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  1. No idea how strong other clubs will be but having sacked Johnson (rightly) the new man must do better and take us to the "next level" Therefore I expect playoffs because we are being told to trust the ownership and board.
  2. Not too inflammatory then...? To be honest, at a time when fans are yet again at each others throats due to the people we have running the club you could have picked a better way to ask for people to chip in to the forum.
  3. But of course the convenient point some (not you Dave) forget or ignore is the wage cost of those going out compared to the wage costs of those coming in to replace them, plus the wage costs of those who are "ones for the future" who ain't going anywhere because they aren't much good. If though, as we are led to believe Johnson didn't have a say in who came in or out then perhaps the debate over player sales and purchases in the context of the former head coach is moot.
  4. This. I don't see why flagging that Lansdown isn't the messiah is heresy for some. He has spent lots of money yet fully expects a return on his investment. That's why anyone seeking him to sell up and exit is plain daft unless someone is prepared to buy the whole shooting match and that includes Bristol Sport plus the value of land holdings. If just the football club then there's zero value save the players because the stadium isn't part of the deal and is used by the rugby club. I would suggest therefore that there are far better options out there for someone wanting to buy a football club with a big potential fanbase so people should probably forget such ideas for as long as the owner is interested.
  5. Notwithstanding parachute payments, aren't Bournemouth up shit creek regarding unpaid transfer fees, or have I got that wrong ? If they are in a pickle that may explain Tindall more than us with Holden.
  6. 3-0 wins awarded perhaps plus fines equating to the anticipated revenue for the opposition arising from the games ? Then the club would have to suck it up unfortunately.
  7. Agreed and I don't think its down to being a "callow youth" either, he's getting on a bit now I think. Not easy living in such a shadow, but there has to be other avenues for him to pursue a career in. By the way Mr P, does he draw a wage out of interest ?
  8. You clearly take offence and do care but that's probably a symptom of being odd and immature. You didn't call me middle aged by the way so I wasn't offended at all, I just felt like picking you up on it. Now go away and pick a keyboard row with someone else.
  9. I think he sees himself and Ashton as being properly qualified so cannot see that ever happening whilst he still has his faculties intact. He is a self made (by association with Hargreaves) billionaire and widely respected by the majority of City and Bristol rugby fans, plus he has a stand named after himself, so he surely has a powerful ego and belief in that he absolutely knows best. That being the case I cannot imagine he will spend his time tending his strawberry patch in Guernsey whilst his brainchild is in the hands of others.
  10. I agree, Lansdown senior is not a disgrace, neither is he a benefactor, but I think he could do so much better and that is why a number of fans are starting to take a different view towards him.
  11. Yep I assume he was involved for sure, but what i'm not sure is whether he is the negotiating genius the BS spin machine likes to make out, or whether anyone experienced in the game could have done as well or even better. The fact we were shite back in the day is true but I have always said that the focus has always been on upgrading the playing staff whilst we still have league 1 management pulling the strings. I think that's lazy, cozy old BCFC to a tee.
  12. How do we know that the money generated was actually down to him being better than anyone else ? Genuine question not having a go, but I think that message came from the self congratulation bubble Ashton Johnson and the Lansdowns lived in for years.
  13. I say you're a bit odd actually. Go find a phone box to have a row with yourself.
  14. I think off the board RR. I'm not sure he has a thick skin or love the spotlight like his old man so criticism would therefore cut deeper. If as owner he came in for daily media criticism, and crowd protests, I could well see him selling up to teach the ungrateful proles a lesson.
  15. He tries to make his own way in the world or his daddy finds him another position somewhere. Lansdown senior has Ashton running the club so what happens next is jackshit different to what has been happening for a long long time. Junior is an irrelevance and does not (from the outside looking in) appear to be a person in power whatsoever, so I cannot imagine him ever picking any battle against his father or Ashton for that matter. at any time. You appear to be comparing him to people who get to senior positions on merit, and have something about them, I find that ridisculous to be honest.
  16. I think it is possible that the owner has never been so unpopular to be fair.
  17. He could have resigned or at least threatened to. That would tell the whole football world (or at least those who give a shit about BCFC) what was going on. No sympathy for him whatsoever. I have a very good mate whos judgement I trust who knows both Lansdown's well and his verdict on junior is scathing. **** the lot of them.
  18. I can definitely see son selling the whole sheebang if he ever gets control. Not sure he loves the limelight like poppa does.
  19. This is a thread about what a *** Ashton is.
  20. I can't personally see a fan owned club ever being competitive at the higher end of the English pyramid to be fair and there would still be unhappy fans anyway plus probably people making a few bob out of it all.
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