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  1. Yep the club has done superbly well with the academy and pathway over the years. Was always going to take time. Hopefully more to come.
  2. I don't see why it can't work playing him there. He might be better on the left but 2 of his 3 performances on the right he's played well imo.
  3. Scott at left wing back is an option. He does it well on the other side of the pitch. I don't think a player has to be left footed to play on the left and with Scott coming in field then it would occasionally allow Pring to go on the overlap from left centre back.
  4. Yep I think he's an important player in this system. He's no Eliasson with his crosses. But he brings so much to the team covering so much ground. Defensively pretty solid like most games. Fulham away he was poor though, and so was Dasilva on the other side. Fulham completely dominated our midfield which made it tough for our wing backs. And also how dominant Mitrovic was with balls played into him. I'm interested to see what happens in that position in the future. I'm not so sure Dasilva is now part of Pearson's plans just because he's done well in a couple of games, both being sub appearances. It might be he looks to bring in a new left wing back next season, that's even if we continue with wing backs. Pearson has said about going 433, but I do think Pearson is quite open to changing his mind on things as he has from earlier season tactics to now. Who knows the same might be true with his views on Dasilva. Maybe he's now very much part of Nigel's plans. If not then I wonder whether Pearson would regret letting George Nurse go. Playing well in league one and a year younger than Pring. Nurse is playing left of a back 3, so not sure how he'd look at wing back but he has played more attacking roles in the past on loan. He is an excellent crosser of the ball. I'd say he's probably better than O'Dowda, Dasilva and Pring at crossing the ball. But of course there is a lot more to it than being a good crosser. Just on paper a 22 year old playing well in league one, I'd imagine generally it would be expected they one day step up a level as they develop.
  5. I was expecting us to have a decent enough season. Though I was hoping Williams would be back to partner James which would be right up there in midfield pairings at this level imo. So seeing so little of Williams has been a real shame. I know some fans think our players are terrible and anything above relegation is a success. I've always disagreed with that. Many of them are good players at this level imo. I think Pearson made mistakes in the earlier months of the season in his long ball tactics. And I think based on performances we got lucky in how many points we picked up. But he seems to have found the solution now. Semenyo helps a lot of course. Arguably our most important player. But even if he were unavailable I'd fancy us to perform better than we had been in those earlier months with how we now look to play. Fulham cup game was just a cup game against a 2nd Fulham team. But without Semenyo and Weimann we looked very impressive with Benarous in behind Martin and Wells. Still the odd decision by Pearson I don't get, things like Vyner in the middle of a back 3 last week marking Mitrovic. But generally he has us looking much better now. Always thought it suits a lot of our players to pass the ball. As Kalas said in an interview the other week. I think now we should be able to climb up the table a bit and finish in a decent enough position. Playing young players and finishing in a mid table position will be a good season.
  6. I like both. To be fair to Bentley we had been a very direct side for much of the season with him in goal. It seems watching how we intend to play now and by what players have said in interviews, and Pearson himself, that we have more recently been changing our approach. So I'd have no worries Bentley in goal with playing it out. We did it well with him in goal in the past. But I would keep O'Leary in goal as he's doing well but we have 2 very good goalies imo. Which Pearson said going into this season.
  7. Joe Raws is their best midfielder imo. His contract is up in the summer. I expect there would be more competition for him and he'd probably cost a fair bit more in wages. But not even sure we will need a CM.
  8. I have always thought Dasilva is not a Pearson type player. But we do now play very differently and I think Pearson's initial plans for this team now might have changed a lot in system and style of play. Dasilva suits this team more than he did the teams Pearson put out earlier in the season. I expect he stays on the right for now. Yeah he's left footed but it means he likes to come in field which Scott likes to do anyway when in that right wing back position. I think Pearson is usually very careful with players that have had knocks or coming back from injury to start King or Williams next game, or James if he is passed fit. So with Massengo and Scott impressing together I expect they stay as a pair. When there is more options then yep no reason Dasilva should not be pushing for that left wing back role. It should be Dasilva competing with O'Dowda rather than Pring who imo looks very impressive in his current position, and has shown he lacks the stamina to play wing back.
  9. No not been away just not had much time to come on here recently. Yeah I like him anywhere really. If we look strong in centre mid with Williams, James and Massengo all fit or even 2 of them fit then Scott wing back or further forward. He looks very adaptable.
  10. Such an intelligent player to play all the positions he has played. I really like him anywhere he plays. Thought Dasilva was good at right wing back so maybe Pearson continues with the team that finished the game. Once we got going second half we looked brilliant.
  11. Would rather Korey. And that's if we even need a centre mid. Not sure we will need one. Scott and Massengo will only get better. How good did Scott look in that deeper role today! Williams staying fit for the rest of the season could be key there in whether we need a centre mid in the summer. Needs some months of game time, regularly completing 90 minutes for Pearson to be condfident in him going into next season. Wouldn't be surprised if King is let go in the summer, and Bakinson looks almost certain to be gone permanently or back out on loan if we can't sell him. Probably on my own here but I have always thought Vyner does a reliable job in midfield as back up. I don't think Pack improves our best 11. I think Matty James is better and I expect Nige agrees with that. Williams is probably our best midfielder imo if only he can stay fit. Big if. Those 2 young ones that ended up alongside each other today were seriously impressive. Who knows maybe even Dylan Kadji is brought into the first team squad training next season and is an option as back up.
