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  1. I don't know about anyone else but it's nice to have a healthy sprinkling of Bristolian in the team takes me back to being rather fond of Louis Carey. I'm somewhat more emotionally invested.
  2. I have a gut feeling Bents will be a last-minute transfer. Based on nothing other than pure worry.
  3. Can someone jump on their forum and pretend Flint up front is their way forward
  4. Got to admit I had nightmares that Flint scored a 90th minute winner last night.
  5. I keep getting notifications though, its the most popular I've been in a while
  6. I realised yesterday shortly after said brain fart, but im leaving it, theres not enough amusment
  7. He 3-4-3 if he's used to playing 10 vs 11
  8. My problem with O’Dowda is availability and consistancy, he's rarely has a bad game but he does have quite a few average games and then an absolutly outstanding game just to remind you what you could have had. Then he picks up a niggle and disapears for a few games, or a bad injury and a substatial chunk of the season. I think if we were to get a decent offer for him we should sell him, and buy Scully
  9. I think if Semenyo finds his shooting boots. I'm not sure if I care if they score 6
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