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  1. Or if he doesn't have sky then hopefully his VPN has enough free GB left for the next 2 games
  2. Didn't he think Southend were called Southampton? I'm sure I saw an interview of him calling his own team the wrong name. It doesn't get much worse than that!
  3. Oh crap. So he misses the next 2 games
  4. I think we pass it back to our goalie less because we rarely play it out the back. In 17/18 we often tried to play it out and had to then go back to Fielding. There is quite a few differences in how we play this season compared to previous.
  5. We defended very poorly on that Blackpool goal and they had a few good chances before that equaliser. Luton game was our worst performance so far this season, they missed a number of great chances. We didn't create a chance in open play in that Luton game, and I don't think we had created anything in the previous game against Preston either who also missed some very good chances.
  6. One big difference to last season is we don't have many injuries at the moment! Also we look a bit stronger defensively. Defending our box better, especially when defending set pieces. But we've had a lot of luck in the last 4 games imo. We've conceded many good chances and teams have finished poorly against us, and we haven't created that many chances ourselves in those games. Tactically Pearson does things quite differently to LJ and Holden.
  7. Blimey Bath are have a nightmare of a season so far! I think Francois was only a month loan? Pretty sure I heard the commentator say that in the 23s game midweek. Yeah Zac Smith was released by City and joined Taunton.
  8. I think on chances created and conceded we probably should have lost the last 4 games! Our goalkeeper and centre backs have been very impressive and the team have really battled hard for points, but with a lot of luck in there too in teams missing so many good chances. I thought we were all over the place at the end of yesterdays game. Amazing that Fulham could not hit the target with any of those chances. Another team constantly attacking our right side. I think Pearson is doing a good job, but no doubt we are nowhere near where he wants us to be. Still early days and overall is a positive start to the season imo.
  9. I think Semenyo has played well when coming on in recent games. I imagine he is injured
  10. That is probably his only hope in this 442. Can he ever be a player that constantly makes runs off the ball and always switched on to press the opponents and knowing how to do it. Nige said he has to improve his game understanding and I expect it is things like that he has to work on.
  11. Other than the goal he didn't play particularly well imo. I'm not saying scoring the goal is not enough of an impact. We were all over the place at the end with Palmer not offering much defensively and Weimann really lacking defensive discipline. It's amazing Fulham could not hit the target with any of those chances.
  12. He looks pretty good at everything to me. I think Nige wants more all round players in our team. He certainly seems that kind and is aggressive too. And he will only get better.
  13. Good old Howard Foster tried his best to give it to AJ didn't he! Too one sided for him to even do that
  14. It was a great finish. So much natural ability but just not sure how he fits into this side unless he can improve his movement up top in a role alongside Martin or Wells.
  15. Yeah he might still convincingly lose with whatever his plan is, but at least I'm sure it will be a different plan he comes in with. I wonder will he put on extra weight and try to use that to his advantage. Fury did in Wilder 2 for example. I was thinking Usyk won't maintain those levels over the distance but he did. But of course lot easier for Fury to use his extra weight against Wilder who can't box on the back foot. Like with Wilder we do know if AJ can land then he has a good chance, but landing those clean shots is the problem they have to solve. When I say everything being back on, I mean he then has the belts back and if he does so by knocking out Usyk then he would have knocked out one of the best, and as long as Fury wins that Wilder match then that fight should be made. Fury would be favourite but would have a lot more intrigue world wide than it would AJ coming off of 2 losses with no belts and Usyk holding the others. In fact the fight would not be made any time soon and we might not ever see it. As far as the division goes I just like seeing as many interesting fights as possible. What we'd call 50/50s or not having a good idea of what we are expecting to see going into a fight. The years of Wlad jab and grab tactics were painful to watch. Personally I'd like to see Wilder make big improvements and Fury looking vulnerable to his power and losing, and AJ being too big and powerful in the Usyk rematch. Whyte coming into it too with more wins and deserving a shot. And as many of them fighting each other as possible. I actually missed the very last part of the fight so will try and find a link of the fight to watch back.
