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  1. Although the players won't be getting their bonuses over the next few weeks they won't loose out as they will get them when the season resumes.
  2. If I remember rightly they used to stand on the hard shoulder of the M32 to avoid paying.
  3. The photo was taken at The Mem when Walsh was a coach - that’s why he was yawning.
  4. Expecting my first grandson soon so I bought him his first shirt and a bodysuit for £20
  5. It’s the cost of the first team squads wages!
  6. I think this image should be put on the side of the 75 bus. Love to see it going up and down Gloucester Road.
  7. If only we paid £10 million for Taylor - everything would be rosy.
  8. I think SL will go into partnership with the UWE and develop it for Bristol's second biggest football team - Bristol City Women. Maybe he could also move the under 23 and 18 squads there as well.
  9. Could it be another court case on the cards? They haven't lost one in a while!
  10. Cowlin Construction are on standby!
  11. From one amateur club to another
  12. I can picture this, thousands of Gas heads flocking to our new stadium drooling in envy, spending their hard earned benefits in our stadium which will result in even more money for us to spend recruiting young international players. We will play them off the park and send the gas back to chernobyl in tears. Happy days
  13. I heard it as well he definitely said Eileen - typical gas retard!
  14. I remember leaving my car in the car park after a party in the supporters bar one Saturday night and when I came to pick it up the next morning it was surrounded by market stalls .
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