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  1. Maybe we are sport bossed from south wales ... look on the BBC football website.. go to championship section and at the bottom you will usually find story's about Cardiff, Swansea or their players past and present, their managers etc .. perhaps Bristol and the S. West don't exist.. there are more league clubs in our region than all of south wales .. and a bigger population.
  2. RIP Richard as others have said..... your posts will be missed
  3. 52 Vim is the name of a range of household cleaning products originally produced by Lever Brothers.[1] The Vim brand is currently owned by European multi national Henkel Group. History[edit] Vim scouring powder, one of the first products created by William Lever, first appeared on the market in 1904, an offshoot of Monkey Brand scouring soap. The name is thought to derive from the colloquial English word "vim" which has the same meaning as the Latin vis, vim ("force", "vigour").[2] Vim was produced at Port Sunlight near Liverpool, England. The name Vim remained solely associated with the scouring powder until 1993, when a range of associated products were released. Vim was also the name of a detergent tablet manufactured by Lever Brothers, and sold in the United States during the 1960s. It was the sponsor of the sitcom on CBS, The Lucy Show, starring Lucille Ball . Former owner Unilever abandoned Vim in favour of rival product Jif, although it was still sold in some other countries in Europe. In December 2004, it was sold to the group Guaber, based in Italy.[3] Vim is currently owned by Henkel Group[4] after its acquision of Spotless Group in 2015, although it is still marketed by Unilever in Canada[5] and Sri Lanka, where it has a 90% market share.[1][6] Vim is also sold as a Unilever brand in South Africa and India.[7]
  4. I received it.. see my post ref under 12's
  5. My grandson is 12 in July and has been a season ticket holder for 6 years which ment I had to pay over 12's for next seasons season ticket even though when it was bought he was still 11. I am nearly 70 so have been in lockdown from the start of the virus and obviously he lives in another household so have been separated for all that time. I therefore think it is very unfair that he should miss out. I think the club need to think again. As a footnote.. The Under 12's are surely the future of BCFC so I cannot understand why the club want to exclude them..
  6. R.I.P Dave. Former neighbour and friend of my family. Great City supporter who indoctrinated his grandchildren into the city family by proudly taking them to home matches when he could. Love and Regards to his Older and Newer family's at this sad time.
  7. NO... The suggestion was that it happened at half time, I don't think IS played second half !!!!
  8. I think we could have done with SADIO MANE But he didn't get off the bench ! ! ? I think he was sat watching the match in the front row in the Lansdown Block W12 ... I saw someone get a selfie on the steps at HT ... has anyone seen this .. I might be mistaken but the likeness was there.
  9. Watched on SKY ... What a load of Rubbish !!!! I hope Cardiff are just as bad against us as it means 6 points in the bag... I don't wana go to Chelsea ..... either. (nor scunny)
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