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  1. pjg11

    Shane Warne

    Shane was a good time boy I then played rugby for imperial the pavilion was our club house and he lodged in the flat above it . The seasons over ran so was sat on the balcony and watched his first ever over opened the bowling waited for him to pace out his run thinking he was a fast bowler couldn’t believe a spinner would open the bowling took a wicket with about third ball span miles . Was good mates with one of the footballers Vic Saunders I thing his name was used to be called Taz went everywhere together would imagine he would’ve took him . Shane came to visit him on the bowl of the century tour were really good mates
  2. The tombola joke was funny but if you looked under the surface . It was always about what the opposition was going to do to us not what we were going to do to them. Elliasen was bought to provide width and crosses then LJ says he could only play in a 442 which we rarely played . If we couldn’t work it out how could the players. Instead of training and working on a system. We train this way for Derby then different for Wigan then oh no we got Forest Tuesday better play this way . Was always reactive football
  3. Clubs in the bag was his quote the other was one for the future. Clubs in the bag says we didn’t have a system or an identity. Always different so some players could only. Play in certain formations if we didn’t play that they didn’t play . Not a phrase I’ve ever heard a top manager use as they buy players to fit a system Pep,Klopp,Dyche, nobody has clubs in the bag
  4. What is the actual punishment for breaching ffp. Is it that scary or a bogeyman will get you scenario
  5. Fair question that 3 managers haven’t managed to decipher the problem could say lack of confidence but baker hardly played Atkinson new . So they shouldn’t be in that bracket. If coaches weren’t good enough Pearson would of fired them out and he oversees training so must be happy with that . Can’t all have a bad attitude. Just doesn’t seem to be an answer.
  6. can coach organise all you like if players can’t read situations game manage be brave put bodies on the line want to win any challenge win headers what can you do can’t give players intelligence will to win and the balls for a battle. Can line them up in a formation. Put a defensive plan in place. Doesn’t matter if defenders don’t the ability to read things or the guts to win a header or show any commitment cant coach that
  7. Can’t coach conviction commitment or intelligence can run as many sessions as you like organising putting people in the right place can’t make players read the game better be more determined want to get the ball first stick your head in where it hurts that’s inside the players all the training won’t give a player a heart and guts . Baker for instance gets criticised for his injuries but no one can say he isn’t committed and his body is put on the line . Just haven’t got enough of this type of player . If we had done our clear out on commitment we would have had about 3 players left
  8. Some of my greatest memories were with that team made me proud to be a city fan at school again after nearly not having a club . Bolton at Wembley.Stevie Neville’s extra time winner in the semi. Beating Rovers at eastville. Chester away to win promotion. Massive part of my teenage years thanks for memories Terry you will be loved and missed Rip TC
  9. Maybe players had last seasons way of work still . Train but just do enough so do the tests pass them but just about don’t bust a gut . So just been made clear work hard work our way or go . Maybe just how deep the malaise has been where just enough was enough. So newsflash lads not any more feel just a wake call for a few.
  10. Toney went for £5 million plus add ons which would inflate the price but keep or sell has made Brentford a fortune . As one of our young profit making forwards Engvall made us a fortune
  11. How much has been made on Watkins how much is Toney worth now. Just used as examples . £5million on fam massive profit made on him . Making a point the ones for the future profit don’t come at a super low price . Buy for cheap get average Odowda adeluken not really ever of that standard again just examples we haven’t bought top quality young players bought cheap young players and hasn’t worked
  12. Had the chances over the years to still buy outstanding younger players didn’t go for it Watkins Toney Dack are just a few
  13. We could see this happening only have to look at Wimbledon Charlton when in the premier league and other clubs. You can’t keep selling your best players and find and produce gems eventually the mine runs out then you end up with the journey men left . We sold and sold and sold not really replaced any of them
  14. The time to get all the young players adjusted to championship football would be a risk if the don’t come off straight away we are in trouble. We were dropping like a stone already. Yes we need to sign some younger players. But a team of league one all stars is a massive risk . This window is short term . Stop the slide keep us in the division then start to build . I’m sure in a years time the younger players we have will be fitter stronger faster and gained experience by playing and training with the older heads . We can then add to that . The reason as I see it why we had some many old signings was poor squad management. We all knew Webster was leaving no replacements lined up and left it to late so Williams signed . Always a striker short so Rodri signed . Obvious after Williams left we needed to replace him no action taken so marriapa signed All panic signings cause we were always short in the squad as the rest under the 1st team were kids. Martin and Wells solid championship strikers only late 20s early 30s . Brunt was shot physically and should have been noticed maybe a trial in pre season then a decision made pure bad management. This is a stop the rot season I’m sure with revenue coming back in the club and stability ensured younger players will be chased and recruited just not this window as this is different to any other window ever
  15. The club aren’t going to sign a player with health conditions. Obviously passed a medical or wouldn’t be signed . The questions to be asked are Is there any better on the free agents list for the money . If we bought a fit Baker from another club how much would he cost . Is he coming for a pay day or to play . I think that we couldn’t or wouldn’t pay the money he was on . He may well have made more money elsewhere maybe not . But shows that he wants to play . Hopefully he stays fit . Don’t think a lot of the time it’s fitness. it’s a bravery problem puts his body on the line so takes some heavy knocks. Maybe can be coached into winning balls without the heavy impact. If that’s the case maybe the injuries will reduce
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