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  1. There was one. It was a slightly older than usual “contestant” who wound Downsy up a bit by being reluctant to take his hints so he let him lose.
  2. My pass has just been delivered.
  3. As Barkhamred has said I have the payment acknowledgment email on my phone as proof if the pass hasn’t turned up and they don’t have a names list.
  4. Neither has mine for Patterson’s. I was given the impression when I paid for it the other week from the person I was speaking to that they may not be sent out until close to the first game.
  5. Pattersons for me. Had the email today and paid for the parking when I bought tickets for the Villa game.
  6. Let’s be fair to the lad, let him score two hat tricks if nothing else this coming season. October 9th and March 26th……
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