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  1. If I had paid £40 for a Lansdown ticket for say Sheff Wed match on March 17, I would have expected to have been offered a refund if the date changed. However, a Season Ticket is different, since it represents a big discount against normal prices and I don't think the club is obliged to repay a proportion pro rata if remaining matches can only be played behind closed doors due to government restrictions. I paid for a year's subscription to my local tennis club and play was barred for the last two months of the year. No refund was offered by the tennis club but they have offered a di
  2. We still don't make the play-offs if all Home teams were awarded a 1-0 win as we have 5 left and so do Preston who are above us. We need some serious financial fair play penalties in terms of points deductions imposed against a few clubs above us and we will win automatic promotion.
  3. Last bit not right as their ground only had three sides then.
  4. Hard but fair. Legend is over-used term but applies to Norman. One of the best players to wear a City shirt.
  5. I live in Hampshire and drive a 200 mile round trip to home games. Beforehand I usually visit my daughter who lives opposite Greville Smyth Park or I have a pint in Hotwells. Both of these locations are in proposed Central Ban Zone being introduced by the council. As I have a diesel car this will mean I can't do either of these. Should I just give up my season ticket and stop seeing my daughter? Public transport is not a viable option for me. Has there been no local opposition to this? What about all the residents who have a diesel car already?
  6. I seem to recall that Roy was statistically the worst ever City manager in our history. Possibly later overtaken by Steve Coppell who was only in charge for two games, if that's enough to make a significant stat.
  7. I find the advertising during the match really irritating - why can't they just put in on before the match and at half time. The adverts that involve moving cats, cars etc are particularly distracting especially if you sit fairly low down as the players and ball are directly in line with your vision.
  8. Cashless is fine when it works. I buy lunch from a couple of different mobile food outlets but on about 1 in 10 days the point of sale device doesn't work so they ask for cash - many people don't have it on them so they don't get lunch although one vendor trusts you to pay next time. On the first day of the season before last (Wigan?) the bars in the Lansdown wouldn't take card payments due to a network failure I believe - had to share a cup of tea with my daughter as not much shrapnel in our pockets. I think cash should always be an option if you are running a retail outlet.
  9. Ridiculous and pathetic behaviour from professional sportsman. I would terminate their contracts - I would hope that City would do the same if they were our players.
  10. Glad it's on the red button now as tried this morning but sold out.
  11. The extra two and half inches makes all the difference... I meant to mention that Ray Cashley who played in the top flight with City was 5ft 9ins I seem to recall although his height not given on Wikipedia. But I did notice that Fatty Wedlock our legendary Centre Half was only 5ft 5ins.
  12. So he was 5ft 9ins then? Hardly worthy of note.
  13. Possibly but they could be useful on a stag night out, particularly if they bump into Ben Stokes and other cricketers in the Triangle.
  14. After a match in late 70s I got off the 42 bus in Stoke Bishop and popped into the newsagents to get a Green Un. As I was paying for it, a lad came in behind me and the newsagent starting congratulating him. As I turned round I realised he was Kevin Mabbutt who had just got back from the game (complete with black eye) in which he'd scored a goal (1-1 v Aston Villa maybe?). I suppose I should have congratulated him as well but I was a bit surprised and said nothing.
  15. It's the close season and feeling a bit bored I clicked on some of the Bears interviews and clips. I'm only an occasional Bristol fan but blimey Jack Lam comes over as a really inspirational and charismatic character and leader. No wonder Steve L has such a high regard for him. Don't take my word for it but have a look at the interviews with him on the OS and you'll see as eloquent, enthusiastic and committed a sports coach that you could wish for . I don't know how much contact Lee Johnson has with him but he could learn a lot from Lam's approach.
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