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  1. I don’t think the club should be the ones appointing anyone to a role like twentymans tbh
  2. Hear the south stand concourse isn’t going to be used due to vaccinations still on going, does that mean the seating in that stand unlikely to be used as well - assume so
  3. BarnzFM


    Defended so well, really organised and created chances - agree they were the better team
  4. Apart from Sir Alex, was there any managerial appointment that didn’t end in tears?
  5. I’d renew if we knew we’d be able to attend, until I know that the money is better in my account
  6. Given a vaccine so close I guess there are people who don’t want to take a chance with them extra non essential contacts - and also we’ve been shite lately
  7. I’ve not yet received my refund for Middlesbrough / what do I need to do?
  8. Really? If anything we’re looking at further restrictions given mounting infection levels.
  9. We’ve just had restrictions imposed and we’re thinking of letting crowds watch football again - it seems crazy imo. As for the idea of prioritising the elderly and those shielding, it doesn’t seem sensible given their vulnerability!
  10. I thought live performances like football matches were still banned in pubs
  11. What’s Lee Holmes got to do with it?
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