  16. Big loss. He will be straight back in when back fit. I am interested to see what Nige does with Williams and Massengo available. Nige said last week he likes 433, but he seems to want to always play 2 up top as I think he feels he doesn't have the right striker to play the 433 system. I expect continuing with 442, Massengo will go wide right drifting in field and Williams plays alongside James in the 2. It will look solid but also all are very good on the ball and can offer a lot going forward. James and Williams are both great passers of the ball. Hopefully Massengo can continue to run at players with the ball, as he's shown more confidence in doing that in recent games. Then on the left it is Pring, who I think has been below par the last 2 games. O'Dowda and Semenyo hopefully pushing him for that more natural wide role in the side.
  17. I was expecting a lot of movement from Usyk but being more tentative from distance like Parker was against AJ, concerned about AJ's power. And I thought it would go to points and even if AJ didn't deserve the win, he would get it being the champ at home. But as it turned out there was no way even bias home judges could have given that. AJ was probably surprised by Usyk after seeing his previous fights. Whatever southpaws they brought into camp there is no way AJ could learn how to deal with what he came up against in Usyk. AJ was pawing with the jab but bloody hard to put much authority into it when he knew he would mostly not find the target and be countered. He was using his jab to try and find his range rather than using it as a weapon, and he never found that range. Maybe AJ thought as long as I am doing something then the judges will give me enough rounds and hoping Usyk tires and he could find that big shot late on. At least in a rematch AJ should have a better idea of what he needs to try to do. He probably has to go for it, but the problem is he tires when throwing big combinations and then he slows right down in his movements, pawing that jab and would be an easy target as he waits to regain the energy to go again. He hasn't the stamina of Fury or Usyk. He isn't going to come close to winning by boxing with Usyk. I imagine Fury would really use his extra size against Usyk by leaning on him at every opportunity. AJ has never really done that in any fights I can think of. I bet the team are absolutely devastated, it's a business and Usyk could really have messed things up for them. An AJ win in a rematch and everything is back on, but if he gets outclassed again then surely any potential AJ vs Fury match is no longer anywhere near as big as it would have been. How stupid to not have made that fight by now, apparently down to Fury team which is stupid of them if so, but who knows what is true. I think the best thing for the heavyweight division would be Wilder to beat Fury and AJ to win the Usyk rematch. It would then really open up the division and make any of those four fighting each other 50/50 fights. Maybe others like Whyte could come into consideration too. Styles make fights and even if AJ is seen as better than Whyte, it would be interesting to see Whyte throwing the kitchen sink at Usyk. Currently it looks like it will be Fury vs Usyk in the future to become the king of the division. Really hoping AJ goes for it in the rematch and at least will be able to say Usyk is just too good, rather than doing the same as he did last night where he will likely lose again.
  18. I think it might be difficult but it is possible to play great passing football without parachute payments. Other teams have done it at this level without relying on parachute payments. All about good recruitment, a good youth system is a bonus too and of course a good manager who sets the team up well. I don't think Pearson's way of playing is like that anyway which is fine.
  19. When he signed for us I suggested he might be an option wide right. Thought there was a game I saw him there for someone but might have imagined it! I think Nige will likely stick with 2 up top and he likes 4 the back, so I think it's likely one has to play wide or he only plays 2. King too has been a decent signing and Bakinson I thought had a good first half but like last game, struggled in the 2nd. Very strong in that position.
  20. Yeah he is what you describe but also Williams and James are in that position too. I think Massengo could offer more in beating players in the final third or out wide. Or other options could be Williams wide right with Massengo alongside James. Or play all 3 in a different system of 4141/433. But I think Nige wants to ideally play 2 up top.
  21. What a tackle on Robinson. Williams looked so sharp. James had a fantastic game. Said start of the season that will be the preferred pair. If Massengo is back soon then he could well be played wide right.
  22. That kick from Bentley annoyed me. Low kick. Get height on it so the team have a bit more time to get themselves back in shape. All a bit risky when we are trying to see it out. Baker been a bit dodgy a couple of times hasn't he, other than that great tackle. That was a proper dodgy end to the game but what a superb effort!
  24. We look completely knackered now. Kalas legs had gone then trying to get back
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