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  1. I could see the logic for an internal appointment if say we were someone like a Brentford or Southampton who have a clear way of how things are done i.e playing style that we would like to keep to. However as the previous manager seemed to make this up as he went along we don’t have that! Likewise if the internal appointment was a high profile ex player ( like Scott Parker was) players will want to join the club, and also will immediately have their respect as he has been there and done it as a player. The more and more I think about it I just can’t understand as to where the club wo
  2. If that is the case, you can understand a bit as to where they are coming from, but then why wait 5 weeks to make the announcement? Has it really changed that much in a week whilst Lansdown was pursuing Gerrard and trying to make him one of the highest paid managers in the league? I don’t know how we go from that situation to this?
  3. I hope that this is the case, I don’t know how we could go from looking at Gerrard one minute and making him one of the highest paid managers in the league to appointing Holden as the stadium company has made redundancies? I just hope that Gregor has it all wrong and we do appoint someone with some track record to get us looking forward to the new season!
  4. Sorry that is what I meant, difficult should have been “difficult” I was trying to be sarcastic, they were not at all difficult especially as there was effectively nothing to play for! I don’t get the whole youth angle if that is the case! Plus they can’t use the COVID angle either when the same owners are throwing money at the rugby club, surely if that is the excuse the money is all coming out of the one pot - which yes I know they are all separate, so it just doesn’t make any sense!
  5. That is quite right they did, big of you read my post I said 7 in the first half, Wigan only managed to score 1 more in the second half!!
  6. If he does get the job I hope he does a bit better than in his last 5 games, one of which was a difficult game against Hull who conceded 7 in the first half of the next game. I don’t understand why everyone thinks he will give youth a chance he didn’t in any of his 5 games he had. Vyner only later because of injury and our youngest player Massengo couldn’t even get off the bench when we were crying out for something in the middle! I respect your positive approach to this, and I try my best to be positive about this football club, but when (and I am hoping it it is not true) this does
  7. I am hoping that this is a smoke screen by the club, but got a bad feeling that it isn’t! How can Lansdown go on record saying “LJ was removed as he couldn’t take us to the next level” and then appoint that persons assistant! Surely a businessman so highly regarded as him would not let that happen as he will be seen as a laughing stock! It just shows that everything that we have been fed is just all pie in the sky, and they don’t have the ambition they say they do, Bristol will always be seen as a backwater football area. The club had a real chance this time to show ambition and if t
  8. Hughton is still at 6/4 on William Hill and not been closed yet
  9. Well let’s hope that if that is the case all of the players are wearing “old school” type boots and none having any pink bits on them! LJ will then have to come up with another excuse, maybe 4 blades of grass were not the right length!!!
  10. Surely anyone that was thinking of watching the game like be even more put off by that selection. There is no creativity at all in that team, strikes me that Johnson is picking a team that he hopes will not get hammered! What has O’Dowda shown in the last 2 games (let alone the last 6 months) to warrant a starting place! I do feel sorry for Palmer for the first time we have two strikers at the club that will allow him and them to play to their strengths and again he is in the bench!
  11. Do you know I have had that song going around in my head since Leeds were singing it last weekend! It does fit to that tune but didn’t know what else it could go with. One of the lads I go with said that Afobe could fit and started singing: Benik Afobe, Benik Afobe, Benik Afobe Han-Noah Massengo, Han-Noah Massengo, Han Noah Massengo, Han Noah Massengo Benik Afobe, Benik Afobe, Benik Afobe And repeat. Obviously you have to have the La Bamba tune in your head. I don’t think it will catch on but just thought I would share.
  12. I personally don’t think Webster will leave for Villa, he might want a more established Premier League club. Or might just think I will give it another season here, as he can see what is going on behind the scenes!! i think that Webster was fantastic last year, but could also a reason of how good he looked was the great partner he had alongside him? I mean Kalas was fantastic and it was quite rare he let many things past him! I am not saying it was all Kalas but I am sure he helped vastly Webster play as he did! I hope we dont sell Webster, but if we do it will be for the righ
  13. Thank you for that Julie, I could see the officers were giving him something, but all he was doing was filming them. Didnt know he got arrested, saw him go off on his bike and thought that was the end of it, didn’t see him down at the ground.
  14. This guy was outside the Robins around 12:30 ish before the game. He had a Middlesbrough shirt on, City tracksuit bottoms and City scarfs ties to his bike! There was riot van and Police gave him a written warning. Steve one of the doormen tried to move him on and he was filming him on his phone and everyone outside the Robins. The police tried to moving him on without any fuss, but he the. Started filming them as they spoke to him, and then started singing at us sat in the Robins! All a bit bizarre, only think the written warning was for the drinking in the street as he took his own beer. Fina
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