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  1. When I was younger think early 20s I used to get my hair cut regularly by a girl with very large boobs. Just becuase they nestled onto the back on my neck while she was trimming away. Now I'm much less shallow and worry about how many hairs I have.
  2. I do love being incognito sometimes. I have to ask as you whipped a walnut out your pocket and cracked it with your city tattooed bicep did they know who was boss
  3. All the movement in the premier league he's highly likely to get a bid come in. Hopefully not late in the window as that leaves chuff all time for spending money.
  4. You can do both if you want to expand the women's game, there has to be a realisation that even with the current professionalisation of the women's game wages are still small, and in order to become a professional athlete you need to give up your day job and have enough money to do it. You have to get more money into at least the top 3 tiers of women's football to enable the professional game to grow, and the grass roots to have a realistic prospect of a career football even if its not the top top tier.
  5. That's just how the pyramid works. But the cash needs to filter down from the elite tiers. To build a broader set of professional clubs and players in professional teams.
  6. We have seen a lot of references to sponsorship, but most of those are going to feed directly into the very top level, the best players and the most televised teams. What I find a little sad about the coverage, is I think they are missing the point when they covered for example the Blackburn youth setup, yes its produced 3 of the England team, but those players just got hoovered up by bigger teams who didn't necessarily have the same commitment to women's football, but will benefit from the revenue while Blackburn will still be mostly a small affair and end up as a feeder team.
  7. The England Ladies have always been decent, the professionalisation of the game has made them even better. What the FA need to do is stay careful and remember that Women's football isn't Men's football and there are subtle differences and recognise that putting Phil Neville in charge was stupid, and ridiculous (not only was he not a very good men's football manager he didn't understand the women's game either), he completely derailed their world cup, Sarina Wiegman has been amazing for the women, its important I think for Women's football for the powers at be to remember not to try and not turn the Womans game into the Mens game. I don't like it when people make direct comparisons with men's football its silly as though the rules are the same, the game is different, what you risk by doing this is creating the perception that the women's game isn't as good as the men's game because its not as quick or the shots are not as powerful, but on the flipside the women get more time on the ball, more dribbling and the range and types of shots as a result are quite often more entertaining. The skills are the same they are just employed differently due to differing levels of physique and its important not to loose that perspective in some daft drive to draw direct comparisons between the genders. I really like watching the ladies games from time to time, but the key thing is time, supporters only have so much time and money so the women's game needs to attract its own new fan base to be sustainable, and we shouldn't extrapolate the fans watching this as a 1:1 increase in the grassroots game as it wont be, there will be some who watch both but for the most part its will need a whole new fanbase and it might be in my view a great idea to make the women's away games for example PPV subscription for a period of time, as I'm not sure there would be the same amount of away travel for games. It would get money into the game and be a more flexible method of consumption for a new fanbase.
  8. Is there a Jill Scott meme yet I swear she said cheating ***** lip, reading.
  9. He's moving house next week, big payment from an anonymous Asian benefactor.
  10. When referee's are this bad and inconsistent I would imagine someone has an eye on him.
  11. I love the fact that Hull have lost most of their goals from last season and have a high turn over
  12. That did not come at a good time. Wife screamed just after my son got put back to sleep.
  13. I like the boys coming through the academy, they all have something about them, if they make it at championship level is neither here nor there for me, the fact many of them are making it at l1, l2 level is amazing and should help with the reputation of the academy moving forward I remember for a long long time the academy was producing maybe one or two players that could cut it, and then they would fall away down the leagues, Jennison Myrie-Williams was one that always looked like he was there or there abouts but seemed to just fall away down the leagues quite quickly. And then there were the "Ryan Harley's" of the academy that didn't seem to be given enough time to develop before they were offloaded. I rather like our academy
  14. Not sure if this has been posted, but read this a while back off the back of a conversation with a Charlton fan. https://www.coachesvoice.com/jason-euell-charlton-middlesbrough-england-southgate/
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