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  1. I think the women's peleton can be a bit more chaotic than the men's. There is less control from the teams and some riders are always fighting for position. It can make it more exciting and unpredictable, but also, as we saw today, more prone to crashes. The risks of crosswinds didn't help either. Hopefully a calmer stage tomorrow.
  2. Several nasty tumbles. Hope they're all ok
  3. Childishly I am delighted that Jakobsen only won a single sprint and was nowhere to seen on the Champs Elysees That'll teach LeFevre for not taking Cav!
  4. Scheduled for 1pm start each day.
  5. Eurosport and presumably GCN
  6. Well I will be taking particular interest in how Pfeiffer Georgi does. Rides for DSM who took the Yellow Jersey today. She's local (Berkeley) and is a talented rider and rising star
  7. Really sad news. I can only endorse all the tributes and kind words expressed on here. Such a friendly guy and Mr Bristol City without doubt. Will be sadly missed.
  8. Clairvoyant? Young Fred Wright is getting closer to his first win. Very worthy 2nd place
  9. Phenomenal ride by Pidcock. His climbing of Alpe D'Huez was outstanding, but prior to that his descending was breathtaking. I had to look away at times!
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