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  1. Out shone Stanley Matthews on our right wing when we played Blackpool in the cup
  2. Bennet definitely off, but will DQS retain Cav, and if so as the main sprinter for the Tour? Perhaps, but Lefevre will not let sentiment rule his head. Hopefully a deal can be done. DQS will be Cav's preference for sure, and the best chance of win 35 if he can ride the Tour again.
  3. Gutted. But then thinking about it that's preposterous. Last season I thought his career was all but over. What he has achieved is beyond belief. A win today would have been perfect, but perhaps greedy. 4 wins, Green Jersey, 34 TDF record equalling wins at 36. When most thought he was finished. chapeau, chapeau, Hope he comes back next year for just one more victory.
  4. Ok, one more try Draught Bass? (that's about my limit of nostalgic beer knowledge)
  5. Only a guess, but Wadworths 6X perhaps?
  6. Definitely not. I worked with Josh's dad for many years. Despite beginning his playing career with the Gas, Josh used to watch City in the old enclosure terrace with his Dad, before he turned pro. Lost contact with his Dad since I retired, but I've no doubt that he will be thrilled that his Grandson Joe had signed with us.
  7. Hawthorns I recall was one of the few places open on a Sunday evening. Another Sunday night venue a few years earlier was the Spyglass.
  8. It would be perfect. The speed they are going into the final corner is frightening! I stood there for over 6 hours on the final stage of Pantani's winning tour in '98, wearing my Severn Road Club jersey
  9. This breakaway poses no threat to the Green Jersey. With a TT tomorrow Cav is virtually guaranteed it now as long as he finishes on Sunday, so DQS happy to let it go. Plus they're all knackered from the last few days! And DQS have Ballerini is in the break And of course wouldn't it be epic if Cav breaks the record with a win on the Champs Elysées
  10. Not sure what that means. But a quick look at seats for sale just now, doesn't include my ST seat or other STHs around me. So I guess we wait for attendance guidance from the club.
  11. Prefer ITV4. I find David Millar more knowledgeable than Sean Kelly despite his lesser palmares. Kelly says much the same every day. Don't like the exaggerated pronunciation by Rob Hatch either. So mainly ITV4 with many and frequent switches to Sky 410 to avoid the ads!
  12. Not sure what Pogacar is. LA mk 2 perhaps? UAE CEO is Maurio Gianetti. Worth reading up on the guy to at least consider some questions being asked about what we are seeing. OTH Pogacar may just be a super human phenomenon. Agree about O'Connor, shame he didn't get yellow, though I wonder if Pogacar would have allowed it even if Inneos hadn't pulled on the front.
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