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  1. Have they!!! Blimey! I stopped parking there when it went to £10! Imagine we actually ever got to the premier league and sold out every game! Would be carnage. Dunno it true but I read somewhere they charged £50 for killers concert
  2. Anyone Had anything? Still nothing here! Another call to the club to email Cardiff and Huddersfield tickets it is then
  3. Ah yeah I guess! I won’t risk it will park up by the luckwell and get wet :laugh:
  4. Can we not park in the industrial estate across from KFC midweek? Surely no traffic warden’s this time???
  5. If Conway scores and/or we get the pen it’s a totally different atmosphere on here tonight!! It’s a fine line in this league! Win Tuesday and today won’t seem a bad point.
  6. Yeah the afternoon kick offs aren’t great. I certainly wouldn’t waste a days holiday for it but would goto a few if they were evening kick offs or Sundays
  7. Still nothing for me but they’ve emailed me Luton and Cardiff tickets! Tbf the phone ticket works well. Maybe one day there be an option to have whole ST on your phone.
  8. Chill with a league one tour I’ll be able to get some new grounds in……..
  9. I’m going stadium tour later might see if ticket office open
  10. Mines still not arrived, I’ve heard nothing!? So what do I do Saturday??
  11. Still waiting for 2!! Looks like they’ve sent them too an old address even tho I told them I moved and had my ST and many away tickets posted to new address!!! Facepalm
  12. Odd that our ticketing site doesn’t show how many tickets left in each block now
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