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  1. Agree Ashtonyate, on some of your points especially sl, look how far we've come from ,would not swap with Swindon
  2. Get him in tomorrow great manager just what we need ,maybe yesterday's performance has rushed things on abit I hope so.
  3. Really don't get the hammering he gets please all of you get a grip
  4. Why so negative our owner is top we could be alot of worse off, just appreciate what he does for our club
  5. Where would we be without sl, wake up ,full respect for him
  6. castle red


    Would he have to isolate when back off hols,from Sunday anyone coming back from Bahamas..
  7. I don't get this break from the game, he's a professional football manager ,I think he would suit us 100%
  8. Just get the feeling he wants a new challenge, still close to home so no need to uproot, and as we know our job is a good one ,you never know.
  9. Just seen his interview on tv ,does anybody think he might be interested in our project, long shot ,might want a fresh challenge.
  10. Gerrard never going to happen, Houghton been on his hols ,deal done ,in over the weekend....
  11. Gerrard never chased Houghton been tied up since Tuesday, wait till tomorrow.....
  12. Wouldn't be surprised to see Johnson at Huddersfield.
  13. 12 months ago they would of been a good choice, hopefully we will have a decision soon to prepare for next season..
  14. Johnson to Huddersfield??
  15. Pedro training,Walsh as well,I think lee lost the dressing room long ago.
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