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  1. Time will tell Dave, and I’ll give the benefit of the doubt to whoever comes in. I can just see it getting toxic very quickly if we don’t hit the ground running. Taking 6 weeks to appoint a man already an employee doesn’t scream ideal preparation to aid this.
  2. This smacks of Lansdown peering over the fence to Swansea, and seeing their relative success this season with Steve Cooper, who won the World Cup with the England U17’s He had Rhian Brewster on loan from Liverpool (read another Tammy) and they snuck the play-offs despite selling their best academy raised player in Daniel James for £15m. This is exactly the blueprint Lansdown wants and if Swansea can do it, why can’t we? Cheap option. And if the words “the Swansea model or Steve Cooper” are mentioned in any PR, I’ll have convinced myself.
  3. Well said. I said on a thread yesterday that in these 5 weeks we’ve regressed 5 seasons. So much effort to build the club up, both on and off the pitch to become serious contenders, and it’s all gone to pot. If confirmed, this could be incredibly damaging to the club in the short and longer term.
  4. Wonder if Holden’s apparent stalling is because of McAllister’s sacking? Who’s decision are we assuming it is that JMc was let go? Would Holden want to get rid of someone he’s worked with, and would be a comforting and helpful bit of continuity as he potentially takes a job that he deep down knows is way above his station? Or was JMc sacked for another reason ? And perhaps Holden isn’t sure he wants to work for people that treat his friend and colleague like that? Explain that one away, Mr Ashton
  5. Not really. He was floundering and regressing with the strongest, most expensive side we’ve ever assembled. Despite asking for 3 windows he had 8, and still no clear ‘identity’. Your application of hindsight from where we currently find ourselves does nothing to strengthen LJ’s case. He had more than enough chances.
  6. There are so many occasions in our recent history when poor decisions have been made to the detriment of the club and its progression. Those with a much better memory and a longer time supporting have listed them already. Therefore as a fan I think there will always be an inevitable unease about the larger decisions the club tries to make. On the whole, I feel like the club has been on an upward trajectory but in the last 18 months or so has plateaued and stagnated, resulting in LJ's inevitable dismissal. I've recently felt very proud of large aspects of how the club operate. The new stad
  7. Only at Bristol City would they aim so rediculously for an employed, unproven former England player, only to end up with the grossly under-qualified, second in command from a managerial tenure deemed not good enough. ‘New stadium, new training ground, billionaire owner, cup run, premiership side in waiting’ whatever. This is farcical. And it has the potential to set the club back years in its attempt to not make us outwardly look like the also rans we have been for so long. What an absolute shambles. I cannot fathom that they’d be this inept. Please prove me wrong
  8. It was tongue in cheek. But Ligue 1 is poor for a first division. I reckon the championship compares. #announcepoch
  9. I’ve said elsewhere that based on Tinnion’s and Lansdown’s tweets on the weekend, something major has to be on the cards or the fan base is going to be mightily cheesed off... It’s all starting to make sense! https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11095/12041307/mauricio-pochettino-ex-tottenham-boss-open-to-next-job-being-in-any-of-europes-top-five-leagues
  10. If we’re holding off a managerial announcement to reveal the kit at the same time then the powers that be have hugely misunderstood the general feeling of the fan base! Unless wearing the new kit makes you look 15 years younger and guarantees you a date with Sienna Miller then they’re having an absolute crisis.
  11. He’s not going to be in the interview room, no. But he’s an employee of the club and has been for the last how ever many decades. I don’t get any of my juicy information at work from my boss, I get it from the guy in the workshop or the cleaners! Fail to believe there aren’t BCFC employees that won’t know more than those inside the boardroom would like them to
  12. There’s either going to have to be some sort of super announcement, like Hughton + 3 players already signed, or I think the club have massively ballsed this up. Tinnion and Jon Lansdown’s weekend tweets suggest a level of confidence that I don’t think could be attributed or justified to any manager that isn’t going to excite the majority of the fan base. Something better be cooking, and imminently. To hinder ourselves like this in the time it’ll take a new manager to get to know his side and make the inevitable necessary additions, is incredibly short sighted, and I struggle to bel
  13. If Hughton is available, keen and excited to take the role (as reported) and we look elsewhere for a cheaper option, then that is exactly what I would expect us to do. The longer it goes on the less chance I think we have of landing Hughton. He’s able to pick and choose clubs that come calling because of how good and proven he is. Can’t imagine he’s too keen to sit and wait around whilst we interview Robbie effin Fowler. I was excited yesterday. Concerned now
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