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  1. I paid the £10 to watch the game but can still listen to the audio on my pc via Chrome
  2. Sky are now offering Sky Sports Premier League and Sky Sports Football both in HD for £18 a month, no contract but have to give 31 days notice. Couldn't see how to do it at sky.com but upgraded package via red button on channel 402/403
  3. I had to ring as it defaulted my ticket to a Senior and I didn't notice until after I'd bought it; turns out they had me as being 100 on their system. They also moved my seats
  4. It appears that we're only able to renew our existing seats, not "select specific seats when purchasing your Season Card to ensure you can be with friends and family." Fortunately, mine are close enough together if they do enforce reserved seating but they're nowhere near where we normally go
  5. Wasn't there talk of doing the lower Dolman as well? As some rugby fans want to stand as well?
  6. ‘Cider in a can’ (or Marvin Elliott) song
  7. I totally missed the announcement. Just went straight in with no queuing and bought 3 so I suspect quite a few missed it as well
  8. Yes, I've been sent codes for my kid's tickets
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