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  1. Well Blackpool are selling tickets for opening day, so surely we’ll sell FGR and Reading tickets soon
  2. No game played to a finish according to rangers and East Stirling Twitter pages
  3. 1-0 city number 11. Is our starting lineup posted anywhere??
  4. No but I like the half hour ones haha
  5. No quick trains from Taunton for home games
  6. Is very good as long as you have decent interest speeds.
  7. Anyone still looking, apparently last tickets on sale through uefa at 1pm
  8. 31/07 1pm Ashton gate
  9. BOOM! fans first in the bag! Sale window 2
  10. I’m in same boat! Just praying for a fans first!! Anything else not sure my bank balance would cope haha
  11. I originally had one fans first too so hopefully should be ok!
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