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  1. This suggests the price should have been £170 last year and that £140 was for existing subscribers (which I wasn't, for the international sub)
  2. Mine shows "Renewal of £140.00 due on 31 Jul 2022" I wonder if you'll get the cheaper price if you cancel yours and re-subscribe
  3. Or in my experience, you'll be asked every year to send in proof but cards will be issued regardless
  4. I'm just looking for an U21 ticket
  5. It worked for me in the first half although the streams weren't that great
  6. Is the £1 surcharge on our away tickets paying for damage somewhere? Its not charged on home tickets
  7. Are the 2 areas originally (or once) suggested (Lower Dolman & Upper South) still likely to be the next converted?
  8. Cheers. It stopped being included for me some time last season and I'd stopped checking. I'll give it a go again next time I'm abroad.
  9. Do you have to pay again for the Radio Bristol commentary?
  10. Bouncers are asking everyone where they're from. Somerset was good enough
  11. There's 2 left as I type, https://tickets.bristol-sport.co.uk/en-GB/events/reading v bristol city/2021-8-17_19.45/reading away
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