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  1. Two excellent Indian restaurants fairly close to each other in Hotwells Rd. the Raj Bari and further along the Rassary. Both very good an both within easy walking distance of the docks where there’s always loads going on. Apart from the two I’ve recommended there are plenty of other Indian restaurants all over Bristol. Other posters will have their own recommendations.
  2. Massengo was shackled in much the same way as all the other players were particularly under LJ. Nige takes over and pretty quickly saw what what a skilled footballer Massengo is and it could be that he’ll feature regularly this season along with King and James.
  3. Michael Appleton at Lincoln City for me. I really hope they reach the Championship - it’s been decades since I visited Sincil Bank.
  4. Two excellent points Dave. Im very confident that we will see the likes of King, James, Massengo et al all given license to play without shackles and be innovative in their play. Let’s hope for some front foot, attacking football this coming season.
  5. Nothing on the OS………The usual wild speculation and rumour on social media. I’m expecting Conway to be around the matchday squad particularly as Nige thinks we’re short of a striker.
  6. Big advantage for Geoff over GmG is that GT is a former professional footballer. That gives him credibility in the eyes of most managers.
  7. Nige sees preseason games as ‘training matches’. They’re an opportunity to give all the squad game time, hence the many changes in lines ups. The results don’t mean anything either but as some posters point out City didn’t score against Celtic in a 0-0 draw forgetting that Celtic were at least three weeks ahead of us in preparation for an upcoming Champions League match. Didn't score against Villa either - a PL side but created several chances. No big deal. The real stuff against Blackpool and I daresay that Nige has a matchday squad and starting 11 in mind already,
  8. Nige has an abundance of midfielders, two who he knows exactly what they’ll bring so I suspect they’ll both start - a safe bet in other words. As for a deeper midfielder then it’s likely to be Nagy or Bakinson but I have a feeling that NP might just just surprise us all come the Blackpool fixture…………..
  9. Looks like you’ve not on otib very long SR or otherwise you’d know the crap sound system in the Dolman is a long standing complaint - roughly 5 or 6 seasons but upto the lockdown MKelly had done nothing to to get it sorted. Hopefully he’s finally got it working effectively. We’ll know on the 8th………….
  10. Why not? Young but with some Championship experience, pacy which Is a nightmare for defenders. No doubt Nige and his coaches will have worked with him on his composure in front of goal. I reckon Semenyo will be a surprise package this coming season.
  11. I’ve said exactly that a few weeks ago and got laughed at…………
  12. Yep…….blaming the officials is classic sour grapes. Absolutely no acknowledgment that Lions were better than them.
  13. Too numerous to list, but fairly recent programs like Game of Thrones, Peaky Blinders and Handmaidens Tale spring to mind. Going back a number of years, I Claudius was brilliant as was comedic programs like The Goode Life, Only Fools and Horses. I’d have no problem watching any repeats of any of the above.
  14. Tyna obviously didn’t know Major - hence my helpful reply.
  15. Curtis was brought in to cover for Simpson who’s undergoing cancer treatment.
  16. I prefer Ark to glastored…………
  17. Short cover whilst Paul Simpson undergoes his cancer treatment and you think it’s “jobs for the boys”…….
  18. It won’t take them long to see through him. The guy is smarmy fraud.
  19. Any of those guys could be a surprise package this season. Currently, Wells and Martin are the senior strikers and will probably start against Blackpool on the 7th but the season is a marathon of 46 games plus the two cup competitions and anything can happen and our youngsters will undoubtedly get an opportunity.
  20. I’ve been cautiously optimistic at the start of each season for as long as I can remember. However….that feeling started to creep in as soon as Nige was appointed on a three year contract particularly having heard his interviews when he was temporary in charge . He came over like no other City manager had and his observations of the shambles had become under LJ and Aston were spot on - no names tho. A proper manager at long last after 20+ years. Since then he’s brought in quality midfielders and a decent full back all of whom he knows well and what they’ll bring. All good indications that we could well be in for a decent season. All we need now is decent goalscorer…………..
  21. It’s all just a storm in a teacup.
  22. I saw on here that GmG was getting access after the Dons or the Villa game. You’re right about it being farcical tho - and I get the feeling that most of originated on here…….
  23. No doubt and as always the club are looking to fleece the fans - hence the tenner for a training match but the ‘disconnect’ between Nige and GmG is entirely one sided. Is no big deal for Nige if the local hack is pissed off. He did his managerial duty by giving an interview to RobinsTV and not GmG and he got the hump over it……..…. A very ‘toys out the pram’ reaction from GmG. GmG will get proper access when the serious stuff starts and then we’ll see how it goes after the Blackpool match.
  24. Doing interviews is an integral part of a managers job so it’s not about pandering to GmG or any other media. Like most managers Nige doesn’t like to have his decisions questioned and has reacted poorly for sure in the past. However, when it comes to preseason training matches I can quite understand why Nige has been unavailable for GmG when it’s his and his coaches jobs to get the squad as ready as possible and that means utilising the entire squad. However,Nige did do an interview with Robins Tv instead and that’s what Gregor got in a piss about. It was childish of GmG to react in the way he did tho.
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