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  1. 3 out of a group of 8 that I sit with are not renewing. And these are all "lifers", or so I thought. Not necessarily representative, but perhaps a snapshot of the combined effect of covid and dire football. I think season card numbers wil be significantly down for next season.
  2. Fantastic memories from that season. I also made the trip to Preston, (along with a great many of away games, including the one when Swindon won the league ) However I very very foolishly (on the advice from my wife) agreed that it was probably a bit silly to drive just as far, to Bradford on the following Tuesday! Whata mistaka to maka!!
  3. Who couldn't wait to get rid of Cotterill? Who couldn't wait to appoint LJ? Who put Ashton in overall control? Same answer to each question. That, unfortunately is where the problem is. But I have no idea what the solution is, as SL has done so much for the club, financially.
  4. Golden opportunity to make millions. As long as you invest billions.
  5. Wish I'd spent £10 on Easter eggs!
  6. Thank goodness for the Tour of Flanders on Sunday. At least I will see plenty of effort and determination. Something we've shown very little of today.
  7. Think I'd add Wells to that list
  8. Erin Brockovitch The Enemy at the Gates The Godfather Snatch
  9. Mrs Fletcher, perhaps?
  10. At least us season card holders can feel justified in getting a refund for home games
  11. Absolutely brilliant news. Hope he now on the way to a full recovery
  12. Excellent win, and I liked that we pushed out from defence so much more quickly, and got the ball forward into their half and pressed them into making mistakes. I know Brum are poor, but we still had to beat them. Which we admirably did under the rule of the new boss
  13. Thunderstruck would be my choice
  14. The 2 totally astonishing and unlikely recent 3-1 victories have probably saved us. But my goodness we are rubbish!
  15. I think it's only our championship players suffering from this malaise
  16. Worrying news, hopefully the (presumably) BRI medics will soon get him back on the road to recovery. All the best Cotts, get well soon.
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