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  1. Obviously it seems Nige does not agree with me on this, but I liked Vyner in a defensive midfield role last season. We should usually be fine in midfield but Williams and King out for a little while. If Vyner is back before them then that should be an option.
  2. I do care about us being awful but I have laughed a few times this afternoon. Like that Simpson pass out for a throw
  3. His choices of subs aren't always the best imo
  4. These 2 commentators have no passion whatsoever. The main guy sounds like he should be a children's TV presenter. The cricket guy knows very little about football. And I know he is supposed to be a City fan but he doesn't sound like he particularly cares.
  5. He just said Bentley has to take control of his 6 yard box better like he used to in his playing days as a goalkeeper at non league level.
  6. Not disagreeing but what chances did Weimann create. Offside goal? Cross into keepers arms or cross out of Martin's reach? Can't remember a chance he created but I might be wrong.
  7. The main commentator at half time just said Wells being offside and being played through shows we can cause them problems. How is being caught offside causing them problems?
  8. I've noticed that Weimann points nearly every time he is back defending and sometimes pointing at nothing in particular that makes absolutely no sense. Why does he do that.
  9. Wow city fans I think singing 'you don't know what you're doing' to Nige
  10. I actually laughed when Tanner played their player on goal. Just so bad all round, except that great Bentley save of course
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