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  1. I think its unlucky to have four five players out but the situation we are in the best I think we could do is 4th 3rd at a push although with this team we are capable of automatic promotion
  2. Hunt often two against one sometimes 3 against one commentators were saying they felt sorry for him .Douglas was virtually standing next to him no other city player within ten yards of them .Not saying he's the best right back but needed help yesterday
  3. Thanks Bristol Sport due to your ignorance and lack of understanding my son doesn't want to support you anymore and has given all his city stuff to his cousin.He would have been forth generation city fan after his great grandad grandad and me . Bristol have stopped that for now. I just hope I can get him back.. Now this may seem trivial to adults but my son is ten. My son has had a lot of problems at school and was taken out of mainstream school I was told he may never get back into a normal school. After 18 months of hard work he actually got himself back to normal school. 12 months on he has
  4. Joke is we could sack Johnson .And find the new manager is Lee Johnson at his level no one better safe pairs of hands someone I trust blah blah blah. All management speak .
  5. Maenepaa hasn't let us down .If he gets injured. Max and then kids left
  6. experienced championship striker short, same in midfield,defender and goalkeeper. Two injuries up front we start with eisa and Taylor.Showed how much lj trusted them Watkins started there Saturday.Korey injured leaves us Josh and Marlon .Short everywhere
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