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  1. 2 minutes ago, LondonBristolian said:

    I know injuries are no excuse, hence why I'm glad I'm posting this now we've won, but I think - with some posts earlier in the thread - people forget we were missing five players at the start of the game and six at the time of the come back, with two more playing but nowhere near fully fit. Those eight include both first-choice full-backs, both first choice winners, our first-choice target man and his natural replacement. 

    You can talk about depth but that is a significant level of injury. It's bound to affect our performances.

    Spot on, considering the non starters and probable 2 or 3 others carrying knocks this is an amazing performance and result. Credit to the coaching staff also for the changes and positive attitude.

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  2. 5 minutes ago, Northern Red said:

    Anyone know what formation that's supposed to be? 



                    Wright   Flint   Baker   Maggs

            COD            Pack   Smith          Brownhill




  3. 3 minutes ago, Ashtonwurzel said:



                                    Wright     Flint     Magnusson

                                            Pack     Hegler

                    Cotterill                                                     O'Dowda

                                           Brownhill or Reid

                                     Wilbs                      Taylor

  4. 1 hour ago, havanatopia said:

    Good day everyone,

    In the 2011 census Brighton & Hove had a population of 273,400 souls. Following the same 2011 census Bristol had a population of 428,100 and if one adds Kingswood it rises to 468,834. Lee Johnson made the remark this week that Brighton, with a 'similar population' , was our yardstick and were perhaps a couple of windows ahead of us in their progression. A little poetic licence on the population difference is all well and good, for effect, but are we really only one to two transfer windows behind a club such as Albion? 

    Having lived in south London for a number of years and, like the rest of us, being a football nut I usually needed my fix of the beautiful game each Saturday. In the event I could not make it west to the fairest city of them all I always looked at the likes of Palace or Brighton or even Gillingham or Sutton and Bromley for some action. I went to that old charming yet wrinkled lady that was the Goldstone Ground and also the truly awful Withdean 'Athletic' Ground. What is remarkable about football fans, any football fans, is putting up with miserable conditions not just for a few months or years but even decades. We all have that bond of suffering largely in silence letting off the steam of our everyday lives inside, quite frankly, a cesspit of a worshipful arena. Albion fans probably felt a bit like Gas fans do today; bouncing around different venues and, in the latter case, still dreaming. Brighton, on the other hand, are starting to live that dream now. The Goldstone's record attendance was nearly 37,000 against Fulham in 1958. That the owners of the club sold the ground in 1997 without consulting the fans and with no venue to move to must have been a real low point for the followers. The days of genuine plus twenty thousand crowds was seemingly gone. The Withdean, as I recall, could hold little more than five thousand. It was a bleak time in more ways than one; they first ground shared with Gillingham some 70 miles away.

    Brighton beat Doncaster in the penultimate match of the 96/7 season needing a win or draw at Edgar Street to stay in the Football League.. more ways than one. They drew with Hereford 1-1 and saved themselves from utter humiliation. How they have risen since then. From the then hated Bill Archer, chairman and owner, to Tony Bloom. Folks, this is a British owned club, like us, a dying breed none other. The likes of Steve Lansdown and Tony Bloom should and are regularly saluted by fans like us and long may it continue.

    The match today is, to my mind, a coming together of two men who have great respect for each other and indeed when Lee Johnson says Albion are our 'model' he means it not in a way to belittle ourselves, for that would be inaccurate a comparison given our myriad histories of relative glory and turmoil, but he says it because of the respect each club owner has for the other and how we are, in many ways, developing a sustainable model much like theirs. 

    I fully expect this to be a fiercely competitive match today, much like the game with Newcastle, and in the same vein one I do not expect much from. That said, we still have a team that is raw, new and somewhat of an unknown quantity even to those of us who watch them week in and week out; do we yet know how far this team can rise? Likely not. Perhaps we can win, anything is possible, and it is only 11 v 11 on the day. Perhaps I will be cautious and suggest a lockout 1-1 draw. 

    I am simply delighted that I shall be attending only my second game of the season following the opening day thriller against Wigan. I do hope our average attendance of the season tops Wolves and we move up to 8th in the rankings but I would happily sacrifice that for moving to 4th with a win. Those who stay away will likely miss a thriller in the event.

    Should I try a pastie? Mum, being Cornish, of course makes the best pasties in the land so that might just be a mistake.

    Enjoy the game everyone.




    Bristol has 2 teams so if you halve the population then you are actually close in size and potential support.

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