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  1. Is Bakinson back with us now? Did he show up at training today?
  2. When I saw the headline I thought most of the season, was a bit relieved tbh
  3. I thought it was going to be worse going by the posts headline. He will be back after a few games and won’t be sold - every cloud
  4. Should have won?? Why do you think they got through?? must have beaten better teams but failed to beat us We have had ‘easy’ routes many times before and failed
  5. Moir is his mums maiden name I think
  6. People say it’s an easy run but they must have beaten the better teams somewhere down the line - I don’t get why people say that, it’s all about form
  7. Yep losing to Iceland in a tournament
  8. Gallagher won’t be going to the World Cup I don’t think
  9. I’m pretty sure the Timm pic is just a weird angle but pretty sure some pictures must be photoshopped
  10. Didn’t realise - thought it was 3 Nations League games now and 3 in September or whenever
  11. And then people would moan because we would be getting ripped to shreds
  12. It’s basically the same formation- the players have to force the pace. Easier said than done
  13. Can’t win can he. Picks the fans choice and still gets criticised It’s a good free flowing game, chances for both sides
  14. Please don’t score anymore against the world champions- someone might put a decent bid in
  15. Hahaha can’t believe I missed that
  16. He’s such a nauseating on Twitter. He must be so miserable. Seems like an awful person to be around
  17. I’ve seen the Tweets about a done deal and aren’t players back in training tomorrow? Expect to see Tom Hanks in the next couple of hours
  18. I love basic stuff without massive logos and colours etc so this is right up my street Might be making a few purchases before my hols
  19. Cracking pic Had a ST in there for a number of years. Didn’t mind when we shared it with away fans- cracking atmosphere AG hasn’t been the same really since it was demolished, but that’s modern football for you
  20. This has genuinely made my day. Actually did a few big fist pumps
  21. If he does sign for us, my money is on the Wilson ball from Castaway making an appearance in the welcome video
  22. Once you notice it doesn’t go away
  23. I’d like to see the Welsh cry so either of the other 2
  24. I like that t shirt. Had a look, not for sale at the moment
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