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  1. Read the sentence at the bottom of the "breaking news" *Paddy Power’s breaking news coverage is 100% fake news. And that’s the truth.**
  2. No matter how good you are technically, and he isn't that good, there's no excuse for not putting the effort in. He needs to have a long hard look at HNM to see what skill and total effort/commitment is.
  3. We miss HNM, but KP has to be a better option than Bakinson
  4. Certainly not getting as involved as he should.
  5. RIP Nuff So glad I saw one of the Frantic Four reunion gigs
  6. A fantastic battling performance. A win when you are not at your best is even more special. Brilliant!
  7. I'm looking forward to Senior Reds tomorrow. Mark Kelly is the guest speaker!
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