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  1. No matter how good you are technically, and he isn't that good, there's no excuse for not putting the effort in. 

    He needs to have a long hard look at HNM to see what skill and total effort/commitment is.

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  2. Just now, lenred said:

    I’d much rather watch Bakinson than COD. Maybe in the minority, especially at times like tonight when loads are singling him out but COD is a waste of a man in the team imho and never ever takes his ‘turn’ to contribute to anything. Hope he now scores and shuts me up! 

    Neither of them are good enough

  3. Very sad loss.

    I will remember him for not only the great things he did in turning the club around and bringing absolute joy back into following City, but for all the little menial jobs for the club that he did in his every day life as our manager.

    And if you were ever lucky enough to bump into him in and around the ground he would always be happy to have a few words with smile on his face.

    Such a nice guy

    RIP TC

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  4. 1 minute ago, Rob k said:

    I think he will be back - from everything you hear Bennet will be off 

    Bennet definitely off, but will DQS retain Cav, and if so as the main sprinter for the Tour?

    Perhaps, but Lefevre will not let sentiment rule his head. Hopefully a deal can be done.

    DQS will be Cav's preference for sure, and the best chance of win 35 if he can ride the Tour again.

  5. Gutted.

    But then thinking about it that's preposterous.

    Last season I thought his career was all but over.

    What he has achieved is beyond belief. A win today would have been perfect, but perhaps greedy.

    4 wins, Green Jersey, 34 TDF record equalling wins at 36. When most thought he was finished.

    chapeau, chapeau,

    Hope he comes back next year for just one more victory.





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