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  1. I think Wycombe are absolutely right to, the EFL need a slap for letting Derby take the piss for not just a few weeks literally year on year on year.
  2. I see why it was a yellow, he was on a run up to take a free kick and it was allegedly too late for him to pull out of as Ryan Manning has gone to kick it away.......
  3. The cold seal pig's ****** him up, and fed him to wolfie before themselves falling foul to a giant cock.
  4. I don't think home form is concerning, more painful, I think its a burden that needs to be gone. The sooner we beat someone at home the better for everyone.
  5. This many pages really? You get these games where you just don't play well, if you can win and not play well its a good thing, not losing and playing poorly is ok. You've got to remember we would have lost this 5 nil last season, the defence is much more resilient. As long as we learn from this we will do ok this season, we're in a better place than I thought we would be TBH, mid table is a good turn around, last years form was where Forrest are.......
  6. Jesus your so angry this is now blankity blank.
  7. https://www.skysports.com/watch/video/sports/football/teams/cambridge-united/12405470/cambridge-1-5-lincoln He's got bloody 9 goals already this season.
  8. Cook was my preferred rumour, but I'm happy with Pearson And I was a huge fan of Chris. Appleton was the only one I had it in for
  9. @Davefevs any thoughts on scully he did look sharp.
  10. I think I would be tempted to try Scott more central as a sub I think Semenyo has better defensive qualities, though Scott has those forward qualities that are difficult to dismiss. Hard ain't it.
  11. I think that was me I just recall his stints early doors at Portsmouth and have an emotional reaction to his name.
  12. Changed my view on him, a gas Head mate of mine came to visit me at the weekend I live equi distance from a few teams so we took in Cambridge vs Lincoln. The ground was packed and the Lincoln fans on top form, Adelakun scored on 1 minute and Lincoln went on to pop in another 4. Things I learned Appleton has Lincoln playing nice football, slick and well drilled. I don't know why but I never liked him that much before, I think should we find ourselves without manager again I won't be quite so anti Appleton in future. Adelakun wasn't their best player by a way, not a big miss I don't think. However Scully is a tidy player it would be interesting what @Davefevs has on him in terms of stats, firery little bugger but much better than L1 I think. Worth a punt in January maybe.
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