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  1. Walsh may find he’s been offered the going rate in these difficult times . I wouldn’t expect a pay rise if I hadn’t worked for a year . Don’t think we can have a season waiting on potential. Walsh potentially could have a good season we could find he won’t then people will say that we spent money on an untried player over a known championship player. Let’s worry or get excited by what’s recruited not by paper talk. I’m sure Pearson in his 30 years in football can make up his mind on players even if they are recommended by analysts. If premier league championship league one players surely he can judge a player . Surely analysis is just a guide . Otherwise we end up with players the manager doesn’t fancy and doesn’t play had plenty under Johnson. Only have to look at Van Der Beek at utd
  2. pjg11


    In all fairness Man City player was waving as well thought it was a serious injury. If he hadn’t don’t think ref would have stopped it
  3. Embarrassing when commentators are saying he measures the grass before games .Don’t no how that helps the team . Does he say it’s a quarter of an inch long so you need to pass the 0.3% harder. Getting hammered by Leeds and they say LJ says a new player needs 30 training sessions before they can play his way that day they could’ve had 300 sessions and wouldn’t beat Leeds just nonsense
  4. Ashton said in a earlier interview it was Holdens choice to let Korey go . What didn’t make sense at the time and still now was Korey had been released and signed for Swansea before Holden was appointed as manager
  5. Could be a lot to sort out NP lays out his plan and what needs to change SL takes it all away then comes back with what is possible and affordable. Dof or Ceo who and how it works for NP. Coaches who stays who goes paying up contracts who NP wants in how much it would cost . Medical staff is there a problem with it does it need replacing completely or just adjusting. Players who stays who goes. How much money has NP got to spend . Lots to discuss not going to be a “Do you want the job” “Yes please” shake hands on to next season
  6. This has taken 19 pages and a lot of thought to write dv is terrible and there are no excuses for any genuine cases but from personal experience I will share what happened to me . It started with a row with my ex partner. At the time was my partner we lived together. We had been to a party I left as we had . Had a row and walked home . She had got a taxi home and arrived before me. She continued to argue with me . There was a knock at the door and two policemen were stood there. She had stayed in the lounge when I answered the door. I was put straight in cuffs and arrested before they had even entered the house. She Showed them a big bruise on her leg and said I did it .If they would have looked even then they would have seen the bruising was at least ten days old. I spent a night in the cells and was interviewed next morning by this time she had dropped the complaint but the police can carry on without a complaint on dv cases . I had the duty solicitor with me and . When I was interviewed I was lucky that 3 things had happened my father in law had written a statement saying the bruise was old and how she did it . My eight year old son told them I hadn’t touched her . And I had bumped into her mate walking home which proved I hadn’t arrived home when the police had been called. After we split up she got the hump over something and did it again this time I wasn’t even there. Imagine my surprise when you get a phone call on a Monday morning in work inviting you to the police station to discuss the incident on Friday evening later that day I had a phone call from social services telling me I wasn’t allowed to see my two boys. I got a solicitor who took me through the day of the incident. When interviewed between myself and my brief we had managed to prove I wasn’t there. I had moved in to my new flat that day and was busy until the evening luckily it had cctv and showed me coming and going all day . At the time of her phone call to the police I was in the local kebab shop again lucky for me they had cctv which showed me there and then my new flat cctv showing me going in when all this was going on . So the police dropped everything.Even with all this proof it took three months for social services to allow me to see my kids unsupervised. I turned out to be lucky my son woke up my father in law made his statement cctv on my new home . The takeaway cctv. If I had stayed home or had no cctv I would have been in trouble. As far as the police and social services were concerned I was guilty until proven innocent. I came very close to being done for dv and if I had no witnesses or cctv most likely would have been . As a social worker said we have to believe someone but does that have to be the woman all the time women lie and manipulate as well as men . Just for the record my two boys live with me now . I’m not saying Simpson is innocent or shouldn’t have been punished but in a he said she said case in law there is usually only one winner the she . There is a real danger that the current climate including the metoo movement can be used for bad as well as good there are two sides to every story . Most times it is evil men doing these things . But not every time and we must be careful that this does not go out of control . If Simpson did what he did then yes punish him . But be wary of her word against his
  7. Contract up at end of the season palace haven’t offered a new contract rumour is they want to move on from Roy
  8. With reference to Korey we all knew he was going before Holden got the job but says it was Deans choice to let him go. That says Holden was always getting the job and the 6 weeks was a smokescreen
  9. I think its unlucky to have four five players out but the situation we are in the best I think we could do is 4th 3rd at a push although with this team we are capable of automatic promotion
  10. Hunt often two against one sometimes 3 against one commentators were saying they felt sorry for him .Douglas was virtually standing next to him no other city player within ten yards of them .Not saying he's the best right back but needed help yesterday
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