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  1. If it improves, you will log out no doubt
  2. Tbf I haven’t a clue with details of FFP but the the impressions I get is that we are being really careful or tight? Whilst other clubs seem to be still risking it - time will tell
  3. I believe he thought he needed 3 in to balance / get the dressing room onside. He could have got 2 in and got the more offensive player, we might never know I don’t think Simpson has been particularly great, but we don’t know what goes on behind the scenes - he could have helped immensely getting the spirit back
  4. They don’t, but he wouldn’t have mentioned us instead edit - for some reason I was referring to the Fulham match, must have thought he was still manager there (I blame Henry Weston)
  5. Just watched a Lee Johnson win on his debut
  6. Small hall show tonight if anyone interested
  7. At least it wasn’t 4, small steps and all that
  8. Defo some characters reappearing on here that weren’t here when we were improving
  9. Cardiff much better second half and been close. Boro on the counter look like a second goal could come if Cardiff waste the pressure
  10. Think I’ve seen this already but in slightly kinder terms
  11. Again big TV matches - wasn’t particularly cold either He was shivering on the bench in his last spell with us, didn’t look interested Not fairy tales - fact, he’s inconsistent, a great player on his day
  12. He’s on form. Will he still be doing in 2 months time when it’s minus 2
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