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  1. Yep..and if decision making is the problem then it's funny how these 10 outfield players are all such great decision makers for their clubs at the very highest level, even winning or getting to the final of the champions League. But suddenly they all collectively become clueless at the exact same time. It's not a coincidence, they are quality intelligent technical players, but they need a game plan that works. Like you say about the central parts of the pitch, Scotland used their front 2 and often McGinn to aggressively press our midfield. They wanted to deny space in the middle of the park. A top manager like lets say Pep would have seen that Scotland were happy for England to have the ball in wide areas, especially with our full backs who saw the ball a lot. Someone like Pep in charge of England would have seen how to use Scotland's pressing against them rather than letting it dictate how England played. England have the better players, they should be dominating. Not winning should have been because of bad misses in the final third, not because of being incapable of getting the ball into the final third. No excuses for that imo. Of course we did have chances but not enough of them to say we were the better team. Who knows what the answer was. There probably wasn't just one answer but a number of things Southgate could have done with all the quality available to him. The changes he made I thought made us even worse. Like you say Foden coming off was a ridiculous decision. He was actually making the most dangerous runs off the ball, even though we'd probably have thought Sterling would be doing that more, it was Foden who made the most effective forward runs. And Foden looked proper confident on the ball too, just like he does for Man City. Sterling kept losing it. Southgate keeps Sterling on though. Yep Sancho left on the bench. I don't get that decision at all. I'm using Pep as an example of a great manager. But he's never going to be England manager. So let's say Graham Potter would have had a much better idea of how to set us up and what to do if changes needed to be made. Potter may not have won things at the highest levels of the game, but he's shown at Brighton he has a good understanding of the modern game tactically in how he has his team playing. Southgate lovely guy, says all the things the FA want to hear. But I wasn't impressed with him in the world cup. Some good wins since then but we are talking about trying to win the Euros and you need the players which I believe we have to be in with a chance. But if the manager loses his battle against the opposing manager then we have little chance. He bottled it in the 2 big knock out games so far - Croatia semis at the world cup where Croatia's coach simply saw from the first 45 what tweaks he needed to make to make them the dominant team for the remainder of the game. Then Southgate was stood there, arms folded, waiting for the inevitable Croatia winner to come. He didn't know what to do. And Netherlands semis in the nation's league where we were awful too. I wonder what the minimum requirement in this tournament is for Gareth to keep his job. I really hope he can prove me wrong but I can only say about what I've seen so far. Not impressed.
  2. So little positional rotation from the England players. Clarke got the tactics spot on, and they do have a decent side there. But I imagine there's better managers out there who would be able to see what needs doing. We got worse even after subbing Kane who had been so poor
  3. Southgate has the players there but the whole team lacks movement and are not able to pass the ball forwards without losing it. That's down to tactics. Clarke made it difficult for England to play it into midfield. And from there Southgate didnt know what to do about it. Stand there and hope it changes, make some subs and see what happens. One of his answers was to bring on Rashford for Kane. That made us worse. Rashford has never really been that good down the middle, maybe against teams that leave loads of space in behind, but last night was not the answer. It was like we had no strikers when he came on. Kane was terrible, but by that 60-70 minute point of the game I want Calvert Lewin on so at least we would have had someone to aim at in the box. We had wingers looking to come in field, but our full backs put in 3 crosses between them in the entire 90 minutes. Sancho can't even get off the bench and he is quality. Southgate's best achievement was beating Spain 3-2 away. But that was a defensive counter attacking display, attacking all the space in behind with Rashford and Sterling running onto Kane's through balls who kept coming deep to receive the ball. Spain gave us a lot of space for Kane to come deep and turn, and Rashford and Sterling to get in behind. We just had to be very good defensively and exploit the space on the breaks and hope our forwards were clinical which they were. It was a great win but probably an easier one to manage compared to trying to work out how to deal with the problems Scotland were giving us last night, that Southgate failed to do. Against teams that respect us more, like most teams do now, Southgate is not showing himself to be a particularly good tactician.
  4. I'm happy if Simpson signing happens. Couple of very strong performances end of the season. A preseason should help a lot too that he didn't have in the last 2 seasons. At his age I don't think he will be able to get through the kind of work Hunt did for us. But he certainly knows how to defend, he still looked sharp one on one, good in the air too. I'm sure it will be a year, possibly with a club year option.
  5. Rashford not even in the box then. Got seconds remaining and there's no one in the box! We were better with Kane on the pitch. He was terrible, but bloody hell why bring on Rashford who has never been good down the middle instead of Calvert Lewin. Awful!
  6. Southgate probably thinking Scotland will go for it and get Rashford in behind. Id rather us look to win and get balls into the box for Calvert Lewin who is fantastic in the air. By all means have Rashford on but Sterling should have come off with Kane and Calvert Lewin should be on imo
  7. Haha Southgate goes with Rashford down the middle and leaves Calvert Lewin on the bench. Well I think he's got that wrong personally
  8. Bring off Sterling and Kane surely!
  9. There's a problem there that is probably quite common at international level. Grealish does something he does regularly for Villa and probably expects a player there to hit it when he gives it inside but for England there is no one there.
  10. Philips been poor tonight after an excellent first game
  11. Brings off England's best outfield player tonight
  12. Southgate doing a Croatia semi final stand there and hope without knowing what to actually do about it
  13. This is more like it!
  14. I remember growing up seeing some awful fa cup finals in the 90s where the ball would move around the long Wembley turf so slowly and everyone looked so tired as it sapped the energy out of them. All these years later and it looks like there's the same problem. Or is that just me. Seemed like it in the FA cup final too. Scotland are playing it more direct. England trying to pass the ball and there's just no speed in the passes. Foden looked very good. Pickford as well with the save and distribution. Kane been very poor. I'd be looking to bring on Calvert Lewin in the 2nd half.
  15. Oh my days Dixon. How on earth could Pickford do any better than that there. Blasted it from not far out and from that angle Pickford would have had to parried it behind him to get it away from danger!
  16. Foden making some great runs
  17. Blimey Scotland look good
  18. I don't think he would under Southgate for the same reason Trent doesn't
  19. He was a poor signing wasn't he. Improved but not what we needed at all
  20. Just noticed one person voted we will buy the league but also voted we won't sign any players
  21. Yes and I expect that's why he preferred Henriksen. Bigger and stronger than Morrell
  22. What a terrible ball there. Over Wilson's head
  23. Remember we were linked to Kieffer Moore years ago. Missed out there didn't we
  24. Spot on. And he looked nervous. Just go down the middle, very likely it would find the back of the net
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