyo, Conway as the rest of the listed 1 st team squad (official site). All the other youngsters will come in and out of the Under 23's but many will stay at club so they train every day with first team squad, so they see and understand the standards, system and requirements. A few U23 to go on loan (could do with some L1 loans ) , Cundy to leave (he is not in 1 st team squad)
  22. So are you saying he has no ability and NP is bringing people in just because they are a mate ?
  23. Good luck to him. Not at the level we will need but a strong league career beckons. Going to a great manager .
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