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  1. ………..umm…….they’re still deep in the shit Graham. It could be all over come Sunday evening.
  2. Absolutely right. It coincided with the departure of Ashley - something the toon army had wanted for years.A combination of both.
  3. Burnley are still at serious risk of the drop tho despite sacking Dyche and the same applies to Leeds.
  4. It took the players refusing to play for GJ after they’d manhandled him out of the dressing room at Argyle that forced GJ to sack him. City wouldn’t have a team otherwise.
  5. Both Leeds and Burnley sacked their respective managers in an effort to avoid relegation from the PL but now one of them will joining us in the Championship next season. It just shows that changing managers in a time of difficulty isn’t always the right decision and I firmly believe that had Burnley held on to Dyche that they wouldn’t be in the precarious situation that they’re currently in. He was relegated first time around with them but bounced straight back up and there’s be no reason why he couldn’t have done the same if they’d gone down again. The owners of both Burnley and Leeds obviously felt under immense pressure at the possibility of them losing PL status but the in case of Leeds and Bielsa it’s more understandable with his poor command of English and if whispers are anything to go by his stubborn refusal to change tactics and style of play. Personally I hope Leeds get relegated.
  6. Absolutely. It’s quite phenomenal just how much this type of technology has advanced in a relatively short time period. Compare it now to just a few years ago when prozone was considered top drawer technology. It must a truly fascinating area to work in - I’d love to have been involved in it had it been around when I was working.
  7. Yep I am delighted that they went up automatically. They’ve been in L2 long enough and there’s nothing quite like a Bristol derby at AG or the Tented village - better that Cardiff, Swansea or Swindon for atmosphere. I exchanged messages with some gashead buddies after their spectacular 7 goal win against Scunny and reminisced about the craic we had back in the Sawyers Arms days - they were good times with the friendly and amusing banter between us all.
  8. Joe Bryan when at City helped out a local football club particularly when one of their player’s suffered a broken leg.. JB visited him in hospital and the actual club - many footballers do magnanimous acts for the local community that often goes unnoticed.
  9. I’m not deriding Taylor at all - just pointing out that many footballers do magnanimous things for the benefit of the local community. I imagine is common practice in every professional football club. Personaly I don’t see it as a big deal.
  10. Spot on. Lots of players over many many years have carried out magnanimous acts to local hospitals, youth club, junior football teams awards etc etc……. Bob Taylor was one of many and really handy for him as lived close by. He was probably the nearest City player to Yatton at the time.
  11. Nice thing to do but he didn’t have to travel far - he lived in Worle……..just a short drive along the A370.
  12. I would have loved another season of front foot attacking football under DW - he produced the best football at AG for years - and look who replaced him - Mr Dull…….……..
  13. Indeed they are - you’d have thought that the board would have learnt by the time Nige arrived but SLs record of bringing in the right manager is not that impressive. Fraud Ashton being the common denominator with McGuiness and LJ/DH. Like many others I think Nige is a ‘proper’ manager - the first since Danny Wilson (why was he ever sacked?) and I’m confident that he’ll create a squad capable of promotion. Two more years on his contract
  14. Yep, those four haven’t featured much under Nige, only Vyner has had a few appearances and I don’t think Nige was overly impressed with him when he did play. Hopefully some clubs will come in for Palmer and Vyner but Moore and Bakinson are out the door for sure.
  15. Huddersfield go thru…..2-1 on aggregate
  16. So what? Absolutely Daniels would have been very aware of both Thomas and Owens coming out. Whilst it’s not hot public news these days I daresay that in the gay community it’s considered an amazingly courageous step to take and seen as a positive step towards homosexuality becoming normalised in much the same way that heterosexuality is.
  17. You’ve missed the point Tony…………… Both Thomas and Owens broke the taboo around homosexuality within mens sport even tho was several years ago. That took great courage and I’m sure gave Daniels the confidence to come out having seen what positive reaction that both got.
  18. Fair play to him especially at such a young age. He may well have been influenced by Nigel Owens and Gareth Thomas both from the very macho sport of rugby and the positive reaction that they got that gave him the confidence to come out.
  19. Nige is really straight talking guy. No bluff or nonsense, to the point answers reasonable as openly as possible, unlike several previous managers………..……
  20. What memories? I don’t have any good ones of CoD. He did very little despite his undoubted skills and decent pace. Never skinned a full back or took on defenders. He was largely a waste of space.
  21. Straight to sleep…………
  22. Everton did a Leeds by getting players sent off. Two straight reds at Goodison so they’ll both be done for the season. Toss up between them Burnley and Leeds for relegation. Whichever club comes down they’ll be serious competition just as Fulham and B’muff were.
  23. GJ was a bully, a big bully as a men of smaller a stature often are. That’s how he got found out at City and why he’s now working in the lower leagues again. Nige is the complete opposite and as you say is a top bloke.
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