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  1. Same here! Jerry was calling and giving regular updates, but haven’t heard anything for a couple of weeks. Sent emails, but nothing back.
  2. Could do with some legal knowledge on getting last season’s refund! Still waiting and getting a call from Jerry just about every week!
  3. Looking at that link, Pula own a business flight service to and from Guernsey. Sure I have seen that name before somewhere?
  4. No tourism in Guernsey yet. Been trying to get out to see family, but you have to quarantine for 14 days on arrival.
  5. Spike Milligan - Brilliant
  6. Jerry phoned me again last week, there are (were) about a dozen season card holders who were still waiting for a refund. The club are waiting for the credit card companies to refund them and then they will contact the people directly. He did say all refunds were sent out on 9th July? At least Jerry is keeping in touch, even if its not the news we wanted at the moment.
  7. If anyone is still chasing their season ticket refund, I had a call from Jerry regarding a couple of our tickets last Friday. Asked for a refund on 2 of our 4 tickets, but as I have moved home, changed email address and credit card, knew there would be a problem! Emailed supporter services, nothing, forwarded email to SLO and he called me back last Friday. If it helps anyone else still waiting, Jerry explained the club refunds the credit card used to pay for the tickets, the credit card company should then either credit the card, or if card is closed, send to the bank associated wit
  8. The Crawley players were doing a lap around the pitch and some stopped watching what was going on in the away end! The drive home hilarious, listening to the comments on the radio.
  9. Now overturned by a Scottish FA Tribunal. "A fresh tribunal was convened on the grounds that a member of the initial three-man panel did not consider all the available evidence and announced that the unnamed panel member would be withdrawn from the pool for future tribunals". https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/51658213
  10. When my daughter passed her test a couple of years ago, we got her a Suzuki Swift. Even fairly new versions(5 -6 years old), can be picked up cheaply. Also, our insurance (Admiral), said it was the lowest category of car to insure for new drivers!
  11. I read that as 5 of you getting the Match day Mticket for £9.
  12. The Unigate club was up on the corner of Robertson Road. Became the white swan and now flats I think.
  13. My daughter gave me this.
  14. Thanks for the replies @BTRFTG and @redysteadygo1. I was looking up just after the war. Some amazing memories and stories we still have on this forum.
  15. Read through this thread in work and when I got home looked up the OP question to see if I could help. Unfortunately, There is no information on who was called up and where they served. There is an error though in either the book @Dave L has posted, which is Bristol City the first 100 years or Bristol City - a complete record 1894-1987? Oddly they both have the same co-author. In the complete record it says it was Bill Shankly and also Bob Paisley? All the other info is the same, including the Southampton game on Christmas Day 1941, where a car carrying 5 city players broke down in W
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