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  1. Rest up and don’t come back until you’re fully fit and healthy. Football is more important than most things but not your health.
  2. Being “banned from ever setting foot in the methane again” is more of a reward than a punishment.
  3. Johnny Watkins via Baadiff
  4. Thought this was a good thing to do as well...... A nine-year-old boy said he was "made up" after footballer Marcus Rashford sent him a surprise present thanking him for his charity work. Jacob, from St Helens in Merseyside, was inspired by the England forward's efforts to tackle child poverty and began running for charity Fare Share. His family said they were "so shocked" when a PlayStation 5 and a letter from Rashford arrived on their doorstep. "We are kind because it is the right thing to do", the letter said. Rashford, 23, led a campaign to tackle child food poverty during the coronavirus pandemic and was appointed an MBE. Manchester United fan Jacob wanted to help the cause and asked people to sponsor him while he ran to raise cash, his father John Worthington said. The boy, who plays for two football teams in the North West, created an Instagram account with his father to document his progress. Rashford spotted Jacob's efforts and messaged his father about where to send the gift. Mr Worthington said: "I was not expecting the parcel to come so quickly, so when it arrived on Wednesday I thought, 'what is this?'. "I genuinely thought someone had sent Jacob something in a used PlayStation box. Jacob said he "couldn't believe it" when he then unwrapped the console along with the letter and a new game. Rashford wrote: "We are not kind to be noticed. We are kind because it is the right thing to do." The Manchester United striker added he was "so proud" of the work Jacob had done for charity.Jacob said he started "jumping around the room" and was "so grateful". He added: "Rashford is my favourite player and I really hope to see him playing more for England."
  5. The bloke announcing the 10 most shocking signings program after motd said "Bristol Rovers fan here I'm making no comment"
  6. Easiest job in the league then, don't change anything and he'll soon realise his ambition and make 85% of Bristol happy at the same time!
  7. The winner of MansionBet Moment of the Month award for October :-
  8. If I remember rightly they used to stand on the hard shoulder of the M32 to avoid paying.
  9. It’s the cost of the first team squads wages!
  10. I think this image should be put on the side of the 75 bus. Love to see it going up and down Gloucester Road.
  11. If only we paid £10 million for Taylor - everything would be rosy.
  12. I think SL will go into partnership with the UWE and develop it for Bristol's second biggest football team - Bristol City Women. Maybe he could also move the under 23 and 18 squads there as well.
  13. Could it be another court case on the cards? They haven't lost one in a while!
  14. Cowlin Construction are on standby!
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