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  1. Yep or King in for Massengo. We have not seen much of Massengo have we so not sure if he is carrying a knock.
  2. Hoping Plymouth put out a strong side. I expect we will see Palmer and Martin again up top. Come on Kasey show us the same level of fitness and work rate as the Pompey game. O'Dowda and Weimann on the wings. It will likely be 2 of James, King or Massengo in midfield.
  3. Yes I can't see him getting much game time this season. On his best days he is very good. But what we have seen so far he isn't one that I think would be trusted.
  4. Hard to really judge the game when it's hard to see the other side of the pitch and when the camera moves quickly it's hard to see anything. But Taylor Moore looked quality bringing it out and was pretty dominant. Obviously not even close to championship level opposition.
  5. He isn't the most technically gifted but he really looks a threat with his pace and power doesn't he. Works so hard too.
  6. Will it be on Exeter's youtube page or somewhere else? Edit. Ahh got it!
  7. Moore seems to prefer playing left sided in a back 2. He has always played there when paired with Kalas.
  8. Interesting to see Nagy wide right again if that's where he plays. 2 starts in that position, 2 assists and 1 goal. He also came on in that position a couple of times and played well. Scott wide left I have often thought might suit him. Drifting into central areas of the pitch. If we go 442 a lot this season then we don't really need many natural wingers.
  9. Cheltenham not offering Harper a contract
  10. The Everly Brothers - Jamie Paterson?
  11. I really like how Russell Martin has his team playing. They went on a great run last season playing their possession based game. I really liked an interview he had after a few bad results, explaining how he refuses to move away from the clubs identity. “This talk of a plan B, I don’t understand what people mean. What they mean is, put a big guy up front, that’s a typical British… it’s not happening. It’s not the style of play. The style of play scores us a record goal last Tuesday night (after 55 passes). “I feel strongly about this. It’s a myth that that’s the problem; it’s not. The style of play gets us to the box three times more than the opposition, double the amount of touches in the opposition box. It (a plan B) just gets thrown at us all the time. “Ultimately, I believe fundamentally in how the game should be played. We won eight in 11 playing the same way, and then no one throws anything at you about the style of play. And then all of a sudden it’s, ‘You need a plan B’. No. No. We need to get better at what we do. We need to solve more problems being us, with the identity we want to have as a football club. “Otherwise, you’re just completely outcome-based and every single result changes how you feel about players, changes how you feel about the club, changes how you feel about the process. And I’m not going to do that, because my job is to be consistent with what we’re doing, because fundamentally I believe in it and I believe in the players.” What he describes in the last paragraph is the complete opposite of how Lee Johnson seemed to think with us. Completely agree with what he says there. I was very impressed with some of their patterns of play yesterday. No doubt they have to keep improving, especially at bringing the ball out the back. It's an ambitious way of playing trying to dominate all the opponents. Sometimes you need to do things differently to get the edge. Playing percentages against the best teams in league one I doubt would get them promoted. Might as well go for it with a different style. It will be a good move for Morton if a loan happens. I'm not so sure he is quite league one quality, but MK Dons suits him much more than Gillingham. A deep lying role in front of the back 3 taking the ball off the defence as they play it out the back. I think Morton also played in some of MK Don's 7-1 win over Coventry in last week. Aden Baldwin impressed me yesterday. Very composed on the ball and looked a better defender than when I last saw him. Was right to let him go of course, but good to see him looking decent for them. Definitely a team I would like to send someone like Benarous, or if he needs a loan then Alex Scott. They will likely get more touches with them than any other league one side.
  12. I am not so sure two will go. If one leaves then we'd have 5 for 2 places but Masssngo being one of those can play in the 10 role. I think one of those two leaving might be what happens. Like you say Nagy permanently or Bakinson on loan.
  13. If we go into the season with James, Williams, Nagy, King, Massengo and Bakinson. Then I think that will mean one or maybe two of those will be used in other roles and not in the 2 in front of the defence. Because there is no way we need 6 competing for 2 places.
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