  12. I think he's had a good season overall so far. I thought last season the Martin - Semenyo partnership looked the best combination. Yeah we didnt see much of it last season, but stylistically it looked like it would work better than any combination of the other strikers we had. I think for a fair bit of the season Martin has been a key player, but too much of one. He was very important today, but with Semenyo there we are not completely dependent on Martin to link play. In most games for a fair bit of the season it had been if the opposition struggle with Martin then we play well. But the problem was some defences coped quite comfortably with him. Of course a big problem there was the previous long ball tactics. Being greedy I would not mind a new striker in if one becomes available to compete with Martin to play alongside Semenyo, if Weimann stays in the AMC role. If we can loan out or sell Wells cheap or even on free to free up his wages.
  13. He does, but he is playing well every game now imo.
  14. He was probably having an off day until he then went on to another level maybe 60 minutes in. He was a nightmare for that Cardiff defence with those high balls over the top as they left space in behind. I think it was pretty obvious he would be one hell of a player when seeing him last season. Not really sure how lots were not getting more excited by what he could do. How much he had improved from 19/20 to 20/21 season. He's now continued that development further. And I expect he will only continue to improve. I think he's our best presser. He is so quick and so strong. He doesn't just make the defenders hurry up and get rid, his pace and strength means he can get to the player as they clear it, leaving something on the player or getting a touch on the ball. People have criticised his finishing and of course still work needed there with that chance that he should have gone across the keeper. But he always had one hell of a shot on him with either foot. I think he hits it harder with his weaker foot than most of our players do with their stronger foot. Was never too worried about his lack of goals and missed chances. I also like it that he can press for 90 plus minutes. For very physically strong player who puts in one hell of a shift, he keeps it going. He is also a very intelligent player. Improved massively on his game understanding and decision making from when we saw him a bit lost 2-3 years ago. Always thought he'd be a prem player. That might be sooner than anticipated which will be a shame to not have him another year after this one at least.
  15. I think Baker and King were massive gambles in that with a smaller squad we know we needed to rely on players being fit and surely could not rely on Baker to be starting and finishing games if we look at his record. And he missed almost the entire last season too. King only completed 90 minutes once in the previous 3 years before joining us. So to then be expected to start a lot of games when available at 33 it is not surprising he is picking up injuries. 4 injuries this season so far for him. Simpson not good enough and will probably only play again for us in a crisis. But Tanner, Atkinson and James all good signings imo. Especially Tanner who seemed less obvious than the other 2. Not too concerned about their injuries. Okay James has a terrible history with injuries but after last season I think we could expect him to be able to avoid bad injuries having gone all season injury free and so many games close together. Doesn't seem like this one is particularly bad so not too worried about that. Like all teams we will always get injuries of course.
  16. Yep just watched BBC highlights. Made the right decision but just got too heavy a 2nd touch
  17. Conway looks a very good finisher imo so for me it's about if he can get those chances. He had 2 yesterday and 1st was very unlucky with the goalkeeper touch. Did everything right and would have passed it into an open goal if the keeper hadn't done so well to get a touch. That's how it appeared to me but didn't have the best view watching on my mobile phone.
  18. Perfectly reasonable question
  19. Thought O'Dowda was much quieter yesterday. I don't think hugging the touchline is hiding though. It's where he has mainly been every game since coming back into the side. He did drift to the right at times too 2nd half. Thought McNamara had another really good game against us and up against him. Though O'Dowda still did his defensive duties fine, just didn't work for him in the final third. Pring was very impressive imo. Mainly his defending which I've been most impressed with this season. Same at Pompey last season. Didn't get forward as much as I expected but looked very quick and strong defender which is now the case with us.
  20. I generally like playing youngsters but I was worried seeing Towler and Benarous in the side when we had Atkinson and Massengo or even Bakinson as options. He got it right 2nd half though.
  21. I think he can be harder to pick up when not up front. When he gets chances that requires one touch he is a very good finisher.
  22. I watched Shrewsbury Vs Wigan and I was very impressed with Shrewsbury. All over them at times with much less quality wages wise I'm sure. Definitely lacked quality at times in forward areas but they looked a proper team.
  23. Of course you have not heard Pearson's team talks. Nor have I. But when a goalkeeper goes long almost every time in games or sometimes literally every single time, Cardiff away for example, then surely it's the instructions. It's worked well at times. Long ball can be a good way of playing when it works so not against it. But I think it's been poor up till more recently. If Bentley is hitting it long and Pearson wants him to play it short then why has it taken him half the season to finally drop a player that is not doing as they are told. And why was Bentley playing it out under Holden end of 19/20 and beginning of 20/21 season. A lot more under LJ too than generally under Nige. A touch fanciful to suggest a player for nearly half a season is doing what he's told to do? Not sure about that. I think Max is better at playing it out. Always said in previous seasons that I like his distribution. But I think the way we played made it a lot easier for him. There seemed to be a clear plan to play it out.
  24. Yep. There's different ways. I'm not so sure that would suit O'Dowda so much. Dasilva was very high and wide a lot under LJ. Under Holden (not much to go on) I remember him coming in field a bit from wing back, not just on the ball but when positioning himself when we had the ball. I think also a player hugging the touchline and high can create a lot of space for teammates in possession. All depends on how it's done. For example Derby against us had 4 at the back but Forsyth was so high on the touchline for parts of the first half but pretty much all the 2nd half. This created space for Shinnie to move from left centre mid to left back as Derby moved the ball easier with our strikers lacking the energy they had earlier in the game. Weimann could either go with Shinnie but he wanted to stop the vertical low pass from the centre back to Lawrence who was more in field because of Forsyth in the wide channel. Plange coming short left side from centre forward. Forsyth had Scott pinned back all 2nd half which was probably a key part of how Derby played it out.
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