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  1. It really does take something else to concede 3 goals to a side with ten men. I know Coventry have been very good this season and we are playing away from home but being unable to see out a game like that and put up a fight really does speak to the professionalism and cohesion of our squad.
  2. Assists from Pring and Scott tonight, file that under things you absolutely love to see.
  3. Chris Martin. Could be his season. Pring with the assist on his league debut too. Beautiful!
  4. Bloody hell, that’s surprisingly good stuff from us!
  5. Yeah you’re right, the late goal is clearly just stinging in my mind after another one tonight
  6. I can’t believe people are saying that because we lost to FGR in the Mickey Mouse Cup we’re going to get relegated and Pearson has failed. Yes it’s a shit performance and Saturday was shit too, but there’s 45 matches to go and no one was expecting immediate success and promotion were they? If anyone can convert this lot into challengers it’s Pearson, he’s done it before. Unlike Johnson, Cotterill, SOD, McInness..
  7. Pearson’s not a miracle worker - clearly the issue here is with the squad and that’s evident by the lack of communication on the pitch and the absence of a genuine leader to motivate the rest of the team during the game. What Pearson needs is backing from the board & the opportunity to bring in the players with the required attitude; given that MA is out the door and Pearson is “manager”, not “head coach”, I really hope that’s where we’re headed next season. I fear the last two games of the season aren’t going to be pretty, unless some of the players start to realise they’re playing for their place at the club (although I suspect many won’t care).
  8. Good point on the road. Feel like this is one of those games that under Holden or LJ we would have lost - grinding out results is part and parcel of succeeding in the Championship so feel this is Pearson making an impact already. Not to mention a clean sheet for Max and our still frankly makeshift defence (no Mawson, Sess playing LB). No easy matches at this level. Happy with that.
  9. Got to put that down to distraction from Hunt. Real shame and you'd expect better from Bents but it happens. Test now is to come back from it.
  10. I'm putting this down to experienced management - know when you're up against it, sit back and play for the point, and take your chances as and when they arise to steal a win. Proper tactics.
  11. Bloody brilliant stuff, Vyner counter-attacking even while playing CB! A draw really would feel like a win against this Swansea team.
  12. Maybe I’m imagining it but I think we’re already seeing the NP effect - he’s a sensible, experienced manager who picks his battles well; Swansea away was always going to be tough, looks like we’re rightly playing for the point?
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