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  1. Good call. It was Atkinson v Mitrovic I was concerned by!
  2. A real test of our defence today, Atkinson in particular. Be interested to see if Wells gets a start after QPR. Would take a point given current home form, as long as we’re competitive and challenging. Expect Fulham to be right up there come end of season.
  3. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/58571925 "We haven't created any winning culture or mentality at the club and we need to do it quickly," Cook told BBC Suffolk. "I am as disappointed as the supporters - I don't enjoy watching us play." Can't see him lasting too much longer, particularly with a squad full of soft-touch decent humans.
  4. Is that what we call a punch these days?!
  5. We’ve been developing the players on-pitch IQ by assessing their runs, and breaking each one down into their personal KMSR scores (kinetic micro step ratio). This allows us to show the players what kind of runs to make, where and when. It’s like XG but for movement, if you like. Using the drone footage, we’ve been able to show them that they could get as high as 906 KMSR points by maximising the POMO, and looking to penetrate the box with non-static tactics, as opposed to crossing the ball when our striker is unmarked at the back post, which is what everyone else does. Andi Weimann is consistently top scorer on KMSR. In joint second place is Dan Bentley and Max O’Leary, which may raise questions from the fans who are new to this tech, but not from me. It just proves the value of this kind of cutting edge technology that we’re implementing and how it makes us Premier League ready. I’ve also just returned from a Saturday shift at Greggs. Like us, their staff are used to delivering quality product under pressure from punters, and there are many similarities between sausage rolls and goals, if you like. It was great to really get under their skin.
  6. Be interesting to see how that compares on average to other sides across the last 3 seasons. Based on this seasons percentages we’d consistently be in the top quarter for player change. Does the amount of ‘churn’ we see every season not indicate that for so long we’ve not known what we’re doing recruitment wise? Wholesale changes every season and not adding the odd bit of quality here and there? LJ said himself a month or so back that he wanted 6 new players at Sunderland, OR 3 quality players. Mark Ashton has just overseen 18 new players to Ipswich. If ever you needed confirmation that we didn’t ever have a set system to tweak and improve. Im more than happy that we’ll only recruit if it’s better than what we have, and it will be interesting to see this churn percentage in the next few seasons under NP as he forms his team
  7. Give the man a chance. He needs a decent run without an injury or a global pandemic
  8. Really enjoyed that half. Best I’ve seen us play in such a long time. The goal is unlucky and largely undeserved but it’s all they’ve done. Just a little more quality with the final ball or a lucky bounce and we’ll be in. Key to maintain the momentum of the first half because they look so dodgy at the back. I’d love to see Semenyo up against their right back. Great half (bar the goal). We can win this
  9. @IAmNick- what a day to have off mate. I miss you
  10. Weimann - he just runs around a lot
  11. There’s just no goals in this team
  12. Unfortunately Taylor Moore is the epitome of the kind of player we recruited (and kept!) who’s been unable to positively effect the team for a number of seasons. Yes he’s a nice lad, but so am I, and I’m not good enough to be a consistent championship CB either. I don’t follow any other championship teams closely enough to see if they offer new contracts to players who do not remotely impact the first team on the basis they may well one day come good. It’s completely symptomatic of the soft underbelly and cosy club that city has become, and if it takes Pearson to bluntly call that out then so be it. He’s hardly thrown him under the bus, he’s given him and the other players a rocket, making it clear his level of expectation and I’ve no problem with that. He’s inherited an absolute mess, on and off the pitch. If we are serious about wanting him to use all his experience to arrest our rapid decline and turn things around then he needs time and our support. He’s going to have to ruffle a few feathers to get there. As for GMcG, I like the guy, and I think he largely does a good job. But rating the manager performance and asking dead-end questions to Pearson who hates media duties and who will clearly be annoyed by the defeat will do him no favours. Imagine you being rated at your job, and publicly, by someone who had absolutely zero experience of what it’s like to do your role. Wouldn’t sit well would it.
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