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  1. That applies to all clubs.
  2. As always Nige was spot on post match reinforcing his message that if a player doesn’t confirm to his methods then that player can leave. I have a suspicion that CoD will be off the next window.
  3. It’s the same for any manger at Newcastle- the unrealistic expectations of the Toon army.
  4. Spot on and very amusingly put!
  5. Which suggests that you think Nige doesn’t know what he’s doing………….
  6. Why do you suppose that is?
  7. Absolutely right. Nige has a three year project and we’re only 13 games into his first year. When he was appointed most us said that we’d be happy with a mid table finish this season. There will be ups and downs every season as there would be with any manager but hopefully progress every season. Stick with Nige and we’ll be ok.
  8. My mum really disliked the name Mervyn. She reckoned it sounded ok as a boys name but once they grew into a man that he should change his name………….
  9. Yep - many years ago tho. Two rinks of three separated by pillars iirc.
  10. The only changes I can see is if Atkinson and Massengo are available. I can’t see CoD anywhere near the squad after his poor showing on Saturday. Williams will definitely be out, not sure about King tho.
  11. Nigel is a generational name. My g’father born in 1902 was called Alfred or Alfie. G’mother born 1901 was called Hilda. Not names heard much these days but fairly common back then.
  12. Looking at those stats it’s makes me wonder how City are sitting comfortably in mid table.
  13. It shook and trembled after Roberts scored the winner again the Monkey hangers so much so that Colin Sexstone had the stand checked out by structural engineers. Their report was satisfactory. That was the only time I’ve ever experienced the Dolman skate like that thankfully.
  14. And the Packers go marching on beating local rivals the Bears.
  15. I was given this information by a former Senior member of the AG set up - it was several years ago tho.
  16. Harris was sacked after 5 consecutive defeats. No surprise to see MM on his way out of Cardiff later today or tomorrow. MM along with Houghton were wanted by some on here and it just goes to show that no managerial appointment guarantees anything.
  17. Yep, not looking good for MM. 6 consecutive defeats will surely mean he’ll be out the door.
  18. What excuses would that be? Unlucky at least twice at AG by conceding very late goals. Remember that Pearson is gradually rebuilding after the shambles left by LJ and DH and that takes time and already we’ve seen improvements in fitness and our away form. City are a quarter of the way thru the season.
  19. Not necessarily. It was down to B’muff being so good. The only City player that obviously lacked 100% commitment was CoD and he was replaced at halftime and possibly who Nige was referring to about ‘not taking their chance’ post match. I’ll be surprised if he’s involved on Tuesday against Forest. The three defenders, Tanner, Kalas and Baker and keeper Bentley were largely responsible for keeping the score at at two. Dasliva was fully committed when he came on.
  20. I’m not so sure that commitment was missing from the City players, execution was maybe but that was largely down to the opposition who, as we know were excellent. They stifled City when out of possession, blocked our passing options and were generally better than us all over the pitch. Nige said post match that we were beaten by a better side. Cahill and Kelly had very little to do whilst Billing(?) bossed the midfield. Their full backs exposed both flanks with ease and that might be why CoD was replaced at half time and why City were better second 45. All that said - Atkinson and Massengo were both missing and firstly the unlucky Williams get injured again followed not long after by King going off leaving City with 10 men for the last 15mins or so. So…….taking all that into consideration might help lessen the blow of a home defeat.
  21. The fans of the four clubs that qualify for the play offs all pray that their team wins them - hence the ‘pray’ offs.
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