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  1. Sales seem to have slowed down. But with 3 games until the Coventry 1 or dare I say 2 wins will see them sell out very quick
  2. Does he have a song yet? If not he needs one!!
  3. Who will we wear it against?? Bournemouth away maybe?
  4. Nearly 900 gone in first hour
  5. Oh didn’t we haha the old memory must be going :laugh:
  6. Swansea 7 (should of been 8 ) city 1 luton 5 city 0 Ipswich 6 city 1 stand out ones for me :laugh:
  7. Always a good away day and following, 2,000 tickets on sale Thursday
  8. Far too many to list all. But a few that will live with me forever. not just for result. Cardiff 2001, Mansfield 4-5, most Blackpool trips win, lose or draw :laugh: , charlton Tuesday night when we went top of championship, both Newcastle trips, Fulham is always good, in fact I love most London games. Notts County Tinmans 500th game.
  9. Listen his interview! We’ve got a goodun here! Very level headed young man!!
  10. Was expecting this one to sell out with in hours. Will reach gen sale I reckon.
  11. No we won’t. Even Birmingham only getting 2k
  12. 1 2 3 4 5!! If you wanna stay alive, KEEP OF THE EASTEND
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