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  1. That’s the current capacity due to restrictions. Anyway, footballs back. Almost wish it wasn’t.
  2. Hahahaha it is most definitely is a made up number. As everyone on here knows I am 110% against Barton because of his actions but one thing I will not have is a Swindon fan going on about DC being a thug?!??!! Anyone who watched it saw there was no headbutt and the “allegedly” in your sentence confirms that even you know it yourself. As mentioned already DC has gone through something that fortunately most of us will never have to. It’s out of character for him but don’t go creating a scenario to suit your own agenda because your team weren’t good enough over 46 games and then an extra two legs to get promoted. Every week you come on here and sound more and more like your own description of a Rovers fan. Boasting about attendances and away followings. Congratulations on having a higher home gate than us for the first time in years. Congratulations on yet again not having a higher away following despite the numerous weeks on here I read you claiming you were taking 3500 everywhere you were going. Maybe if Garner spent more time looking at how he set you lot up in that second leg as opposed to blaming an “unwatered pitch” you’d have been in the final. propa wallop
  3. A lot of people don’t have the nerve though. In the same way I know plenty of people who will cash out pennies on their stake just to have another bet. As said above, a good cash out choice feels great at the time but over the course of time it will always favour the bookies
  4. If i put a fiver on a 10/1 shot but then cash out for £20 I’ve effectively taken a 10/1 shot for odds of 4/1. With no cash out option I walk out with £50 but I don’t have the nerve and instead the bookie has saved £30
  5. Get in Vale! Much better on the night and had many opportunities to win during normal and extra time.
  6. Surely a positive and more suitable response would have been something like “I hope that in 5 years we are on the way to becoming an established premier league team”?
  7. Not bragging mate just find it weird that a Swindon fan continuously comes onto a City forum to put down Rovers attendances because they have a higher average than us? Has it happened so rarely lately that it’s actually something for him to brag about?
  8. Congrats on having a higher avg than us for only the second time since we’ve been back in the league? Where were your loyal when we were getting 9k in league 1 in 16/17 and 17/18 and you avgd 7k and 6.3k? https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/bristol-rovers/besucherzahlenentwicklung/verein/2455 https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/swindon-town/besucherzahlenentwicklung/verein/352 Gas up, still Barton down for me.
  9. I’m sure I’ll get over it. Against weaker teams they’re brilliant to watch, but against the top teams like Liverpool they find it harder to break em down so knock it back to try again. Like you said, it’s their right to do that and when they’re on top form they do it well against anyone. Just sometimes it doesn’t go their way like on Saturday IMO and it can be tedious to watch.
  10. Haven’t been since JB was appointed so can’t comment Just not sure how City playing it forward just to retreat all the way back constantly can be considered entertaining. Both teams electrifying against others but seems boring whenever I watch them against each other, not that that’s often either.
  11. Boring game. Both semi-finals been absolutely awful IMO.
  12. Not a case of another win and the Swindon fan is back on OTIB posting about Rovers?
  13. If he wasn't doing that United would be in a much worse place. This FA Cup game is genuinely terrible.
  14. City look awful. Liverpool haven't been great but christ.
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