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  1. Anybody football related doing on social media is our new HC the way it’s going now
  2. Seems there is a space for someone - feels very light and weak at the moment
  3. The even more worrying thing is, he might not be however bad it gets
  4. ‘Sacked’ generates more clicks
  5. Yeh he will have deactivated his account
  6. I’m getting to the point now that if Hughton is appointed I’m going to still not feel right with what’s going on - would have been buzzing weeks ago, now feels like a massive dark cloud
  7. Unless they got relegated and unable to get out of the Championship
  8. Tinnion was joking about leaving Twitter when Tomlin pulled a goal back v Fulham - got a few bites
  9. Option 4 this time, no question for me - I haven’t felt this underwhelmed since Coppell left
  10. Hughton gone from 16/1 to 5/2, by lunchtime he will be favourite and on the roof by 6pm
  11. Smokescreen so you feel relived you get Cook not Holden, so not angry about not getting Hughton
  12. Are the interviews being held in person or remotely?
  13. Possibly in our eyes, but not from their point of view - bloke has done a reasonable job and worked hard for the last few years
  14. Token gesture by the club, right thing to do
  15. He’s up to 4/1 now, 3rd Fave
  16. Lee Johnson as his assistant
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