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  1. Spot on, considering the non starters and probable 2 or 3 others carrying knocks this is an amazing performance and result. Credit to the coaching staff also for the changes and positive attitude.
  2. 4-5-1 Fielding Wright Flint Baker Maggs COD Pack Smith Brownhill Reid Woodrow
  3. Injury crisis is a lot worse that is being let on. Multiple changes today, expect Woodrow to start with Reid (if available ?) in a 5 man midfield - IMO.
  4. "Aside from pitch renovations, the club will also improve the parking facilities at the Memorial Stadium as well as some more basic changes, including new curtains and blinds and cleaning the carpets". http://www.bristolpost.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/mixed-reaction-bristol-rovers-renovations-50309
  5. Our best "individual" player is on our bench so perhaps team ethic over flair for Blackburn also ?
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