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  1. Are the 2 areas originally (or once) suggested (Lower Dolman & Upper South) still likely to be the next converted?
  2. Cheers. It stopped being included for me some time last season and I'd stopped checking. I'll give it a go again next time I'm abroad.
  3. Do you have to pay again for the Radio Bristol commentary?
  4. Bouncers are asking everyone where they're from. Somerset was good enough
  5. There's 2 left as I type, https://tickets.bristol-sport.co.uk/en-GB/events/reading v bristol city/2021-8-17_19.45/reading away
  6. Are you the guy with Truespeed who was only able to book the game after you had turned your VPN on and set it to London? Other Truespeed users have reported having problems watching iPlayer, are you one of them? Where does https://whatsmyip.com/ say you are when you have your VPN off?
  7. Or from https://www.exetercityfc.co.uk/news/2020/september2/guide-to-ifollow/ Following the Grecians from outside of the UK? Why not grab an international video season or monthly pass and make sure you don't miss any of the action! International video season passes cost just £140, whilst monthly passes cost £20 a month Match passes are available at £7 per game for supporters based outside of the UK.
  8. IFollow are charging $178 a year or $26 a month according to Exeter City https://www.exetercityfc.co.uk/ifollow/subscribe/
  9. Where did you see it on offer for £190?
  10. I paid the £10 to watch the game but can still listen to the audio on my pc via Chrome
  11. Sky are now offering Sky Sports Premier League and Sky Sports Football both in HD for £18 a month, no contract but have to give 31 days notice. Couldn't see how to do it at sky.com but upgraded package via red button on channel 402/403
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